27 NOV 2023

© Malvin Artley

“To accept passively an unjust system is to cooperate with that system; thereby the oppressed become as evil as the oppressor. Non-cooperation with evil is as much a moral obligation as is cooperation with good. The oppressed must never allow the conscience of the oppressor to slumber. Religion reminds every man that he is his brother’s keeper.”[1]
Topics (linked to paragraphs):
The plains of Earth
The full moon
Current events
Argentina’s circus
Some considerations
What is actually happening
The main event
Washington’s troubles
How did we get here
Why the Balfour Declaration?
Israel’s right to exist (?)
Chutzpah and Hasbara
Oil, gas and transport
A government of cowards
Growing resistance in DC
What is left, then?
How much longer to peace?
So, what can we do?
And what of the US?
In conclusion

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

At least for American readers. Thanksgiving is the biggest family holiday of the year for the United States, even bigger than Christmas. Thanksgiving also kicks off the Christmas season in the US. It roughly coincides with the start of the Christmas season in Italy too. Yes, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in Rovereto. We will be celebrating Thanksgiving here at the house with a few friends and a turkey lunch. A big roast turkey is a rarity here in Italy. Our Italian friends are always amazed at the results, so we invite a few of them over every year. There are also a couple of American friends here in Rovereto and they are always features at the Thanksgiving lunch at our house, where we trade yarns about American life and experiences. The best part of it, though, is sharing our good fortune with family and friends. Of course we know there are a great many people across the world who are not exactly thankful for their lot at present and we will be addressing why shortly in this letter. But, we return to news from the home front.

The city of Rovereto has been busy assembling the stalls for the Christmas market this past week and they have been hanging the Christmas lights across the city in the two weeks before. Saturday marks the ‘Great Illumination’ (of all the lights), thus marking the launch of the Christmas markets. Much to our relief here at the house, the children’s Christmas area has been moved across town instead of two doors down from us, where it was last year. Last year resulted in our great loathing for Christmas music, especially certain songs, because they were constantly blasted out for the bambini day after day. Once those songs are hammered into your eardrums a thousand times and you hear all the terrible renditions of them, you might appreciate why we were glad to see the children’s Christmas area moved. Now my brother-in-law can experience it outside the window where he works, across town. Last week Rovereto also set up the ice-skating rink in the center of the city. Where I grew up in North Carolina ice-skating was a rarity. It never really got cold enough for ice-skating in central North Carolina.

Here at the house, since this letter has been mailed, I can set about the yearly business of hanging our own Christmas lights and getting ready for our Thanksgiving lunch, which we always hold on a Saturday. For some reason Italians cannot get it through their heads that Thanksgiving is a sacred holiday and they should give the last Thursday of November off to Italians. I’ll have to sit down and have a word with Georgia Meloni about all that. Italy needs to get with the program. Saturday works, however. And this week started the Black Friday week here in Italy. We don’t have Black Friday for the day. We like to have a full week, so my wife and I went out and stocked up on the bargains of household cleaning products. A man has to do what he has to do. For Americans, though, Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year, so called because all the retail stores run in the black economically, meaning they do quite well. For many retail shops it is their most profitable day of the year. Black Friday is the day when many Americans can max out their credit cards and spend the rest of the year paying off the debt.

So, for Americans Black Friday is the Big Day Out, the big shopping Quest, the Great Adventure, the goal being to find that elusive Christmas gift before it is snatched up by the madding crowds, the one that the kids and the partners have said they wanted, all the while hoping for a bargain. It is madness, really. I never much cared for the crowds. My father, God rest him, always did his Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve, which was also madness. But speaking of goals, that brings us to our present topic for this letter, Sagittarius, whose motto is “Let Christmas bargains be sought!”[2]. In Black Friday terms, “I see the prize. I snag that prize and then rush off for another.” Full, the cart must be. Humor aside, from here we move on to the sign in question, and in this letter we approach this from a more esoteric aspect.

Sagittarius: Regarding the sign Sagittarius, we have the following, summarizing its purpose:

“Sagittarius governs human evolution, for it symbolises progress towards a conscious goal.”[3] This is encapsulated in the sign’s esoteric motto: “I see the goal. I reach the goal and see another.”[4]

What is that ultimate goal, however? Well, from a constant theme throughout these letters, the ultimate goal is full enlightenment, the culmination of the human spiritual path. How is that achieved regarding Sagittarius, however? Going around the astrological wheel of the twelve signs in order, we follow up on the discussion of Scorpio in the last letter, with the focus there upon generating the fires of purification. The three rulers of Sagittarius are Jupiter, the Earth, and Mars.[5] The Jupiterian phase of Sagittarius represents the in-gathering of wisdom, for our purposes here. Jupiter is the lord of supply among the planets and governs expansion and increase. It is the force that ‘brings all together’[6] and expresses the 2nd ray. This act of bringing all together has many interpretations, going from the materialist expression of the gathering of wealth (or Christmas bargains), all the way to the spiritual act of uniting of the fires in the body, leading to the final liberation. Jupiter is said to govern the mysteries and to represent the fusion of heart and mind.[7] The latter has a very deep occult significance. That brings us back to the cave symbolism in the shamatha diagram. Looking at our shamatha diagram again, the Sagittarius phase as we have it sees the monk sitting at the base of a mountain with the elephant (the mind) asleep in repose beside him. But there is something else of note: The monk is sitting in a cave, the importance of which will be addressed shortly.

If one has had exposure to Highest Yoga Tantra (Vajrayana Buddhism) what follows may be of value and will be recognized, particularly for those who have undertaken the Kalachakra empowerment and subsequent practice. Jupiter via Sagittarius can be said to lead to the doorway and start of completion stage practices. In Kalachakra this is done in what is known as a dark retreat, i.e. in a completely darkened room. The implication there is that of completely shutting out the worldly influences and the sense of eyesight. What happens next is of real importance and relates to the symbolism of ‘threading the needle’. We have all heard the aphorism that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a materialistic person to reach ‘the kingdom of Heaven’ (i.e., to enter into the Kingdom of Souls). Think about the symbol of a threaded needle: There is a needle with a sharp point, with a strand of thread exiting from the two sides at the other end, from the eye of the needle. There is rich occult symbolism here.

The ‘needle’ in this case represents the central etheric channel in the spine, while the two strands of thread represent the ida and pingala channels spiralling around the central channel. In everyday life the ‘needle’ is pointed downward, while the completion stage practice turns the needle pointed upwards. Again, it needs to be emphasized that such practices should never be attempted except under guidance by a qualified spiritual Teacher. Continuing, the needle also takes the place of the archer’s arrow in the common Sagittarian symbolism. In completion stage practice those two channels represented by the threads and their drops and winds are brought into the central channel by an act of spiritual will and directed upward along the central channel. The mechanism is too involved to outline here, but the start is made at this phase in meditative practice. Sagittarius marks the beginning of such practice, but such practice is fully completed in the following three signs – Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces – symbolically. This practice has two ultimate effects upon its completion: 1) The upward motion of the fires successively burns away the veils between the chakras, thus opening the inner vision to increasingly subtle realms, at the same time revealing superhuman capacities, and 2) It unites the gap between two of the chakras in the head that bridge the body and the soul, thus completing the antahkarana, a.k.a. the rainbow bridge of light. The end result is full enlightenment. And in Kalachakra practice, that end result is also known as ‘rainbow body’. Heart and mind are thus united. Ida and pingala represent heart and mind in this sense. Then the ‘Earth phase’ of Sagittarius begins, the Earth being the esoteric ruler of the sign.

The plains of Earth: Sagittarius represents the ‘plains of Earth’,[8] where there are neither valleys nor mountainous regions. The ida and pingala channels represent the valleys (ida) and mountains (pingala) in terms of our investigations here, while the shushumna (central) channel represents the plains of Earth. This requires a completely pacified mind (the sleeping elephant), where nary a thought intrudes, and commences the graded steps toward full enlightenment. At this point it is worth noting that each of the twelve signs can be read from many ‘levels’, and each one is valid. In Bailey’s Esoteric Astrology a Western-centric view of them is given, without any of the energetic details given. If astrology is a universal dispensation, then one would expect also an Eastern view, and what has been explained in these letters is but one approach to that. In the esoteric schools of the East, Vajrayana practices are the norm, whereas the Western schools have yet to be developed along those lines to any great degree, though the seeds of them do exist.

Returning to the plains, then – ‘coming down to Earth’ – in the steady progress up the spine as the needle threads its way through the various branching channels (nadis) and auxiliary chakras (minor and lesser) the subtle bodies are progressively cleansed, the associated elementals subdued and drawn together in cooperation with the will of the practitioner and the latent yet ever-present powers of the higher Self become evident and available to the practitioner. These powers are successive goals along the way, but herein lies a potential trap for the disciple: Once a goal is achieved there is always the danger of the desire to stay at that place and not progress further, remembering the ultimate goal is to leave behind even those attainments, except to be used in service – i.e., awakening the desire for the Great Illumination of full enlightenment in others. Christmas may come around but once a year, but the true Great Enlightenment is eternal. Satisfaction is ever to be avoided in spiritual practice, while contentment that one is progressing and growing in service is ever the way forward. There is much more to say on these matters, but time and events press onward. Considering these points as background, we move on to consideration of the full moon and the major events of this cycle, and what they may be revealing to us.

The full moon takes place on 27 November 2023 at 09:16 UT (8:16 PM AEDT). The full moon axis forms a T-square with Saturn at the apex, along with Mars conjunct the Sun. We also note that the dwarf planet Ceres is conjunct Mars, marking a crossroads in military matters. This applies both to the conflict in Israel as well as in Ukraine. We will have more information on both of those shortly. The message here is clear: We have entered the period of reckoning, wherein truth on all sides is being revealed at an accelerated rate, with the result that decisions are being made now that will reset the course of the world moving forward, perhaps for generations. More than that, what happens now and our responses or reactions to it will determine the timing of the reappearance of the World Teacher – call him/her according to your tradition – and the externalization of the Teacher’s affiliated groups throughout the world, the ashrams. We will see why this period is important as we go along here. We start with the current events.

Current events: We have the following, in some semblance of order since the last full moon:

Argentina’s circus: Milei’s election was a real coup for Washington, whose signature was in that election up to the armpits, along with Argentina’s oligarchs. It was a textbook case of public brainwashing, playing upon people’s real concerns and fears and economic disparities. It was a tactical blow for BRICS, which for the moment has become BRICS-10 instead of 11 (video, up to 22 minutes). Perhaps Venezuela will take their place in BRICS next year. Washington absolutely wants to scuttle BRICS wherever they can. Argentina now probably faces large movements of pot-banging, torches and pitchforks into the near future. Argentina will start to look more and more like Yeltsin’s Russian Federation of the ‘90s under Milei’s economic shock doctrine slated for Argentina. As to the man himself, Zelenskyy comes to mind looking at Mileai, in that an actor is now in the so-called driver’s seat, though we have to question who is really pulling the strings. But even better, Milei’s main advisor is Conan, the ghost of his dead dog. Milei is also a WEF Young Global Leader, meaning Davos also has its fingerprints all over his election. One has to wonder how much of his carry-on is really just an act, a cover for more powerful forces. It appears clear that he will be another puppet leader. Need we say more? Don’t cry for Argentina. They chose this guy.

  • Geert Wilders won a surprise victory in the Dutch general elections (video). His was a pyrrhic victory. It probably will do little good for the Dutch people due to the new EU rules, which remove the sovereignty of national parliaments. The Brussels crowd is doubling down on its authoritarian reach.
  • And finally, lo and behold, a pause in the genocide has been declared, to take effect on Thanksgiving Day, no less. This was brokered by the Qataris. Well, pauses are all well and good, and needed, but an end to this atrocity would be far better. Washington is afraid journalists will be able to go in and report the truth, whereas the wider world has been following events there all along via social media.

Some considerations: We begin our look at the current crisis into which the world has yet again been plunged with the following:

“The key to humanity’s trouble (focussing as it has in the economic difficulties of the past two hundred years and in the theological impasse of the orthodox churches) has been to take and not give, to accept and not share, to grasp and not to distribute. This has involved the breaking of a law which has placed humanity in a position of positive guilt. War is the dire penalty which mankind has had to pay for this great sin of separateness…”[9]

It is a sin that characterizes our present humanity as a whole, ours being the 5th root race:

“…our [present human] race is controlled by the great heresy of separativeness. Through these cleavages (symbolically speaking) the fires of destruction may emerge and end our civilisation, as the Atlantean civilisation was ended, unless the conscious sons of God can build those bridges and develop that understanding which will offset this law, thus bringing into functioning activity the law which governs the coming race. The work that the disciples of the world must seek to do is analogous to that which they as individuals have to do in their own private development: build the antahkarana, which will bridge the gap between the human consciousness and the spiritual, and make the race eventually as intuitional as it is, today, intellectual.”[10]

And from where has this sense of separateness specifically arisen? At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it is a key feature of the Western world, because the 2nd ray is the primary conditioning factor of the Western soul[11] as a collective, and when that ray is misused or misinterpreted it leads to a sense of separateness and exceptionalism, as well as all the following:

“The power to build for selfish ends.
Capacity to sense the Whole and to remain apart.
The cultivation of a separative spirit.
The hidden light.
The realisation of selfish desire.
Longing for material well-being.
Selfishness, and subordination of all soul powers to this end”[12]

With the preceding, we all well know there are a growing number of people across the world who reject a great many of those items just listed, but those items are quite pronounced among many of the Western elites. However, the elites play on the fears and everyday concerns of the masses, producing the massive wealth divide we see across the West and the constant focus upon ‘the other’, whoever ‘they’ may be – usually the very people and nations who advocate for the negation of those qualities and a more just world. This brings us to the most ancient cause for the present conflict, which involves the sin of theft:

“…the major sin of the Atlantean people was theft—widespread and general. The seeds of aggression and of personal acquisitiveness began to show themselves, culminating in the great war (as related in The Secret Doctrine) between the Lords of the Shining Countenance and the Lords of the Dark Face. To procure what they coveted and felt they needed, the most highly evolved of that race began to practice magic…”[13]

The most highly evolved of that race went on to seed the present race of humanity – the latter being us. And it may be of great interest to know where the great island of Atlantis actually was: Its borders were in the present–day United States and Western Europe. The magnetized places on the Earth have a great influence on the public consciousness and at various times, for the working out of karma and destiny, souls who had experience in those places in ancient times are drawn back to them, to fulfil their own soul path and the finish with old, unfinished business. Such is the case today with the Western nations especially.

What is actually happening: What we see now is actually a war between more materially-focused factions in the world – call them oligarchs/plutocrats, if you like – and the masses of people calling for a just distribution of wealth, basic happiness, and the fulfilment of the Four Freedoms as set out in the UN Charter. The masses want to see the end of the old Atlantean practice of theft, unrecognized by them, of course. We can say it is about Judaism and so forth, but that doesn’t take into account what the NATO nations, led by the US, tried to do to Russia and want to do with China, which again amounts to theft and control of the world’s resources. With all these points in mind, we turn to the present conflict in the Levant, which has so gripped the world since October 7th. What are the main objectives in the war in Israel by the various parties? We might outline them briefly as follows:

  • The Israelis, to ethnically cleanse British mandate Palestine from all Palestinians. Their stated goal is to destroy Hamas, which they will never do. The bombing of Gaza is aimed at making the whole of the Gaza Strip uninhabitable, thus forcing the Palestinians to leave. The Palestinians have refused to leave. Hence the carnage continues.
  • The US and UK aiming to keep the region destabilized and thus more easily controlled. They also want to stop the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative from entering the region. These are the two main objectives for the US and UK. The US, seeking to settle an old score with Iran, also wants to end the Iranian influence in the region and restore the normalization process that started between Israel and the neighboring Arab states.
  • Hamas has the endgame of ending the Zionist project which is the current Israeli state. Hezbollah has the same objective. They know they will not win militarily against Israel. That is not the point. The main goals were to stop the normalization process between Israel and the Arab states, to show the weakness of the Israeli military and intelligence forces, to establish insecurity within Israeli society, leading to its eventual dissolution, and to unite the various resistance factions. In virtually all of those cases, they have succeeded.
  • The various resistance forces – Hamas, Hezbollah, the various Iraqi resistance factions and Ansarullah in Yemen – seek to end Western hegemony in West Asia. The Iranian backed militias in particular want to force the Americans to leave Syria and Iraq. Thus we see the slow and steady escalation of strikes against American bases in those two countries.
  • The EU has somewhat of a goal in this, primarily to stay viable as a bloc and to secure its energy supplies now that they have foolishly cut themselves off from Russia. The truth is the main three EU states supporting Israel unconditionally – Italy, France and Germany – are controlled on a short leash by Washington. The EU has some of the most corrupt politicians in the world, where brown envelopes influence policy more than values.
  • The general public has mixed views, but by large support the Palestinians and they want Israel to stop the bombing and sue for peace. The massive protests we’ve seen across the West show that public sentiment by large rests with the Palestinians, even among Jews in the US. London recently saw its largest march in protest ever.

Just how viable all the above goals are by these various parties remains to be seen. There is very serious fog of war happening at the moment, just as we have seen with the Russian intervention in Ukraine. Censorship is the rule across the West now, despite their vaunted values of freedom of expression. But the wider world, the world outside the West, sees what is happening in Gaza and they are firmly on the side of the Palestinians. That amounts to over 90% of the world’s nations who condemn the Israeli genocide in Gaza. From here we go to the bulk of our investigations into the war and its probably outcomes.

The main event: From here we move on to the main topics for the remainder of this letter, a continuation on from the previous letter. In the Scorpio letter we looked at the basic outline of what was taking place in West Asia and the reasons behind the conflict there. In this letter we take a deeper look into those causes because the outcome of this conflict will have wide ranging and important effects for the world as we move slowly and more fully into the Aquarian age. Largely, the failure of the West to contain Israel and to counter influence from the East will lead to an end of Western hegemony in the region. That means the Islamic nations will control the pricing for energy and its supply, while the Western powers will have to begin to treat the West Asian nations as equals, ending the Western sense of entitlement and exceptionalism. There will also be a more pronounced examination of Washington in this letter and the US in general because Washington is expressing a Sagittarian personality, while the independence chart of the US has Sagittarius rising. The main reason for focusing on Washington is because they hold the keys for ending this conflict quickly, as well as being directly behind the creation of the state we now call Israel. We start with a few preliminary statements about Washington.

Washington’s troubles: I have long held the view that the US independence chart (I use the Sibley chart: 4 Jul 1775 at 17:10 pm LMT, Philadelphia, PA) is more reflective of Washington than it is of the US as a whole. Washington was assigned Cancer as its soul expression and Sagittarius as its personality. Astrologers vary as to the rising sign and degree of the US, but the Sibley chart has always shown its efficacy, in my view. Of the American Sagittarian personality, the following was stated at the time of WWII, which applies today just as well regarding its decision-making and foreign policy:

“Because also the Sagittarian influence is strong, there is a potent determination to stick one-pointedly to any decision made. This its sixth ray personality enforces at times almost to the point of a fanatical blindness and to the detriment of the long range vision which is needed at such times as these.”

Emphasis added. We see such a dynamic at play with current events. Italy, too, has a Sagittarian personality and it is currently running in lockstep with Washington’s policies. In fact this tendency of Washington’s has been in evidence in times of crisis, such as these, for many years – which is not a great endorsement of the spiritual progress of the folks in the Beltway. The Gemini personality of the US still strongly rules, added to by the Sagittarian personality of Washington and the rising sign of the US independence chart. Gemini and Sagittarius as personality rulers form an axis of significant potency, and which can be quite troublesome, arising from the Gemini tendency to divide-and-rule combined with the Sagittarian tendency to lawfare in its lower manifestations. Combined, that axis could eventually lead to a balancing of poles within the nation itself and thereby lessen its tendency to always be meddling in the affairs of other nations. That tendency is one which in reality is a psychological projection related to perceived threats and internal insecurity, a misinterpretation of the Cancerian soul expression of Washington. Washington’s true role, if political will could be brought to bear, is to guide the United States in becoming a true ‘lighted house’ – a place of spiritual peace and rest. Instead we have the constant warmongering out of Washington, driven by the oligarchic control of US finance (represented by the 2nd house placement of Pluto in the US chart) and the corruption that produces in the campaign process in the US as well as the lobbying of Congress. That brings us to Israel.

How did we get here?: Zionism has long roots in Palestine. The aim from the beginning by the Zionist zealots was to ‘transfer’ the Palestinians out of the region. Our common oft-repeated history of Zionism cites Theodor Herzl as the founder and main instigator of the Zionist movement, with his citing of the mistreatment of Jews in Europe – specifically in Central Europe at the time – as his reasoning for there to be a separate Jewish state where the Jews could live in peace. That is not actually true, in that he was not the main driver for the Jewish state, nor did he harbor any eschatological or biblical views. He was a secular, assimilated Jew:

“The founder of the modern Zionism and the visionary of the Jewish State spoke neither Hebrew nor Yiddish, had no Jewish education, and was so thoroughly secular as to appear, in fin-de-siècle Paris and Vienna, the very image of a dashing boulevardier. Had not the Dreyfus Affair exposed Europe’s dark underside of vicious antisemitism, Theodor Herzl would not have had, in bitter reaction, his vision of a publicly and legally secure home for the Jewish people. Nor, had he not proclaimed the same in his 1896 pamphlet entitled, “The Jewish State,” would this unlikeliest of leaders ever have become, to a great many Jews, a modern Moses – and to a great many others, a nettlesome Don Quixote.”

This was in the latter part of the 19th century. But the roots of the movement go back a little further, to the Napoleonic wars. The Jews in Western Europe lived in their own enclaves and were generally prosperous, not experiencing any particular problems at the time except for legal restrictions on their activities, where they lived as second-class citizens:

“Revolutionary France had been the first European country to grant full rights of citizenship to its small Jewish minority, and during the Napoleonic Wars that followed, French armies imposed that same reform upon many of the countries they occupied, freeing Jews from their traditional legal disabilities. So for a century, France and its highly-successful and well-integrated Jewish population had been regarded as the lodestar for European Jewry, most of whom lived under the far worse conditions of Eastern Europe, especially the huge population of downtrodden Jews suffering in the fiercely anti-Semitic Russian Empire of the Czars.”

Then the Dreyfus affair happened, which resulted in a large anti-Semitic backlash within France. Dreyfus was an officer in the French army who was falsely charged of espionage based on forged evidence, based upon his ethnicity – except that was a myth. But it suited Herzl and the historians of the time to advance the Zionist cause:

“Herzl had been living and working in Paris at the time, and according to his later account, the horrendous wave of French anti-Jewish hatred that he witnessed during the Dreyfus trial convinced him that Jewish assimilation was impossible and that only a Jewish-run nation-state could protect the interests of his often-persecuted people. This led him to publish “The Jewish State” in 1896, thereby founding the Zionist movement.”

Why was the modern history of the Dreyfus affair and its influence on Zionism a myth, then? The article goes on, concerning Lindeman’s account of the Dreyfus affair:

“However, he does note some of the underlying social context to this fierce political battle. Although only one Frenchman in a thousand was Jewish, just a few years earlier a group of Jews had been the leading culprits behind several huge financial scandals that had impoverished large numbers of small investors [the Panama scandals], and the swindlers afterward escaped any punishment by means of political influence and bribery. Given this history, much of the outrage of the anti-Dreyfusards probably arose from their fears that a Jewish military spy from a very wealthy family might be able to walk free using similar tactics, and the public claims that Dreyfus’s brother was offering enormous bribes to win his release certainly strengthened this concern.”

The bolded bits give us a clue, supported by the following quote:

“Although Central European Jews such as Herzl launched and initially led the Zionist movement, they failed to attract much popular support from within their own Jewish communities, which were quite settled and prosperous…Meanwhile, the miserable and impoverished Jews of the Czarist Empire were largely confined to its Pale of Settlement, and they often lived in fear of periodic pogroms, riotous massacres widely believed organized or abetted by the hostile government. Given their huge discontent, they soon became the popular base of the Zionist movement, and after Herzl’s early death in 1904, they also eventually assumed its leadership as well, with Russian-born chemist Chaim Weizmann ranking as the outstanding figure. It was Weizmann who managed to arrange Britain’s 1917 Balfour Declaration…”

From the preceding, then, we see it was Eastern European Jews who clamoured after a Jewish state. The present day Jews from ex-Soviet states make up over half of the European Jewish immigrants. When you add in Jews from Central Europe, largely Slavic, then the figure climbs to over 80% by immigration from Europe, supporting what has just been outlined. Jews from Western Europe and other Western countries are in the minority among the Jews in Israel. When the Balfour Declaration came along they saw their chance to leave and took it. And there is a particular point of interest here, regarding race: There is no ‘Jewish race’ in Israel. DNA tests are banned in Israel, for a very good reason – they would show the Palestinians and Israeli Jews are of common genetic origin. The Zionists, on the other hand, have no genetic claim to the land which is now the Israeli state. So, when they say they are the rightful inheritors of the land it is a politically motivated ploy to attract Jews to the Levant.

Why the Balfour Declaration?: The Balfour Declaration was the result of British domestic politics, elitist British anti-Semitism and geopolitics. The British wanted to establish a base in West Asia to counter French and American interests and they saw in the Zionists the opportunity to offload the Jewish immigrants fleeing from Russia during the Russian Revolution. It was also part of British planning to claim their share of the breakup of the Ottoman Empire. It is worth noting only about 1% of world Jewry at the time belonged to a Zionist organization. Before Palestine the original British plan was to send the Jews fleeing persecution in Europe to Uganda, but then the Great War broke out and Palestine was considered to be a better choice. To keep this short, the modern iteration of Israel had its roots not in Herzl, but in Chaim Weizmann and the British. Weizmann went on to become the first Israeli President. He was a Russian-born biochemist. It was he who was the main driver for the establishment of present-day Israel and he was very active in convincing Balfour and Lord Rothschild in the UK and then the Truman administration in the US to firmly support the creation of the state. But of real interest here, and central to what has taken place in Israel, is that Weizmann did not want to live in Israel. He was a member of the British elite and preferred the high life of London to the kibbutzim in the state he was so fanatical to found. He was also a serial womanizer. The point? – Israel was birthed not by the Jews, but by Western domestic politics and geopolitical concerns by the Western elites at the time, hence the fawning and unwavering support of the Jewish state. Israel is an artificial state of the West’s making, starting with the UK as a spoil of war upon the breakup of the Ottoman Empire, and later brought to fruition by the United States during the Truman administration.

Israel’s right to exist (?): Does Israel have a right to exist, then? According to international law, no, it doesn’t because it has not lived up to its obligations since its founding. But that is a small matter to its handlers. It was created finally by the US to control the oil resources of West Asia. As an artificial creation, imposed upon West Asia, Israel has grown to the point where it has broken free of its creators, or so its elites think. There are many people who say the Israelis control the US Congress and Executive, but that would not be the case if there were true political will in Washington. Israel’s actions today exhibit a monstrous state of affairs. How to rein in the monster? – stop feeding it. Stop sending weapons and money until the leadership in Israel comes to heel. This is how the US could – and should – end the present carnage in Gaza and the West Bank. It really is that simple, because were it not for the US, Israel would not exist today, not in its present form or at its present strength. It may have instead been a small backwater conclave and little more, if even that. Then, there is the deeply held belief of many of the Jews now living in Israel.

Israel and Eschatology: In a piece penned by Laurent Guyénot for the Unz Review, Guyénot outlines the eschatology behind Netanyahu’s statements regarding the ‘religious’ aspect behind Israel’s actions in Gaza, and indeed against the Palestinians for over a century. The God of the Zionists is Yahweh, and if you take the time to read the article (recommended) you find the ‘God’ of the Old Testament sounds more like the Devil than a loving God. Yet, three generations of Israelis have been raised in that mode of belief – that they are the master race, that they can and must act with impunity and in the cruellest of manners to secure their birth rite (divinely given and even commanded by Yahweh), that the land of British Mandate Palestine and surrounding areas (including the Sinai and Lebanon) are theirs by divine right, that Palestinians are subhuman and so on. Netanyahu himself is steeped in such beliefs, having been born and raised in Israel of Zionist ancestors. In fact, over 80% of Israelis polled believe Gaza should be obliterated (video) and all the Palestinians driven from and/or killed within mandated Palestine. At the same time 80% of Israelis blame Netanyahu for the violence that erupted on October 7th. Those polled, however, believe they are acting with righteous vengeance against terrorists and that all the citizens of Gaza are complicit because they voted for Hamas in elections. Never mind that Israelis have been committing terrorism against Palestinians for many decades. Now the Israeli settlers sit in their lawn chairs and cheer as the bombs fall on Gaza.

If one believes such attitudes are not possible in this enlightened age and that the comments in the preceding paragraph are pure hyperbole and utterly unjustifiable, one needs to study, and widely, outside of Western mainstream media. Our recent history has many such examples of such ultranationalist and eschatological thinking – ISIS/Daesh, the ultranationalists in Ukraine, the Nazis, nationalist fascists of many stripes – just to name a few. And there is usually religious fundamentalism at the core, cherry-picked to suit their peculiar beliefs. The Zionists are no exception. Evangelical Christians could easily slide into such a mode of thinking. It is a great evil – the ultimate evil being that of separative thinking. There is only one humanity. But over the years the Israelis have evolved to become a quasi-colonial police force and have now unleashed their 2nd Nakba out of their sense of fury that the Palestinians would have the audacity to stand up to them. A political solution to the conflict now seems out of the question. Does Israel have a right to exist, then? – according to the British, the Americans and the Zionists, absolutely. But the rest of the world has very serious reservations on the matter. In a recent interview Lawrence Wilkerson stated he reckoned Israel would cease to exist in 20 years (video). The timeline may actually be much shorter than that. This brings us back to the United States and its role in the conflict.

Chutzpah and Hasbara only get one so far in life, but there always comes a point where people see through the game and then the masks come off. One needs to remain very skeptical of the propaganda coming out of Israel at present. We won’t go into it here, except for one example. On the 7th of October Israel went on a panicked rampage, sending up over two dozen Apache attack helicopters and firing indiscriminately into the fleeing crowds at the rave party and in the kibbutzim, unable to distinguish between Hamas fighters and Israelis. The burned out cars and destruction of properties on that scale could not have been caused by a few Hamas fighters armed only with small arms and grenade launchers. The Israelis themselves caused most of the deaths and destruction on that day. They did what any spiritual teacher would warn against: They reacted instead of taking time to consider a proper response. They acted out of emotional turmoil instead of a reasoned approach. Thereby, they walked into a trap of their own making. Any time one reacts instead of responding in a crisis one leaves themselves open to being manipulated and used. Such is the case with the Israelis and the West today.

Wilkerson explains the hasbara quite well (video). For years we have been fed the hasbara (the Jewish equivalent of propaganda) that Israel is our essential ally in the region, is a democracy, has a right to exist, is defending itself, along with a large dollop of Holocaust guilt (this is excellent) to keep us (meaning the West) in place and in play. A large helping of shekels also comes in handy. It turns out that several generations of Israeli citizens have also fallen victim to the same hasbara (video), willfully promoted through their education system and constant repetition by Israeli media and leadership – until they have to point a weapon at Palestinian children (video, must watch). But until then Palestinians do not exist in Israelis’ consciousness. Instead, they believe, “This land ain’t your land, this land is OUR land, from the Fertile Crescent to the Nile of Egypt…” (sing along if you know the tune…no offense to Woody Guthrie, may he RIP). Song theft aside, the more extremist elements of the Zionists do yearn for a Greater Israel – east to the Euphrates, west to the Nile, north to southern Turkiye and south almost to Ethiopia. That brings us to a common theme being echoed throughout social media now – the supposed real reason behind the conflict.

Oil, gas and transport: There are a couple of videos explaining the economics that form a backdrop to the war in Gaza (here and transcript from the other), related to gas fields off the coast of Gaza, a transport corridor and a plan for the Ben Gurion Canal. The latter was over before it started. Nuclear excavation was abandoned as an idea years ago for obvious reasons. The economics of the current conflict all plays a part, but it is not the main reason for the war. Rather, it is a subtext, for all the reasons outlined above. To the Israelis and the Palestinians, this war is existential, and therein is the crux of the matter. To Bibi, he goes to jail as soon as the fighting stops. The Palestinians see the writing on the wall and they will not go quietly into the night as the Zionist state seeks to normalize relations with the Arabs. And the elites in Israel know the score as well, due to demographics, Western decline, falling international support and their own misguided beliefs. However, it is useful to know the subtext as well.

A government of cowards: Over the years Washington has poured money (‘aid’) and weapons into Israel to secure its borders. The US and thus the American taxpayers are complicit in the war crimes of the Israelis, unless those Americans openly oppose such aid. That is actually happening to a degree. But there is no political will in Washington, largely because the folks in DC see Israel as a bulwark against a united Arab front and against Russian and Chinese influence. Israel also acts with its perceived impunity because the Israel lobby in Washington recognizes the value Washington places on Israel and plies its trade in corruption by liberally funding campaigns for lawmakers and presidents alike. Some people might call that a symbiotic relation, while others yet may call it an investment in securing American interests. Then there is the idea of parasite and host, which is how a growing number of comments are appearing across independent and social media. Instead of being an ally in West Asia, Israel has become the proverbial albatross around the necks of the policy-makers in DC. They would do well to read and recall the ancient rime while their land-based aircraft carrier faces being sunk by ‘mujahedeen in sandals’ with Kalashnikovs:

Farewell, farewell! but this I tell
To thee, thou Wedding-Guest!
He prayeth well, who loveth well
Both man and bird and beast.

He prayeth best, who loveth best
All things both great and small;
For the dear God who loveth us,
He made and loveth all.

Instead of making space for the two-state solution (‘loving all’), Washington has enabled and supported the Zionist ethnic cleansing of mandated Palestine for many years. Israel plays upon the endemic corruption within the halls of power in Washington in its pursuit of its goals, and nary a word in opposition is uttered from the mouths of Presidents or lawmakers as the Israelis have committed atrocity after atrocity over the years. As a result:

“We have a government of clowns, clunkers, and criminals – and we have a government of cowards. As the Israeli state commits a full-on Gaza genocide, in “response” to the October 7 terror attack by the thoroughly Mossad-infiltrated Hamas, Secretary of State Blinken tentatively suggests to Bossman Bibi that maybe he could drop “smaller bombs” and have a few hours of break in between hospital-smashing and genocidal geography-clearing…When did the overwhelming majority of American politicians turn into such cowards, unable to get to the point, unwilling to use the correct words, do the right thing, simultaneously blind to morality and reality, as self-aware as floating diatoms and half as smart?”

Well, the answer to the astute Lt. Colonel’s question from her article is easy – money talks and BS walks, as the American saying goes. “Cui bono?” is the Latin equivalent. The more extended answer is the electoral cycle in the US and the fact that lawmakers (senators and representatives) have no term limits, with many becoming career politicians instead of truly representing the will of the American people. The same is true across Western Europe, especially in the UK, where the Israel lobby plies its trade in similar fashion to how they do in the US. Kier Starmer rose to power in the Labour Party by such means, as was recently disclosed. Two fifths of his cabinet have been funded by pro-Israel lobbyists.

Just to add, for all of our high ideals, few Americans would know that thousands of Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany and Europe were denied entry to the United States during WWII, with the cover story being the State Department feared there were spies among them. The more probable truth was that they just didn’t want ‘those people’ in the US. In fact, the history we get of Jews and Zionism is a very truncated and obfuscated affair, from both sides, and that the British under Churchill were just as complicit as the US in excluding Jews and wishing them all to go to Palestine. Many were thus ‘encouraged’ to relocate.

Growing resistance in DC: There is growing resistance to the Israeli actions in Gaza in Biden-land. A letter signed by 400 members of the Biden bureaucracy was just sent to Biden’s desk calling on Biden to demand an immediate ceasefire in Gaza – yes, demand. Currently the Israelis are saying thanks, but no thanks and proceed to act with impunity. In looking at the larger picture that sense of impunity will be short-lived. Therein is the chutzpah of the Israelis, the feeling they can do no wrong, that they will always get off the hook whe they do and that Bifìg Daddy in Washington will always jump-to with aid when Washington’s creation is threatened.

Word has it from informed sources the casualty wards at Walter Reed are filling up with American soldiers stationed in West Asia, notably Iraq and Syria. This has gone unreported in the American media until now for an obvious reason: Americans are casualty-averse and news of mounting casualties on the American side would provoke calls by the public to pull out of Iraq and Syria. Why are those wards filling up? – because the Axis of Resistance in Iraq and Syria are slowly escalating attacks on American bases in those nations, bases which are illegal, we might add:

“While the world’s attention is focused on the war raging between Israel and Hamas, the military confrontation between the United States and Hezbollah is heating up. Since the Hamas attacks on 7 October and the subsequent retaliation by Israel, U.S. military bases and outposts in Syria and Iraq are facing daily attacks with rocket, missiles and mortars. I learned today from someone who regularly visits Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland that the wards are filling up with U.S. military personnel wounded in recent attacks on those bases. The White House and the Department of Defense are working actively to suppress this information, apparently out of fear that the American public will recoil at news of the losses and step up pressure for the United States to get out of Iraq and Syria.”

On the other side, Israeli journalists are starting to report high casualty numbers among IDF (or IOF – ‘Israeli Occupation Forces, if you prefer the more pejorative acronym), with around 3,000 reported having died as a result of the fighting. This is confirmed from other sources, too. There are no photos of killed Hamas fighters. (‘Killed’ and ‘died’ have been the Western spin on casualties. People are killed in wars.)

As it is, Israel, with its full support from the Biden administration, is dragging the US down with it, and has destroyed any image of moral superiority the Western elite thought it had. The scorpion has stung the frog, from the old fable. As Israel goes, so goes the US, unless there are drastic changes in American politics. The neocons in Washington have dragged the US down to a pitiful position on the world stage. That does not seem to be on the immediate horizon. We will not speculate on it here, except to say the next administration, should the election and inauguration go according to schedule next year, is liable to drive the final nails in the coffin of US influence in West Asia, and in Eastern Europe. The next two ears are going to be quite interesting, indeed. There are further developments among the Islamic nations and the SCO, of which Iran, Russia and China are members, and their swing toward the Palestinian cause has been noticeable.

Hezbollah: There is a video of the history of Hezbollah and its leader, Nasrallah worth watching. It was rumoured across social media that Hezbollah would jump into the fray in Gaza after October 7th, but that has turned out otherwise. Nasrallah’s most recent speech (Nov 11th) confirmed what more attuned military analysts had seen, in that this war is proceeding along similar lines to that of the Russian SMO in Ukraine – a war of attrition. Nasrallah has to walk a fine line, and he doesn’t want to bring the full force of Israel down upon Lebanon. Instead of immediate and devastating escalation by Hezbollah (desired by other comments I had seen), what we are witnessing is a slow and measured escalation for as long as Israel continues its attempted genocide in Gaza. The Iraqi resistance groups in Iraq have decided unilaterally to expel US forces (video) from Iraq by military means. So far the Americans have not acted in any big way against those attacks, which is telling.

I have also been queried as to why other nations have not intervened to stop the Israeli bombing. The reasons are many and varied, but the prime reason is the West and neighboring nations especially (the Arab nations and Iran) wish to avoid a regional war, which would be provoked if said nations suddenly attacked US forces at full force. And we can probably now definitively say there will not be a wider war, especially against Iran (video). This in itself is very hopeful. Many of those nations neighboring Israel also have US military bases on them. A regional war would bring the entire world economy to a sudden crash due to the stoppage of oil and gas shipments from West Asia, not to mention the fact that such a war would likely destroy the oil infrastructure across West Asia. The Palestinians, Hamas in particular, are fighting a guerrilla, asymmetric war. Unless the Israelis stop their assault on Gaza and in the West Bank the war will go on for a long time, in stages. The Israelis do not have that long time. They and their supporters will collapse long before Hamas does. Israel even now is in danger of economic collapse. It is in dire straits, though it goes unreported in the West.

What is left, then? Where is all this headed? John Mearsheimer has stated, looking at all the factors involved there is no hope for a two-state solution (video). The hatred runs too deep, as well as the fears on all sides, and given the existential nature of the crisis for all sides, Israeli, Palestinian, European and American. The Europeans of Western Europe, much to their shame and having foolishly cut themselves off from Russian gas (Anyone looking at what has happened with that would conclude it was a very foolish move.), were looking to Israel to assuage their fears and their energy woes. The American-brokered IMEC was to be their salvation. That is no longer on the table, given the Resistance factions and with US forces in Syria and Iraq being given their walking papers. Do we really think, as far as this has gone, that the militias in Syria and Iraq would stop now? The US would have to more fully engage to repel them, but so far they are only offering tacit reactions to the bombings of American bases. There is another reason the West Europeans are all-in on the Israeli side.

To understand why the major Western European nations fully support the ongoing Israeli actions against the Palestinians, a few figures may be revealing, according to official EU reports (in Italian):

“Among the armaments exported [to Israel] in the aforementioned twenty years are mainly warships (1.6 billion), fighter planes (1.2 billion), tanks and land vehicles (1 billion) and electronic equipment (over 520 million euros). Also in the twenty-year period from 2001 to 2020, the major European suppliers of armaments to Israel were Germany (3 billion euros), France (2.6 billion), the United Kingdom (653 million) and Italy (578 million).”

These are three of the very same four European nations who voted against or abstained from voting for the Jordanian ceasefire resolution in the UN on October 26th. Those nations who abstained (Italy and the UK) are just as guilty as those who voted against it – Israel, the US, along with a few others, Hungary and the Czech Republic included. To their credit, France voted for the ceasefire. And to add to that, Netanyahu has promised Meloni that Italy would be the gas hub (in Italian) from the EastMed pipeline to the rest of Europe, should the pipeline and the IMEC go ahead.

How much longer to peace?: People have asked me how long I see the war going on. In the last letter I stated I didn’t think it would go on for long, at least not the present bombing campaign. Not being a military analyst the only thing I can offer in terms of answering such a question comes from experienced military analysts. A recent analyist had this on offer, giving his take on a statement from IOF General Aviv Kohavi:

“…the very cornerstone of Israel’s campaign is time, which can only be gained by “mitigating the conditions” for the U.S…for the U.S. to provide the military and global political backing for Israel to conduct its operation, Israel in turn must provide the social and cultural narrative control in order to allow the Western elite class to continue pushing the moral justifications for Israel’s actions.

And this is the crux of everything: Israel appears to have heavily banked on being able to use its various social control technologies—which mostly consists of its various NGOs and global ‘anti-hate groups’ like the ADL—to dictate the narrative around this genocide. But they failed miserably…Israel did not appear to have a good bead on the pulse of the global awakening. They were sclerotically stuck just a few years behind the times…”

There, in essence you have it. This conflict is largely about a matter of time, not force or weaponry. And even if the IOF were to wipe out the whole of Hamas, another ‘Hamas’ would take their place. The children of today whose families are being killed are already becoming radicalized. Violence simply begets more violence. We do not seem to learn. From the Mearsheimer video he stated the Israelis and the Americans have both chosen the wrong path in this conflict. The US should have pulled the Israelis up, told them to wait and consider responses carefully and engaged in immediate diplomacy. But the Israeli mindset is such now that the shock of October 7th sent them over the edge of rationality. Neither the Biden nor the Netanyahu administrations are acting rationally now. That is further fueled in the US by the evangelicals, a powerful voting bloc in the US, fueling and fueled by the still-powerful 6th ray personality of the US.

True Christianity harbors no hatred, nor permits it. Yet, this very prominent voter bloc in the US, calling themselves Christians, harbor a similar hateful message regarding the Islamic world as do the hard-core Zionists. We refer here to the fundamentalist evangelicals – I hesitate to call them ‘Christians’ – such as Pastor Greg Locke from Tennessee (do have a look at the video if you are not familiar with such beliefs). The evangelicals are strongly represented in the Republican Party in the US and they are giving their full support to the genocide in Gaza. This voter bloc was also instrumental in getting Trump elected in 2016. They believe the present crisis in Israel is a sign of the approach of the End Times and want to see the destruction of the Temple Mount, thinking somehow it would mark the return of the Christ to Earth. Well, we will probably see a timeline for such in the future, but to think it would come from the present conflict is wishful thinking on the part of the parties who see this conflict as being eschatological (pertaining to the end). The latter is simply political manipulation on the part of Netanyahu, who would love nothing better than to have a sharp escalation in the conflict, and who is using it to rally the Zionists at home and abroad in hopes of drawing in the United States. If that were to happen we would quickly find out how degraded have become our military capabilities and it would likely mean the end of Israel in its current state – and without Jesus returning to convert the Jews.

So, what can we do? We are not impotent, you know. We can and should each act according to our abilities, our time and our responsibilities. We can start by lobbying some nation (doubtful it would be the US) to invoke the genocide convention. We can educate our families and friends as to the true nature of what is going on. We can educate ourselves. Each person thus illuminated becomes a thorn in the side of the powers that be who fail to represent us in not doing what is morally right, as well as becoming a light in the community who dispels darkness. Because this is our moment to break a cycle and circle of vile intent on the part of the materialist forces. All we need is more light. Ad stated previously, we can actively begin the process of building the antahkarana if we are inclined that way. Even if we are not, we can intensify whatever spiritual practice we currently do. And most of all, we can be kind, yet resolute and daring in our speech and actions. And we can pause and consider the following words, taking a longer-term view and considering our own nations and our leadership:

“In order to judge the moral strength of a people and what it is capable of in the future, one should not take into account the degree of ugliness to which it can temporarily and even though in the majority, humiliate itself, but only the height of spirit to which it can rise when the time comes.”[14]

When the real final solution comes to the problems in West Asia, meaning a humanistic and correct mode of diplomacy and international relations, It will be the Islamic world who decides the outcome. The US and Western Europe have lost their credibility and are quickly losing their influence in West Asia and across the Developing World. Pepe Escobar summarized what we are seeing and the long-term effects it will have on public consciousness relative to the West and to Zionism:

“No mainstream media narrative, no PR move to soften the genocide, no containment of “public opinion turning on Israel” can ever cover the serial war crimes perpetrated by Israel and its allies in Gaza. Perhaps this is just what the Doctor – metaphysical and otherwise – ordered for mankind: an imperative global tragedy, to be witnessed by all, that will also transform us all.”

And in that global tragedy the Palestinians are making the supreme sacrifice that is awakening the wider world as we witness the waning of the West. Israel has finally gotten a bitter taste of the fruits of its actions over decades of colonialism and abuse, and it is transforming us all. The Palestinians have finally exemplified Martin Luther King’s statement, quoted at the head of this letter, no longer the willing participants in the unjust Zionist system. If you want to know why the Palestinians have finally lashed out, read Osama bin Laden’s “Letter to America”.

And what of the US?: We Americans have to get past this idea that someone is going to come along and save us. The age of Pisces is passing. In true Aquarian fashion, with the US Aquarian soul, we have to save ourselves, in group fashion and in cooperation. We have to somehow hold our leaders to account. There is no one on the horizon in the political class who would fit the bill as a ‘savior’, as someone who would rally the country. Certainly neither Trump nor Biden would do so. Neither would RFK Jr., who through his own words on the present conflict has compromised himself. He parrots the exact thinking that put Israel on the map in the first place. Even more, no one becomes President who is not rich, who cannot raise the hundreds of millions of dollars need to run a campaign. The system is rigged. Whatever happens at the next election it will come down to a matter of which oligarchs are pulling the strings in Washington.

In conclusion, the best approach we can have in this period is to strive toward the fulfillment of our spiritual goals, to more fully energize them, to find our passion in doing them, to enlighten ourselves and others in so doing and to stand steady and focused as the fires of war and purification take place around us. We may not be directly affected by events, but all of us are affected by them somehow. Our leaders need to rediscover their morals and backbone, if they ever had those, and we can help by holding them to account. Polls matter to them, and they watch them closely. There are fires that burn and destroy, and there are fires that fill us with passion and drive us forward to a place of true peace. Therein is the ultimate action of Mars for Sagittarius, the god of righteous battle. For each of us, the battle internal for our own sense of righteous existence is ever with us. In these days ahead stand for what is right, stand for truth and know that your words have power. It is the spiritual journey, our progress along that path that is important and not the little goals. Let us find contentment in that journey together, for together we will all stand and succeed.

Sagittarius blessings,
23 Nov 23

These letters are sent as a service. If you wish to be added to or deleted from the mailing list let me know. Feel free to pass these along, but do so without charge or alteration.

  1. Martin Luther King, Jr., from his book, Strive Toward Freedom (1958) As an aside, from this point onward I refuse to alter quotes to accommodate a few people’s sensibilities regarding gender. We all know what the quotes actually mean, but their wording reflects the times in which they were written.
  2. Actually, it is “Let food be sought.”
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