Colors and the Subconscious

Tomira Zori

Jan 1934, “Spiritual Knowledge” magazine

Everything that has a shape is endowed with color, endowed, because color does not belong to conglomerates of atoms or elements. So what is the essence of colors and what is their origin? If we pass a white ray of sunlight through a triangle a piece of glass, called a prism, we get the splitting of the primary whiteness into seven different colors, called by the name of the solar spectrum. A thorough scientific analysis has proven that each of these colors has a separate color vibration measure. So the basis of colors is number. The least number of vibrations has red, the largest and fastest – violet. The red ray of the spectrum makes 474 trillion ions vibrate per second, purple – 709. The oscillation scale is as follows:

Colors: Number of vibrations per second:

Red 477 trillion

Orange 506 “

Yellow 535 “

Green 577 “

Blue 622 “

Indigo 648 “

Purple 709 “

The difference in vibrations creates an extremely interesting numerical ratio to which we will return. So we see that there is a gradual increase in the number of scale oscillations of color between red and purple. The rays and the extra-violet color have a much larger number of vibrations, and thus become imperceptible to the physical sight, because our eye does not react to vibrations, exceeding the limits of violet color.

The seven prismatic colors of the solar spectrum correspond to seven tones of a musical scale, by the power of an equal number of vibrations. When vibrations exceed a certain limit – the eardrum simply does not have time to react before each following sound pulse. So it stays still that is, it stops “hearing”. Darkness and silence are therefore visually – sigil counterpart. The third side of this “dead triangle” is coldness, which is a similar lowering of the vibrational scale for the sensory nerves. Persons Sensitive to sound and color, they suffer unspeakably when exposed to the cold.

Color is related to light as the pitch or pitch of a tone to the sound: they become addicted to the number of vibrations. Each body has the property of reflecting certain components colors of the solar spectrum. In a similar way, the eye reacts to different types of rays reflected from physical bodies. If the body absorbs, it absorbs all colors of the spectrum, except red, for example, which reflects, then its color becomes red, etc. Bodies colored white reflect all colored rays, black absorbs all these rays. Yellow, the favorite color of the East, perfectly reflects sunlight.

In our lives, from the moment of birth, a little conscious but powerful color influence. They are the first visual impression, reflective indelibly on the emerging consciousness. We are surrounded by a wide range of colors, becoming a source of beauty and mental reactions, each the reaction of the eye upon contact with this or that color evokes a certain change in consciousness, certain activity of the mind and emotional reflexes. The issue of the influence of colors on the human psyche and consciousness deserves comprehensive and thorough research.

How do colors affect consciousness? How was it created international language of color symbolism? To answer these questions – Let us dwell for a moment on a cursory analysis of the concept of “consciousness.” Consciousness, like every process and every manifestation of life, creates a trinity with unity. Eastern wisdom and modern psychology share consciousness into three elements, which are basically one: the subconscious, the conscious normal and superconscious. A similar trinity in unity is created by existence, consisting of birth, life and death, and the breath, divided into inhalation, air retention in the lungs and exhale, like time, disintegrating into past, present and future.

The subconscious is the potential memory of past experiences, composition in which impressions, feelings, reflections and reactions of long ones accumulate centuries. The subconscious is common to humans and animals and some highly developed species of trees, as proved by prof. Boże and Maeterlinck. The animal is guided by the impulses and experience of the subconscious, the human being rarely draws consciously from the treasures accumulated in this reservoir million lives.

Proper consciousness is the reaction of the brain-nervous mechanism to a series of impacts with the outside world. It is a cerebral perception. On the other hand, superconsciousness, of which intuition is a part, could be called a projection into the future, reaching into super-humanity, coming into contact with Schopenhauer’s Weltseele – the Soul of the World, flashes genius.

So – the subconscious belongs to the past, the proper consciousness operates in the cross section of the present, the superconscious is the cutting of the future into the plane of the present. The role of the subconscious in human development and psyche has been defined for centuries by the esoteric wisdom of the East. Modern psychology with Freud, with Adler and James at the helm, they make extremely interesting experiences in this direction. On the basis of research on the mechanism of the subconscious, this is how it was created, the currently fashionable theory of psychoanalysis.

A color or a combination of colors has a tremendous influence on all of them three phases of human consciousness. Outside of the occult schools, a being and the influence of colors is dealt with by the “International College of Chromatics“. (C. d. n.)


2014 in L'Alpe di Siusi, fresh from the US and Australia.

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