De profundis…

Hejnal, September 1933

Tomira Zori

O Spirit abiding in me. Make me able to forgive with love the wrongs blacker than the night that crucify me as a human.

Make my lips smile happily and my eyes watch serenely and clearly, when suffering beyond human measure, covers my heart.

Make my step light and lift my head when I fall under the weight of the invisible cross.

Make my hands bring relief when I don’t know relief myself.

Grant that, being mortally weary, I may not tire of serving. The Light of the One That manifests itself through the thousandth human, animal and plant forms.

And when my feet bleed from the sharp stones of the Path, make it so that tears do not obscure my vision of Your radiant five-pointed Star.

Make pain and suffering, anguish and joy, mockery and loneliness become steps by which I will unite with You, the One, All-Wise, and Radiant, as I climb.


2014 in L'Alpe di Siusi, fresh from the US and Australia.

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