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Author Title (Opens as Web Page) Date PDF
Alice A. Bailey Modern Esoteric Movements 1934 English Download
Alice A. Bailey The Coming Three Years 1934 English Download
Tomira Zori The Hidden Power of Music 1933 English Download
Tomira Zori The Hidden Power of Music (no page) 1933 Polish Download
Tomira Zori The Religion of Richard Wagner 1933 English Download
Tomira Zori Colors and the Subconscious 1934 English Download
Tomira Zori The God of a Thousand Names 1934 English Download
Tomira Zori Understanding Asceticism in Occult Practice 1933 English Download
Tomira Zori Numbers and Modern Psychology 1934 English Download
Tomira Zori The Esotericism of Chess 1937 English Download
Tomira Zori About a Beautiful Transformation (death/dying) 1938 English Download
Tomira Zori Astral Records (a musical tale) 1932 English Download
Tomira Zori Brain Development (left and right) 1935 English Download
Tomira Zori Day XV – St. Francis (on animals and plants) 1938 English Download
Tomira Zori De Profundis (A disciple’s prayer) 1933 English Download



Alice A. Bailey: Readers of Western esoteric literature need no introduction to Alice Bailey. She was the author of over 24 books on matters Theosophical, her books known amongst her readership as ‘The Blue Books’. Some people consider her five essential books on the seven rays to be Western terma (revealed teachings). She was the reputed amanuensis of a Tibetan lama, Djwal Khul (a.k.a. ‘DK’, or ‘The Tibetan’), who was said to have presided over a large monastery in northern India. Bailey founded the Lucis Trust and the Arcane School. Her writings that appear here do not appear in the Blue Books, though many of the ideas and portions of text therein appear those books at later dates. Of special interest here is the piece “The Coming Three Years”, containing prophecies that did not eventuate, interrupted by WWII.

Tomira Zori: For readers familiar with the Discipleship in the New Age volumes of Alice Bailey, Tomira Zori was otherwise known as the disciple J.S.P. Born Cotvici-Ghilevici Tomira, (May 25, 1880 date of birth), Bessarabia. ‘Zori’ is a nom de plume. In Romanian ‘zori’ translates to ‘sunrise’ or ‘morning’. The Tibetan’s comments to her appear in the first volume of Discipleship in the New Age, pp. 662 – 670. Tomira wrote in Polish and also translated works by Alice Bailey and Max Heindel into Polish from English. She disappeared during WWII, not to be heard from again.


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