The Coming Three Years

Alice A. Bailey

Translation by Tomira Zori (see link in title)


The coming 3 years by Alice A. Bailey (Intro) Thinking about our program (read also in this issue of the editorial note to the article In Defense of the Synthesis) here is a summary of a very interesting pamphlet by the well-known activist Alice A. Bailey, translated by Tomira Zori:


In June 1932, a brochure was published entitled The New Group of World Servers. Its content was to point to the existence of the Great Evolutionary Spot and a team of international Servers working to implement individual parts of this plan. Its most significant point was to draw attention to the existence of beings, living in various parts of the world, who are the pioneers of humanity and the Guardians of the Plan. This group of Knowers has been given various names by thinkers and researchers; we can think of it as an association of the Most Powerful Minds. It consists of those human beings who have reached perfection in the art of living, and thus possessed the wisdom necessary to work consciously and directly and carry out the evolutionary plan. These beings are not the New Group of World Servers mentioned above, but they have organized and are now perfecting that group of those who have the knowledge or intuitive sense of the Plan and who will assist in bringing about these changes in world history, to which all mankind will resonate. So they are the controlling factor of our civilization. 

The World Servers Group does not have any specific organization on the physical plane. It has no name or meeting place. It is united subjectively by the members’ internal awareness of their unity above all external. The results of her work owe only to the influence and wise guidance of the Elder Brothers of Humanity, whose purpose is to raise the level of all humanity and visions that are not disturbed by the whirl of the becoming present. The intentions of the Great Ones break down into two definite points, which we can summarize in this way. 

1. During the 25-year period (until 1950) there will be a combined effort by the members of the Knowledge Group to obtain certain results; their attention will be directed to the expansion of human consciousness and the initiation of a definite process which will expand the horizons of human thought and nourish and strengthen their faith, confidence and knowledge. To this end, a decision was made to remove doubts on certain planes, and to remove various forms of fear, by sketching out the general outline of the Plan. 

2. It was decided to connect the older students, Servers and servants of the world with a tighter bond. To this end, the Knowers have ordained subjective, intuitive and sometimes telepathic contact between Their personal groups of disciples. Thus, the New Group of World Servers was born. 

The members of this Group are the liaisons, intermediaries and translators between the Knowers and the thinkers of the world, they are also Their emissaries in every country and every team. In this way, all associations whose task is to serve humanity usefully (regardless of the sometimes erroneous technique) felt a surge of spiritual energy. Teams too crystallized and turned into sects, they did not respond at all, yet even among the most dead a few individuals heard the call. The initiation of this new Plan automatically necessitated intensive preparation of those men and women who are sensitive enough. This process will make humanity more capable of developing certain potential but hidden powers, and highly developed individuals will be able to reach a level that has hitherto been the domain of only mystics. In recent years, this process has produced surprisingly good results. 

The World War contributed to the removal of many restrictions. The plan unfolded slowly and silently, until we stood at the threshold of 1934, 1935 and 1936, chosen in 1925 as years of trial for new opportunities and revelations. If the work during these 3 years is satisfactory, we will see the emergence of new types of energies; we will take part in the emergence of new values ​​and in more direct cooperation with the Knowledge Group. 

The plan, broadly outlined, has three divisions:

1. Political. The aim and task of this work is to develop international awareness. This effort follows the line of power through Governments. The disciples and servants, working as idealists, also took part in this work. It was decided to indicate the need to create an economic synthesis, defining the mutual relationship of nations in such a way that organizations such as the Red Cross, for example, could exist in the international arena. Needless to say, the severe material crisis and the break-up of the old political factions also played a role. It was necessary to show the necessity of the emergence of mutual international dependence; nations have been politically forced to understand that isolation and the cultivation of national egotism must pass, that class hatred and national antagonisms are obstacles to the essential development of humanity. It must also be understood that the desire to possess is fatal to true well-being. The foundations were laid for the creation of the Brotherhood of Peoples and the realization of mutual understanding, mutual assistance and cooperation. The most important task was not to create some ephemeral and mythical Utopia, but to create a mood of minds which precluded the use of force, or the creation of such material conditions as to subdue one section of society to another. 

The task of the Group is to ennoble the thoughts of the general public. Perhaps this work is one of the most difficult work carried out by the Knowers. The racial hatreds and the ignorance of the masses are so great that it has required enormous efforts by the ruling spheres to influence the human consciousness in an appropriate way. It is extremely interesting how the concepts of those who shape and influence human thought were realized and crystallized on a physical level in the dictatorial powers that sprang up in various parts of the world. In Germany we see a dictatorship of racial superiority, an attempt to deify, glorify race. At the bottom of this lies the ideal of the Superman, but how falsely and narrowly understood! It is so often forgotten that the ideal of Superhumanity is the goal of all nations: who shape and influence human thought, have been realized and crystallized on a physical equal footing in the dictatorial power that is springing up in various parts of the world, English, Germans, Asians, Africans and Americans. For they are all animated by One Life, they all have the same element of Christ in them. 

In America there is a dictatorship of organized business, controlling and regulating all aspects of the economic life of the nation, penetrating to the very foundations of life with the help of outstanding minds in the ruling spheres. In England there is a dictatorship and an empire (if such a paradox can be used). Extremely important and interesting experiments are being made in Italy and Turkey. The leaders of these great political movements often do not realize what is the source of their actions. Yet, in spite of themselves or subconsciously, they are merely receivers of the great ideas sent into their brains by the Knowers. Ideals are often distorted by the receiving mechanism, yet they work and expand. Do you who know, are able to realize the ideal of Peace and Brotherhood among the nations of the world through their representatives in the internal political Government is a matter of the coming years. 

2. Religious. The purpose of the second division of the Great Plan is to awaken the understanding of what Reality is and to accelerate the growth of spiritual awareness. For some reason, differences of religious opinion are the most difficult to overcome, but even in this area there is a lot of progress. Already there are in all countries a large number of those who believe in the brotherhood of religions. And although the broad masses have a very poor idea of ​​spiritual matters, they can more easily understand the concept of One Religion and One God than any other idea. Some of these masses simply do not believe in anything, while others idly fill in theological formulas. There is, however, an intuitive, healthy sense of unity within them. It is interesting that the peoples of the East are a much more difficult problem to solve than the Europeans from this point of view. Many disciples and servants are working on it now. The removal of many old superstitions and restrictions in the field of religion is largely due to the work and works of eminent Orientalists in England, Germany and France. They showed the West all the beauty and depth of Eastern religions, emphasizing the unity of the ancient spiritual beliefs of the East with the dogmas of Christianity. Now it is necessary to awaken the broad masses in India, Africa and China to the understanding of the esoteric truths of their religions and the great role of Christianity. This is now the work of some spiritual teachers in India, Japan and Syria. 

Within the next 10 years, the Union of Religions (already having its external expression in the international organization of this name) as an idea became generally accepted. In the year 1945, which is a date of great importance, the internal structure of the universal religion will be so clearly and precisely outlined in the minds of thousands that its external form will be formed before the end of our century. Similarly, the internal structure of the Universal Federation of Nations will be fully organized around 1965, and its external expression will be released in

We do not think that this will be the perfect form of the Universal Religion and the Unification of Nations. Nature is not in a hurry, only that the idea of ​​these organizations will be universally recognized, that everyone will want to realize it and will work for it. When such conditions exist, nothing can prevent the outward form from appearing. 

3. Scientific. Servers along this line have the task of expanding human consciousness in such a way that the line between the visible and the invisible disappears. This mental development of mankind will be accomplished by Servers in the fields of science and psychology. Great things are approaching us, and the activity of the servants of this field has never been better directed or more powerful. The revealing of things hitherto hidden and the development of the forces dormant in man are near. These forces will be an extension of the activities of the 5 senses and will allow humanity to enter the supersensible world. And although the work deals with three different fields, the result is the production of a synthesis, the preparation of the ground for the reception of a revelation so wonderful that its details have not yet been mentioned. The recognition of the truth of these words depends on the inner development of consciousness; and this development will be accelerated in the next 3 years. A torrent of light will descend upon humanity, which will change the conditions of life, change the fundamental beliefs of man, and usher in a new era of cooperation and synthesis, and the development of mental faculties so that the mind can function with equal ease in two directions. He will be able to act externally in the world of manifest forms, and internally in the world of spirit. Life will take on a meaning and value previously unknown. We have spoken of certain doubts that must be removed from the mind of man. There are three kinds of these doubts; with their dissolution only a new epoch will come. These doubts concern precisely the spheres of science, religion and politics, stopping the progress and development of questions of government, faith and matter. 

The Problem of Ideas. The final analysis shows that the most important problem of governments is the wise use of ideas. In the field of politics, the spoken word is of paramount importance. The power of the word easily guides the crowd; radio is contributing to this at the moment. All sorts of ideas are constantly striking at the human hearing: the theories of absolute power, dictatorship, communism, Marxism, fascism, democratic or nationalist. Thousands of political methods are constantly presented to humanity, leaving little time for consideration and reflection. He who has the gift of eloquence, who can play with words and juggle ideas, who is a juggler of statistical data and who knows how to awaken primitive instincts will always find listeners and imitators. Through the whirlwind of political concepts, man will learn to choose, to think, to decide. The idea always precedes the appearance of the physical form, when this is properly understood, we will have idea builders, mental architects, creating the ideological structure of what is later to take visible form.

The problem of God. In the coming years, the fact of God’s existence will be recognized by all; any questioning in this regard will disappear. It will not be a belief in the God of race or nation; belief in God of Christians, Buddhists or Brahmanists. There will be faith in God Who is the Essential Life of the Universe, the Synthesis of all energies, as well as the spirit of man. He will be immanent and transcendental. Electricity, light and life are a synthesis of divine power. And if we feel and embrace the Unity of this trinity, we will know God. The electrical aspect of divinity is currently being explored and made aware. The aspect of light will soon be revealed through a proper understanding of electrical phenomena. Here lies the key that opens the new age, the age of light and enlightenment. Occultists will understand what I mean and what these words conceal. 

The Problem of Immortality. The third kind of doubt and uncertainty, concerning the question of immortality, will soon be settled on a scientific level. Some scholars will accept the immortality hypothesis as a provisional basis for research. Within the next 15 years, the continuity of an individual’s life through thousands of years will become a fact recognized by science. There will be no doubt in human minds that the rejection of the body at the moment of death is the end of man’s existence as a conscious being. The life of man beyond the physical equation will be a truth investigated and proven in various ways. The development of the force hidden in the organs of vision will reveal the existence of the etheric body. Individuals using the power of the “third eye” will see a person rejecting the etheric body, both physical and physical, at the time of death. 

There will be an extremely significant and interesting discovery in the field of photography, which will confirm the life of man after so-called death. This will be covered in the framework of an experiential learning. Certain events in war will help to draw aside the veil that separates the world of the invisible from the visible. A new form of radiation will also be discovered at this time; this discovery will shake all mankind, because it will enable seeing through solid bodies, thereby proving the truth of the existence of the 4th dimension of space. The fear of death will disappear between 1936 and the next three years, and to a lesser extent the following nine years, will be the scene of an event of such unexpected consequence that the present day will be regarded as an age of darkness compared with what will happen. Knowledge will penetrate deeply into the realms of the invisible and will operate instruments and hitherto unknown. 

The release of atomic energy will be the beginning of a real scientific revolution. The use of purely scientific methods of development in esoteric schools will fully awaken the hidden powers of the human soul. But the surge of energy must be directed wisely. This will happen when man learns to unite his higher and lower natures. This will enable direct contact with the divine life that animates all forms. The coming three years are an epoch of increased efforts on the part of the Knowers and Servers alike.

This activity is timed in duration and must end in 1936, and Servers will be called up to other fields of work. If this plan outlined by the Knowers fails, we will enter a difficult and dark period. After all, the Guardians of the Plan have done everything in their power to ensure its complete implementation. The disciples and servants have already been called to work intensively over the next three years. The employees are carefully selected and united, guided by the thought of the Great Knowers. We must forget our antagonisms and antipathies, hatreds and superstitions, and try for three years to think, feel and act in accordance with the ideal of brotherhood. It is not merely a sentimental or emotional state, but has a deep and profound foundation behind it. The knowledge and life of the students will be put to the test. It would be desirable to cut off all contact with groups and associations for struggle and separation; stand with Servers for construction purposes, not fighting any organizations, those who have removed the word anti from their vocabulary. It is our privilege to cooperate silently and persistently with those who are building a New Age, with those who want to realize the ideal of Brotherhood, based on the premise that we are all One, regardless of race or religion, and that One Divine Life animates us.


2014 in L'Alpe di Siusi, fresh from the US and Australia.

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