Ascesis in Understanding the Occult
(Continuation of the article “The Elixir of Life” on page 86.)
Extracts from “The Trumpet Call” Spiritual Knowledge Monthly magazine
Year 5, December 1, 1933, Issue 12
Tomira Zori

A certain system is extremely helpful in mastering the creative forces from breathing exercises. What we in the West call breath is in fact not at all; it is only a breathing process. This process it arises under the action of the essential psychic breath. First breath the newborn is united by an individual life, enclosed in a body shell with the vastness of cosmic life. This first breath is also the beginning of the astrological influences which define the main lines development and character of the individual. The Indian breathing system consists in a voluntary and conscious change in the length of the air waves drawn into the lungs. On mastering our internal rhythm and coordinating it with the rhythm nature. Rhythmic breathing penetrates deep into the organs of the body, purifies them, it supplies with the current of life and affects their functions, enhancing the subtlety of vibrations. Together with the breath, creative forces can be directed consciously towards the centers in the head, along the spinal column, affecting the speed of rhythmic movement vibrating pineal gland.

Breathing exercises can only be used while maintaining strict vegetarian diet and total abstention from alcohol, all kinds of drugs and tobacco. There is a name in Sanskrit for a certain degree of path, leading towards Liberation: Brahmacharya. This is usually translated as “celibacy”. In its literal sense, however, the word denotes respect for the inner creative force. The disciple on this stage is called “Brahmacharin.” It is his duty to take the utmost care of the body and its functions.

The most meticulous cleanliness. Considering the body as a temple in which the spark of divine life is enclosed and in which incomprehensible mysteries are fulfilled biological, man is in possession of a powerful creative force, with the help of which is built by the shape of the body of a creature similar to him. To know the magnitude of this force – it is to grow in the essential spirit of Brahmacharya. There is the brahmacharya of the eye: control of sight and gaze. The disciple must not look at anything with a feeling of lust; for he knows the power and strength of desire. There is brahmacharya ear: the student should not listen to ugly and brutal words, words of hatred and anger, dissonant and harsh sounds. Voice Brahmacharya: knowing the creative power of the voice and words, the student puts the larynx under control, magical organ of the occultists, and every word spoken. And there is the brahmacharya of breath, thoughts and movements, forbidding to make violent, uncontrollable, nervous gestures. This is how currents of pranic energy and magnetism are emitted.

Each pupil receives strict instructions on the conservation and economy of forces: Our body is constantly radiating and rejecting invisible astral atoms. This vibrational movement creates a magnetic atmosphere around every human being. This is why the physical closeness of some people is unbearable; therefore evil and passions are contagious. We often absorb the astral atmosphere of those around us. And that is why some people exert a powerful influence by their closeness which neither men nor animals nor even plants can resist. In the presence of such people, evil is a physical impossibility. When the magnetic atmosphere of two people is adjusted in such a way that one absorbs the radiation of the other, a certain attraction arises, which in the occult we call chemical affinity – sympathy. If people such have a separate polarity, that is, they belong to a separate sex, and they develop in them, especially in the weaker one, the truest intoxication of counter-magnetism. Love of this kind is strictly forbidden to students.

Our thoughts, feelings and actions influence the magnetic breath that surrounds us. This breath, when you first come into contact with people allows you to guess their past and character, inclinations and hidden thoughts. Brahmacharya, or complete mastery of our lower nature, bestows the power of transformation of the organs and tissues of the body, and the brahmacharin becomes a “ray of the highest purity”. The question of spiritual attainment depends to a great extent on what it is, for we belong to the body of the Heavenly Man. For those who are atoms His brain or heart easily develop the corresponding qualities of wisdom and love, etc. With the help of breathing exercises and other Yoga exercises, one can be transferred from the sphere of activity of one authority to another. There is this is the so-called problem of the seven rays, the seven magnetic centers in the body of the Logos.

The ascent upward and the transformation of the creative force exert an enormous effect influence not only on the spiritual but also on the physical nature of man. Matter, which is part of all his bodies becomes radioactive and exerts magnetic influence on the environment. The etheric membrane, separating the lower and the upper consciousness burns up and slowly fades away. Geometric triangles are formed forces (depending on the radius) – e.g.: a) pineal gland, b) pituitary gland, c) central alta major -or: a) magnetic medium between the blades; b) solar plexus; c) spleen. or: a) muladhaza khacham (centre at the base of the spinal column; b) creative organs; c) -. and the strongest: a) the pineal gland; b) pituitary; c) larynx.

The process of transformation of forces is divided into two stages: the first is the displacement of creative energy from the lower centers, lying beyond the line of the diaphragm (diaphragm), whereby it is supplied with special magnetism the center between the shoulder blades, serving as a temporary point of support; stage two – it is the transfer of energy from the 6 lower centers to their counterparts in the brain.

Special asceticism, required from students of the occult, from those who are to something almost unattainable in human understanding, is completely different from that clichéd, crystallized notion of asceticism, which originated in the notion of the crowd. Occult asceticism does not precipitate people out of balance, does not disturb the rhythm and harmony, does not take away the serenity and beauty. In the darkness of the Middle Ages, by the dull, uncertain glow of olive trees lamps, among the dark naves of the church, a picture was created: wretched and devoured diseases of the body. Eyes dilated with fever. Dirt and vermin. Poverty and spiritual poverty. Sharp, dark hairline. Sunless and colorless. Drops of congealed blood and traces of whippings covered my emaciated body. He’s an ascetic. Holy.

How difficult it is for those who follow the path of asceticism to fight this stubborn thought-form, united with our soul, with our psyche! Asceticism occult is beautiful and wise. He has the Sun around him, he has Radiance and joy of life. A wide range of colors and a shimmering color of sounds. It requires a beautiful, subtle body, able to respond to the weakest touching the Spirit. The higher degrees of occultism require a tremendous outright physical strength and perseverance. But the disciple knows that between there can be no antagonism between Beauty and Goodness, Beauty and holiness. Wonderful are the ways that human evolution takes. And every step is important and indispensable. Therefore, I do not at all say that it is a negation of matter, that this martyrdom of the body to which people were subjected in the Middle Ages was totally unnecessary. Action and reaction – these two powers operate Progress. The asceticism of the Middle Ages was only a reaction to the exuberant sensuality of Rome. It was the protest of the Spirit against the dominion of matter. But no the tortured, undistorted body is to be the manifestation and seat of the spirit.

The occultist goes through another stage: by spiritualizing the ‘body’; by “resurrection with a corpse” by means of physiological alchemy. For the occultist, the supernatural must become natural and simple, must become as bright, cheerful and bold as the radiant Heroes of Hellas. In this joyful asceticism there is beauty, purity and health. Ascetic in the concept of occultism, he is a free man, capable of the farthest flights and Promethean achievements, a man who has mastered the rhythm of the cosmic forces within himself. Calm and bright among the misfortunes of everyday worries, with the same smile welcoming joy and suffering, anguish and happiness, hiding his “otherness” and sensitivity. Such austerity is the realization of the dream of St. Grail, body transformation into a pure crystal bowl into which the divine Elixir of Life will flow. For people who are less hardened, less strong, these requirements are too difficult. Because nor are they ever applied to everyone without exception. Occultists, when fulfilling the role of Sole Initiator when he has sure work to be done, when it is still one of the pieces on the Greater chessboard, the game cannot, it has no right to remove itself from the affairs of the world. And this is the greatest tragedy of this handful of pioneers whose nervous system possesses excessive sensitivity and subtlety. The most detached mysticism must come into contact with the harsh practicality of life. It’s constant, tedious keeping balance on the sharp edge of Spirit and matter.

Such asceticism is not the saintly naivety of ignorance and ignorance, not cheesy colors and eternal singing in the shadowy gardens of paradise, the darkness of the monastic cells. It is a wise, stern and impartial look at oneself the depths of your own heart. This is the exact knowledge of the laws of the visible world and invisible. Knowing your bodies and mastering each of them. And work difficult – almost superhuman. A constant victim of the snow lonely peaks, blue heights, enchanted towers must come down every day into the hustle and bustle of life, into the dust of life – and not your blueness and your snow cover lose.


Additional: Tomira Zori, pseudonym, actually Cotvici-Ghilevici Tomira, (May 25, 1880 date of birth), Bessarabia, [according to Adam Bar, Dictionary of pseudonyms and cryptonyms of Polish and Polish writers. Volume 3 List of writers’ names, Kraków 1938] /DINAgroups.pdf ).

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