Excerpts from The Destiny of the Nations

(unless otherwise noted)

Alice A. Bailey

An overview of key nations, esoterically p. 67

Country Ruling Sign              Egoic Ray        Ruling Sign             Personality Ray
Argentina Cancer Not given Libra Not given
Austria Libra Fourth Capricorn Fifth
Belgium Sagittarius Not given Gemini Not given
Brazil Leo Fourth Virgo Second
China Taurus First Libra Third
Finland Capricorn Not given Aries Not given
France Pisces Fifth Leo Third
Germany Aries Fourth Pisces First
Great Britain Gemini Second Taurus First
Greece Virgo Not given Capricorn Not given
Holland Aquarius Not given Cancer Not given
India Aries First Capricorn Fourth
Ireland Virgo Not given Pisces Not given
Italy Leo Sixth Sagittarius Fourth
Japan Scorpio Not given Capricorn Not given
Poland Taurus Not given Gemini Not given
Romania Leo Not given Aries Not given
Russia Aquarius Seventh Leo Sixth

(4 Nations)

Libra Not given Cancer Not given
Spain Sagittarius Sixth Capricorn Seventh
Switzerland Aries Not given Aquarius Not given
Turkey Cancer Not given Scorpio Not given
U.S.A Aquarius Second Gemini Sixth

To note, quickly:

* The soul ruler of Britain is Gemini, giving it influence with the US (‘the so-called ‘special relationship’), Poland and Belgium. Also to Brussels, which opens a wide field of investigation in terms of influence. Brexit plays into this.

* The soul ruler of the US, Russia and the Netherlands is Aquarius, also relating those countries to Switzerland (think finances) and Moscow.

* The soul ruler of France is Pisces, relating it to the personality expressions of Ireland and Germany, also in general to Warsaw.

* The nations highlighted in red type all have Capricornian influence. The only nation with soul rulership of Capricorn is Finland. The nations of Australia, India, Spain, Japan and Austria are all prone to crystallization and ruptures as a result. Australian politics is a mess at the moment and carries the old legacy of the British system. We just saw the Catalonian crisis with Spain. India, Japan and Austria have all swung sharply to the right in their politics, deepening divisions, usually meaning cuts in social programs, an overemphasis on security, capital and defense concerns, etc. The latter is also true with Australia.

Additionally: (rays not given) p. 69

Egoic Ruler Personality Ruler
Australia Virgo Capricorn
Canada Taurus Libra
New Zealand Gemini Virgo
South Africa Aries Sagittarius

Esoteric syntheses of some cities: p. 69

City Soul Personality Sign
London 5th ray 7th ray Gemini
New York 2nd ray 3rd ray Cancer
Tokyo 6th ray 4th ray Cancer
Geneva 1st ray 2nd ray Leo
Darjeeling 2nd ray 5th ray Scorpio

Rulers of key capital cities: (rays not given) p. 70      

Country Capital Soul Ruler Personality Ruler
Belgium Brussels Gemini Capricorn
France Paris Virgo Capricorn
Germany Berlin Scorpio Leo
Great Britain London Leo Libra
Italy Rome Taurus Leo
Poland Warsaw Capricorn Pisces
Russia Moscow Taurus Aquarius
United States Washington Cancer Sagittarius

The main nations involved with evolution of consciousness/world synthesisEsoteric Astrology, p. 531

Russia: Eastern Europe and northern and western Asia

The US (and later South America): entire western hemisphere, Western and Central Europe

The UK: The Commonwealth of nations

The possible world orders (post WWII): Externalisation of the Hierarchy, pp. 639, 640

1. [This one is no longer possible nor desired by Russia] An all-dominant Russia, whose regime would cover the planet, enforcing her totalitarian interpretation of communistic doctrine (there is a right and true interpretation), refusing freedom to the individual in the interest of the State, and—because of a low opinion of the human masses—everywhere standardising her interpretation of democracy.

2. [This is what we currently face] A world in which all nations live in an armed armistice, in which distrust is forever rampant and in which science is prostituted to the art of destruction. In this world an explosion must and will eventually take place which will destroy humanity as once before it was destroyed, according to the Bible and the other world Scriptures and the hierarchical records.

3. [This was attempted after the fall of the Soviet Union, but is rapidly failing] A world in which the United States proves itself to be the controlling factor, after wiping out Russia, which she can well do if she acts now [too late]. It will be a predominantly capitalistic world, run by several nations but headed by the United States. [This happened, but is currently being broken up due to corrupt practices] A capitalistic nation is not necessarily wrong; capital has its place, and Russia (the enemy of capitalism) [no longer] is by no means free from capitalistic bias. The motives of the United States are very mixed motives: greed of money or its equivalent, such as oil, and at the same time sincerely good intentions for the establishment of human freedom in a democratic world—modelled, of course, on American democracy. Other motives are an appreciation of the armed fist and, at [Page 639] the same time, a longing for economic sharing and for that essential kindness which is such a strong American characteristic—a mass characteristic. These mixed motives will produce eventually a very confused world, one in which it will be found that humanity has learned very little as the result of the World War (1914-1945) and is acquiescent to the cycle of well-intentioned money control. [This is currently being re-thought]

4. A world divided into “blocs” for mutual aid and economic sharing. [This is what is emerging] Of this, the proposed treaty between Great Britain, France and the Benelux countries is a tentative sample, [which became the EU] though tainted by objectionable motives, from the angle of the Hierarchy. Fear is the major factor producing this treaty, but it has in it nevertheless the seeds of hope. There is nothing intrinsically wrong in any group of nations standing together for mutual aid and economic cooperation. The wrong factor comes in when they stand united against any other group of nations, and therefore against any group of human beings. [BRICS, the SCO and ASEAN are not against the US and Western financial interests, but they do stand against being leveraged negatively by those interests.] It is this attitude, engineered and fostered by Russia, which has led to the relatively new concept of blocs against. [Russia is rapidly moving away from that ‘against’ model] Along this line, and with this attitude of antagonistic groupings, only disaster can lie. [I would posit that the latter two sentences lie in the past and are no longer a major concern. It is quickly moderating, with the US and UK resisting.]

Blocs in themselves can be good and proper if they follow lines of natural cleavages, of language differences and of cultural distinctions (bigger map).

C:\Users\tian_\Pictures\Site Pictures\racial_world_map.png

They can be essentially right if they are formed for economic, educational, religious and social aims and can therefore provide no true cause for alarm. Such blocs would be cultural [as in the map, above] and not militaristic, economic and not greedy, and they could provide a normal and progressive movement away from the separative nationalism of the past and towards the distant creation of the One World, and the One Humanity. This will some day be seen, but the time is not yet. Mankind is not ready for some super-government, nor can it yet provide the unselfish and trained statesmen that such a government would require. As yet, there are more seeds of danger in this concept than there are of helpfulness. Nevertheless, it is a dream which will some day materialise, after the creation and the functioning of blocs have proved how men should work and live together.

The emerging economic/trade blocs deemed advisable: p. 200, Externalisation of the Hierarchy

  • One based on the world democracies: The US, UK, Commonwealth states and northern Europe, including Scandinavia and Germany
  • One based around the Russian Federation, China and eventually Japan, along with the rest of Asia and eastern Europe
  • One based on the Latin and Mediterranean nations including France, and some of the Balkan states and South America. [the latter due to the influences of France, Portugal and Spain]

Nations, Rays and Mottos: Table, p. 50

Nation Personality Ray Soul Ray National Motto
India 4th Ray 1st Ray I hide the Light
China 3rd Ray 1st Ray I indicate the Way
Germany 1st Ray 4th Ray I preserve
France 3rd Ray 5th Ray I release the Light
Great Britain 1st Ray 2nd Ray I serve
Italy 4th Ray 6th Ray I carve the Paths
U. S. A. 6th Ray 2nd Ray I light the Way
Russia 6th Ray 7th Ray I link two Ways
Austria 5th Ray 4th Ray I serve the lighted Way
Spain 7th Ray 6th Ray I disperse the Clouds
Brazil 2nd Ray 4th Ray I hide the seed


2014 in L'Alpe di Siusi, fresh from the US and Australia.

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