14 JUN 2022

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Esoteric Gemini
The rulers of Gemini
Mercury and media
The full moon
Narrative and entropy
After the fall
The right stuff?
A nuke can ruin your whole day
Nazis and Ukraine
Police and the far-right
The aftermath in Ukraine
Sanctions blowback
Henry goes to Davos
Canary song
Disquiet at Davos
International goodwill
Concluding remarks
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Greetings Everyone!

There is a large plant nursery nearby here in a little town called Volano that we frequent every spring. The spring is plant season, of course, with all the new growth, the explosion of flowers, and gardening is the order of the day. So my wife tells me. I don’t mind. The garden looks beautiful after it is all done. Every year I hear the refrain that we will not spend much on plants this year. But once we get to the nursery, the refrain goes out the window and my wife becomes like a man in a hardware store. Men will know what I mean and I make no apologies for the stereotype. Often, several trips are required to this particular nursery every spring. And every year our garden, small as it is, takes on a different vestment of colors and plant life. The only thing that doesn’t change every year is the grass in the garden, which does not fare that well. With five dogs…well, little explanation is needed. That said, our garden is now in order and I always find the order of the flowering of interest. Not everything flowers at once. The plant devas have their seasons and cycles. Now, with Gemini here, the yellow and blue-to-violet flowers predominate, though one can find just about any color one could want. This brings up a point of interest.

Bottlebrush LITTLE JOHN Dwarf Tree Live Plant Rare Miniature Flowering Shrub Bonsai Starter Size 4 Inch Pot Emerald Tm : Emerald Goddess GardensThis year, upon entering this particular nursery, my eyes were suddenly captivated by the vast array of flowers stretched out before us. It was literally a sight for these sore eyes, tired and sore from reading, glasses that need to be changed and researching about our evolving world, of battles, of efforts at peace and so on. What I saw at the nursery was like balm, like medicine, and I felt my heart lift. I walked slowly around the place, lost in the diversity, yet unity of flowers and plants of every description, most common, some exotic (the orchids were a particular treat), some colors so vibrant they actually were difficult to behold, as in being electric and too strong, yet pleasing and attractive at the same time. And among the flowers there was a large cage with about a dozen canaries of various colors, chirping away and enjoying their morning repast of boiled eggs and lettuce leaves. I kept hearing my wife’s voice in the distance, too, saying something. I was lost in the vista. She finally got through to me and directed me to bring a cart. This was to be a big spend. Again, I didn’t mind. And then, I saw it, like an oasis in a desert – two lone, bright red bottle-brush plants. I was immediately transported back to Australia. We also immediately transported them to the house, where they now sit happily in a pot with some other flowers. When they get big enough they will be put in the ground as a permanent addition, a little piece of home away from home. But this theme of unity in diversity brings us to our present theme, Gemini, with the full moon of that sign being the Festival of World Goodwill.

The Marketing Maelstrom: Castor and Pollux, the Blockchain and GDPR | by Robin Bloor | PermissionIO | Medium
Gemini: The symbolism of Gemini is the twins, Castor and Pollux. Gemini is one of the ‘human signs’ in terms of their symbols, the others being Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius. Gemini is a mutable sign – changeable and fluid in expression. It is also an air sign, dealing with the mental plane. The other air signs are Libra and Aquarius. As a mutable sign, “Gemini upon the Mutable Cross stands for man’s humanity”,[1] meaning the ‘common man’ or the evolution of collective human consciousness through outward experience and the growth of wisdom thereby. This denotes the ‘Castor phase’ of Gemini – experience as a mortal human being. From the mythology, Castor and Pollux were an unusual pair, having the same mother but different fathers. Yet, they were twins. It does happen in nature. It is rare in humans but it is quite common with animals. Leda was the mother of the twins. Castor was fathered by a mortal. Leda’s husband was Tyndareus, a Spartan king. Pollux was conceived by Zeus who disguised himself as a swan in order to seduce Leda. Thus, one twin was mortal by birth, the other divine by birth. Here we have the story of humanity.

Every human being is triune in nature, as in Father, Son and Holy Spirit, reflections of the biblical archetype. In Theosophical literature the triune nature is delineated as monad (Father), soul (Son) and personality (Holy Spirit). Zeus represents the Father (divine essence) in the Greek myth. The immortal son, Pollux, represents the soul (atma-buddhi-manas) that persists from life to life and Castor represents the personality that persists only for a single life, yet whose wisdom attained in life becomes part of one’s soul heritage upon the moment of death. In Buddhism the triune nature is not recognized as such, but the buddha-nature corresponds to the Father aspect, the god realms and demigod realms correspond to the soul and the human realm corresponds to the personality. But the twins are sometimes called ‘the quarreling brothers’, and this is where the more esoteric nature of the sign comes in.

Esoteric Gemini: Why would Castor and Pollux be known as ‘the quarreling brothers’? When we look at what the twins represent, as in divine and temporal qualities, the meaning stands out. In the earlier part of every person’s soul history, which stretches back for literal ages, we all functioned as personalities, with little soul influence. We lived as two separate entities, really. The soul was quiescent, while the personality dominated. This was the cycle of worldly experience, wherein wisdom was gained through experience in the human form with all is ups and downs, beauty and brutality, loves and hatreds. It was also the period of soul history wherein the pairs of opposites – duality – were experienced as a matter of course – good and evil, black and white, and so on. We are literally blind to our divine essence or side and live totally through the five senses in that period, all the while slowly developing our sixth sense, the mental sense.

Slowly, over the ages, we come to sense and then realize that there is more to life than simply living through the senses and we begin to question, to realize we are also divine. We are no longer ‘simply Castor’, and we begin to sense the presence of Pollux and increasingly seek to commune with him. But there is a problem. Being divine, Pollux has wide vision and is not limited by a brain consciousness. He lives in the realms of the soul, in the bliss of buddhi and atma, whereas we (as Castor) still toil in this world with a limited view. The two worlds often clash. At this stage the personality often balks at what the soul knows is a proper path to union. We as personalities want things after a certain fashion. The soul sees all possibilities and across time. The personality often does not understand the workings of the soul and more so of the karma we have accumulated, which the soul knows all too well, and which must be worked out. Our task then is to see the pairs of opposites in a different light, not as black and white, but in terms of present and of endless possibility – in terms of limits and limitlessness. It is also our task to break the hold the maya, glamour and illusions, synthesized of our karma, which they have on our limited consciousness. We come into this earthly existence as Castor, through the agency of Leda, The Mother. Our goal is subjective union with Pollux on the mental plane, thus becoming a singular identity, un-twinned – a soul manifesting fully on Earth. We have the following:

“The legend of Castor and Pollux is concerned with the mortal half of man, the personality, and the immortal part, the Ego or spiritual individual. The personality has nothing in itself to survive and the other half which becomes immortal in its individuality by reason of its fifth principle being called to life by the Informing Gods, thus connecting the Monad with this Earth. This is Pollux, while Castor represents the personal, mortal man an animal of not even a superior kind, when unlinked from the divine Individuality.” Castor owes his immortality to Pollux. Pollux sacrifices himself to Castor.” (The Secret Doctrine II. 130)[2]

The rulers of Gemini: How is such union attained, though? We are given the technique, though it has existed in many forms since human beings began to meditate. The union – better yet fusing – of Castor and Pollux is achieved through construction of the antahkarana (PDF file, 22 pp.), a bridge of light which connects the three aspects of the human mind – concrete, abstract and primordial (undifferentiated/atomic) – and thereby forming a direct, unimpeded channel between the monad and the personality. When accomplished, all the higher initiations become possible. Satrting with the three rulers of Gemini – Mercury, Venus and the Earth (orthodox, esoteric, hierarchical, resp) – all the stages of Gemini are represented. Mercury governs the everyday experience of the Gemini type, constantly playing with the opposites, fluid in interpretation, fluid in relations (with all that means) and so forth.

Mercury in its lower aspect governs the growth of intelligence. Then, as more and more contact is made with the higher Self (Pollux), Venus takes over and the process of integration begins. This is Gemini on the path of discipleship, when the real work of building the antahkarana takes on importance. The stage of constructing this antahkarana (a.k.a. ‘the rainbow bridge’ of light, seen at the top of the shamata diagram in the linked PDF file) is governed by Venus is the planet of integration. Once the antahkarana is complete and initiations from the 3rd (transfiguration/Path of Seeing), the process of fusing is thereafter complete and the Earth becomes the field of service. No longer twain, the twin sons have become the Father, or emulate him. One’s buddha nature shines out clearly on the Earth, for all who have the eye to see it. This is the ultimate goal of Gemini – to become a monad fully incarnate in earthly existence. From here, we move on to our immediate earthly concerns.

Mercury and media: In the remainder of this letter we will focus on the media narrative this year with which we are besieged on an hourly basis. I had originally wanted to write about emerging trade and exchange systems being put in place as a result of the Western sanctions that have been slapped on Russia. They are backfiring and they are changing the existing world financial system and basis of exchange. As to the narrative, this is Mercury as it expresses in its lower aspect, Mercury as the communicator, the media and the grand trickster. Mercury in its lower aspect also governs commerce, financial gain and thievery. Here in the West what passes for information regarding foreign nations, as in outside the collective West, is more projection than truth. And our view of the world can be quite narrow or limited as a result. For instance, at the beginning of the escalated conflict in Ukraine this year, there were many comments to the effect that, “The whole world is against Putin/Russia!” The ‘whole world’ in that case is actually the entire West and its main ally, Japan. Even then, the statement doesn’t hold true.

There are nations in the West who do support Russia and who refuse to condemn what the Russians are doing. Those nations are thereby smacked with the label of being ‘autocratic’, Hungary being a prime example – like Russia, China and other nations that exhibit strong leadership, but who do not ‘behave’ according to the rules-based order. This idea is central to what is taking place in the world right now, and we have looked at this many times recently. Yet, our own governments behave in an autocratic manner if people stray from the accepted government narrative, which we could also liken the The Matrix. That film was obviously meant to stimulate thought among the general public about our real belief systems and why we buy into them.

The Western World - Purchasing Power World Map PNG Image | Transparent PNG Free Download on SeekPNGOur Western world, however, is not ‘the world’. The Western world comprises only about 15% of humanity. It is only a small part of the international comity of nations – the real world. True, for the great majority of readers here, the West is ‘our world’ – the world according to the West – but that in itself is not even a true comity, a world of shared interests for mutual benefit. The truer world of comity is taking shape in the East, where there is a more collective spirit among their various cultures, China being a prime example. We thus see two aspects of Gemini at work in these developments. On the one hand, we see the lower, mortal aspect of Gemini across the West regarding its foreign policy, in that it seeks to divide and conquer. This is especially true of the United States, the City of London and Poland with their Gemini personalities and the UK and Brussels with their Gemini souls. That same expression is to be found across all of Western Europe, via Brussels (the seat of the EU) with its Gemini soul. These are the most divisive nations currently, though they are united in their divisiveness, for now. We could call these nations the ‘Castorian nations’, and they are about to get a figurative big dose of castor oil, a potent laxative. Being mortal, though, experience will soon purge the factions in those nations who would seek to control international trade and plunder the resources of other nations.

What we hear in the media, coming back to projection by media, is that those nations outside ‘the world’ are doing the very things that our own nations are doing: Russia’s economy is collapsing (supposedly, but it isn’t actually. Google: Russia, economy, collapsing); Putin weaponizes everything, then he loses everything; the Russians are running out of everything; China is making great progress, but at what cost?; every leader with whom we disagree is the next and worse than Hitler (even though we fund, support and trade with them before they disagree with us, including Putin and Hitler); the Iranians are ready to overthrow their government at any moment, but they are also about to get the bomb; and on and on. The latest projections come to us about the conflict in Ukraine where the Russians are supposedly losing, are suffering heavy losses, that a million-strong army is going to sweep across Ukraine from the west in August and push the Russians out (like Gandalf at the battle of Helm’s Deep), that every new weapon sent to Ukraine is some kind of ‘game changer’, that Russian troops are deserting and they are losing their commanders at a terrible rate – again, so on and so forth. It is all projection, sprinkled with a liberal dose of fantasy and topped off with ‘experts’ who exclaim that it must be so. But like it is explained in a recent video, it is like, where is the proof? Where are the photos and videos showing all these things? Well, there aren’t any, because none or very little of it is actually happening. Keep all this in mind as we go along, which we will do after a look at the full moon.

The full moon takes place at 11:52 UT on the 14th of June this year (9:52 PM AEST). The full moon axis forms the base of a t-square with Neptune as the apex planet, denoting the tremendous confusion in world affairs, at least across the West, and the growing public disillusionment with the policies enacted since the start of the COVID crisis, really. Now, we see those policies have come to a head, precipitated in earnest with the sanctions slapped onto Russia since the start of their special military operation (SMO). This t-square and what it represents will have a special relevance to the discussion to follow. However, the Sun is in an applying trine to Saturn, showing practical solutions and saner decisions coming to the fore, at least among factions within the West and in the large across the non-Western world, the latter representing the great bulk of the world’s populace. The latter is also a most important point to note, because that is where the work of world goodwill is taking place apace. We hear virtually nothing in the Western press about advances being made in cooperation between states in South America, Africa and Asia. Instead, we hear that Russia, China and Iran are interfering in the world order. The opposite is actually the case.

In terms of the remainder of the full moon figure we see Mars square to a Ceres/Chiron conjunction, indicating a turning point in the military situation, notably in Ukraine, though also developing in other parts of the world. We hear very little about the latter, either. That said, we will also be seeing unexpected yet beneficial agreements being forged between otherwise strange bedfellows, shown by the Venus/Uranus conjunction. That is reinforced by the Uranus/Pluto midpoint formed with the full moon axis. There are several points to note with that midpoint, supported by the rest of the chart: The urge for independence and freedom, untiring creative work, intuition, restlessness, daring and audaciousness, ambition, determination, the tendency to make the highest demands on one’s physical energy, strong emotional tensions, leading to over-excitement of the nerves, even a breakdown or a catastrophe, the latter caused by the strong possibility of bringing about changes by force. With these factors in mind, a quick word about the progress of the conflict in Ukraine is in order, seeing it is strongly connected with Europe, Canada and the US.

We begin our investigations for this letter with a summary and then expand on something that is should be a real concern for all of us in the West, having been precipitated by the Russian SMO in Ukraine. For Finnish and Swedish readers especially, as well for all readers, there is a video which gives a good summary of every aspect of the current conflict and where it is likely headed. It was done at the request of a Swedish journalist, Steve Ericsson, who lives in Finland. The interviewee is Larry C. Johnson, one of the more informed sources about this conflict. Larry is a veteran of the CIA and US State Department, from a time when the State Department actually had some diplomats. You can listen to his background and qualifications at the start of the video. In it, he discusses (with the time stamps) the background for the present conflict (2:50), how to distinguish between truth and propaganda (14:18), the US training of Ukrainian troops (19:12), the agenda of NATO (24:24), what will happen if Finland and Sweden join NATO (28:48), the endgame of the West and why nobody seems to want peace (31:46), Russia vs. Finland if there were to be a conflict, a big reason for them not to join (38:15), the media claims that Ukraine is winning (39:29), predicting the outcome of the war (44:04) and some closing thoughts (50:59).

Narrative and entropy: We begin to expand on the themes just listed with the Western media. We see the progress of the present conflict in the evolution of the media narrative since the start of the conflict, that is, in knowing what to look for. In that, we see entropy at work as the situation in Ukraine decays. Keep in mind, too, that the greatest part of what we hear about the conflict in Ukraine is negative regarding Russia and it comes to us from sources in Western liberal nations, There is a clear bias and lack of information as a result. Western journalists are not embedded with the Russian or Donbas forces, if that gives a clue. Entropy is a term derived from thermodynamics in classical physics, broadly defined as the degree of disorder or uncertainty in a system. It is also the process of degradation or running down of a system or a trend toward disorder. We see that very process now in Ukraine and in Western media as they seek to prop up the narrative that a victory can somehow be had by NATO and Ukraine against Russia, in present day slang otherwise known as ‘copium’. Stated in another very simplistic way, entropy just means that things fall apart over time. The reason for these statements?: Watch very closely what happens in Ukraine now over these next weeks, as well as what happens in other parts of the world, the latter which we will get to here later. In short, the regime in Kiev and the Ukrainian military is starting to collapse. The copium in the Western press is diminishing, finally, as reality sets in.

As a side note, whether one uses Kiev or Kyiv is a matter of choice, depending on where one lives or where one allies oneself. The latter is the nationalist derivation, the former being the internationally recognized name of Ukraine’s capital up until a few years ago. Of course, it is virtue-signaling and ‘political correctness’ (an oxymoron if ever there was one) in the West to use Kyiv at the moment. In what is still eastern and Russian-speaking Ukraine, the capital remains Kiev. I used to really enjoy a good chicken Kiev, for that matter, so I will stay with that spelling. It really is a matter of preference and region, and it also goes to a point.

A group of men in camaflouge walk with their hands in the airAfter the fall: Coming back on subject, what happens to Ukraine when the regime in Kiev collapses? It is collapsing, and will. It is part of Russia’s process of its ‘de-Nazification’ campaign. There are two main possible scenarios – Ukrainians overthrow the ultranationalist, fascist factions that currently control the Ukrainian government and military and render them as an impotent force in Ukrainian life inside a renewed Ukraine, or Ukraine will cease to be a state. The choice will be determined by how determined the nationalists and Washington/NATO are to prolong the conflict. What is unreported in the Western press is there are growing numbers of Ukrainian military units who are refusing to fight and/or deserting or surrendering. There are units who are rebelling against their commanders, commanders who refuse to go to the front lines with their troops. We know this is true instead of Russian propaganda because the Ukrainian troops record this and immediately upload it to their own social media. So, the Ukrainian public also sees what is going on. We see a building insurrection in the Ukrainian military. There are also rumors of a possible coup against Zelenskyy, and increasingly heated arguments between Zelenskyy and the head of Ukraine’s armed forces. As morale among the troops collapses, the collapse of the regime becomes a greater and greater possibility. All the while we keep sending weapons to the country and hope for change.

The Washington/Ukrainian nationalist axis wants to drag this thing out ‘to the last Ukrainian’. Washington is saying the conflict will last ‘many more months’ (to the midterms, in other words). The Ukrainians and the Russian have other ideas. Ukraine’s astrology shows a military collapse and soon. If so, and that could well be the case, what is currently eastern and southern Ukraine would be going back to Russia, with the western parts being seized by Poland and Hungary – Ukraine as a state ceasing to be – with no more ‘Ukraine’. Then Ukrainians would exist only as a culture. These may be hard words, but realities instead of ‘The Narrative’ (Western/Ukrainian propaganda) are beginning to take hold. These next weeks will be very telling and will give clues as to how the remainder of this year will play out. There is a time element here, related to domestic politics in the West. With the Russians advancing so slowly and deliberately, it is playing havoc with the leadership of the West, no matter how hard they try to prop up the fantasy that somehow a victory can be clutched from the hands of the Russians. If the West tries to prosecute a long conflict against Russia the effects on Western society will be disastrous – because of Western leadership and policy.

The right stuff?: There is something to consider, again which we will not hear in our media, given from the Russian side. From a recent interview, lest we have any illusions about Russian capabilities and intentions, our question is, do they have enough to prosecute a long war?:

“Enough. Smart people run the country and the army. There are reserves, they were created taking into account the most unfavorable development of the geopolitical situation. If an “extreme case” occurs, then Russia is capable of waging a full-scale war with a serious adversary for several years. Therefore, I read with undisguised pleasure all these regular statements repeated by Ukrainian propaganda that the Russians are running out of Caliber [cruise missiles], there are no more tanks, there are not enough soldiers.”

Click to ViewMachine translated, emphases added. The only ‘serious adversary’ would be the combined forces of NATO. Western nations have no hope of waging a long war over several years. We have already run out of weapons to send to Ukraine except for small arms after even only three months. 82% of the America economy is based in services (not manufacturing). The preceding quote was by retired Colonel-General Georgy Shpak, ex-commander of the Russian Airborne troops. Given what we are seeing in Ukraine, there is probably little reason to doubt him. The entire interview is worth reading. But going back to Russian intentions and de-Nazification, he goes on to say, in question and answer:

Q: Again, your personal opinion: where should our troops stop? At the borders of the people’s republics of Donbass plus Kherson and part of the Zaporozhye region? Along the Dnieper? At the borders of Poland?

A: If at least one square meter of land remains under the rule of the current Kyiv regime, it will immediately be stuffed with weapons, and from there they will start shooting at Russia, at the Russians. This fascist stuff is like a cancer: it can spread further and further. It must be completely destroyed.

Q: And if in the western regions there will be a new surge of Bandera [Nazism/fascism/ultranationalism]?

A: The Soviet Union did away with it, and Russia will also do away with it. We have nowhere to go. We are at war with fascism, and not only Ukrainian, not for life, but for death. Or we them, or they us. The truth is on our side. We will win, but we must muster courage and patience.

And there we have it, as to how long the conflict can or will last. His responses are the consensus attitude of the Russian Federation regarding their operation. The length of the war will depend upon Kiev. The Russians will continue so long as Kiev and Washington continue their present course. There will be no negotiations until the Russians achieve their objectives. Ukraine can either become neutral, or it can self-destruct, like suicide by cop. How would they do this, and why? They would do so in an effort by the nationalists and extremists to possibly save themselves (unlikely) and because of a collective insanity that has gripped the regime, similar to what we saw in the Nazi leadership of Germany toward the end of WWII. But the wider question on more informed observer’s minds is, does Washington want to escalate the war, or do they want a slow, simmering yet destabilizing and draining conflict on Russia’s border? The latter would appear to be the case. However, as it is looking the conflict will instead drain and cause deepening divisions within the West, and it already is doing so.

A nuke can ruin your whole day: Recently the idea of nuclear conflict has been circulating across media, mainstream and social, with fears of NATO involvement and WWIII, which would be nuclear. At least for the moment that appears to be a non-starter, keeping in mind war is an unpredictable thing. A recent policy decision tells us why. The US has plans to send an advanced armament to Ukraine called MLRS or even HIMARS (multiple rocket launchers), some of which can achieve a range of 300 miles. That would mean the Ukrainians would be able to target Russian cities. Biden has quashed the idea, with a caveat. Why? – the reason is simple, and was recently addressed by Medvedev, deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council (translated from Russian):

“…upon attacks on our cities, Russia’s Armed Forces would have delivered on their threat to strike these criminal decision making centers. Part of those centers is located absolutely not in Kiev. What would follow – no explanation is needed.”

Map of Europe showing Nato member countries highlighted in blue with locations of different military presences (multinational troops, air and sea forces, and other military) labeled.‘What would follow’ are Russian strikes on command centers outside of Ukraine, which would mean NATO members. That would provoke a serious escalation of tensions all around. What Biden has stated in his quashing of those MLRS is that he is not going to escalate the war, but instead choose the path of slow attrition. Nuclear war is thereby not being considered, and the conflict is to be contained within Ukraine, much to the chagrin of the regime in Kiev and the hawks in Washington and elsewhere. The regime wants to see the conflict to escalate into a full scale war. There are several reasons for this, the two main ones being hatred of Russia (akin to hating a family member) and fear, of what will happen to them if there is a Russian victory. What awaits the nationalists in the regime is similar to what awaits the Azov prisoners being held in the Donbas – trial, long prison terms and possible death. That said, the US will supply the MLRS systems, but only with short-range rockets, incapable of hitting Russian territory. So they say. There is Biden’s caveat. And those systems, once they arrive, will be receiving ‘special attention’ by the Russian forces. Those weapons will make no difference to the outcome of the battle, in other words. This is instead yet another handout to Lockheed Martin and a PR move to ‘show support for Ukraine’. Speaking of the regime in Kiev, this brings us to Nazis and our most concerning matter.

Nazis and Ukraine: This is a subject that is central to the theme of this letter and one which should be of great concern to all of us. Yet, it is being whitewashed in the press, all the while it is something that our leaders in the West have actually supported, much to their shame, and which should be roundly condemned. Now, finally, a few leaders in the US are beginning to sound alarm bells over it. We have covered this in past letters, but there is a powerful Nazi element in Ukraine, the Azov group being the most visible example. Yet, there is a now-common propaganda meme circulating that there cannot be Nazis in Ukraine because Zelenskyy is Jewish. If you believe that, look up a Jewish Nazi collaborator name of Chaim Rumkowski, who organized the deportation of tens of thousands of Jews to the Chelmo death camp during WWII. He met the same fate as his Jewish compatriots at Auschwitz. Fascism is like a cancer and spreads unless it is caught early and eliminated. A significant portion of a generation of Ukrainians has been indoctrinated with this poisonous ideology, and it tends to produce a generalized undercurrent of hatred toward certain groups, even among an otherwise good populace, like we saw arise in Germany and Italy in the last century. And ordinary citizens often buy into it or follow it out of fear or without thinking of the consequences. It brought ruin to the Axis powers in WWII, and it is bringing ruin to Ukraine.

There is a documentary film that goes into the subject of Nazism and its results (recommended, if disturbing, as it should be What Our Fathers Did: A Nazi Legacy (vid, 2015, 1:42:51). It is a story of two sons whose fathers were notorious war criminals in Nazi Germany. One son roundly condemns the ideology and his father (who was hanged at Nuremberg), while the other is in complete denial, cognitive dissonance and only wants to see his father (who escaped and was never prosecuted) as a decent man who was caught up in a terrible system, all the while overseeing the deaths of tens of thousands of Jews and other ‘untermensch’. He was ‘responsible by command’. If you deny there are Nazis in Ukraine (and even if you don’t) I advise watching it, because it gives insight into what has happened in Ukraine, in the past and in the present, and what we enable by ‘standing with Ukraine’, wishing to see Russia defeated or at least stopped. What is taking place in Ukraine now in a limited fashion is unfinished business from WWII and even before. But the presence of Nazism and extreme nationalism in Ukraine is not even the worst part of it.

Guide on the symbolism of the Azov battalions emblem. : r/coolguidesMembers of the Azov group were trained in and by the US and by Western European states. Their training in Ukraine often began as children at summer camps, shades of the Hitler Youth. There were US and Western European trainers caught in the bowels of the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol. They were taken directly to Russia upon surrendering. Congress banned sending aid to Azov and other similar groups in Ukraine in 2018. Now everything seems to be hunky-dory with Azov, as in “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, sort of thing. A year after banning the aid, the whitewash about aiding them in the first place began with the White House whitewash that the US “accidentally” sent aid to the group. Sure. The US has colluded with those groups all along. There are Israelis – Jews – fighting alongside those groups in Ukraine, too, those Nazi groups being embedded into the regular armed forces of Ukraine. And the Azov group is more than happy to train far right mercenaries from North America and much of Europe, who will at some point return to their home nations armed with that experience. The FBI has filed indictments against such individuals in the past and mercenaries from the US trying to go to Ukraine are now being questioned by authorities at the airports – and then most often let through, sometimes several times. Here we get to the worst part of the Nazi element.

US police and the far-right: With the recent spate of mass shootings in the United States and the behavior of the police at the Robb Elementary School, should we be concerned about these mercenaries – most of whom are far right themselves – coming back to the US? Are we prepared for the blowback? And given current US gun laws it is a simple matter to amass an arsenal of of weaponry by a single person, much less a militia. Instead, we have politicians saying the solution is to put bulletproof doors on schools, to put Kevlar in students’ backpacks, the arm teachers and train them in urban warfare situations, and so on. Madness. The DHS is ‘concerned’ over Nazis returning to US after fighting in Ukraine. Why isn’t the media? The DHS is an arm of the police in the US. Well, it is precisely because for the media to admit there are Nazis in Ukraine and in the US it directly brings the entire narrative about Ukraine into question, starting with how the Nazis first evolved there, then to the coup in 2014, in which they were instrumental, to the bombing of the Donbas since then, for which they were largely responsible, and so on, even up to the reason for the Russian SMO. These Nazi-leaning groups are also a problem because they are enabled by the American police at times. As well, they have become more and more prevalent in US policing. We are talking only a small group here, but that is how the Nazi element started in Ukraine, too, to the point where they dominate parts of the command structure in Ukrainian military. The fascist and Nazi element in the US is more prevalent and concerning that we would like to think.
The aftermath in Ukraine: What happens when Ukraine collapses, as it is on its way to doing? Who will Ukrainians blame for the collapse? Sure, Russia will be blamed in part, but so will NATO, so will Biden and the US and Canada, and so will Western Europe. As to why the Western powers will be blamed, there are many reasons. Firstly, Ukraine was promised EU and NATO membership. That is off the table now. Ukraine was promised weapons. They got the West’s hand-me-downs, which often did not work. Ukrainians will soon figure out they have been used, have lost the greater part of their wealth and their most productive territory and will be left with a shell of a country. A very possible scenario that is emerging as this goes on is that at least several of the eastern oblasts in Ukraine, including the Donbas republics, will choose independence. But there is talk now within Russia about keeping them as independent nations, though friendly to Russia, with those new statelets having the option of dual citizenship with the Russian Federation. The Russians would not annex the territories. If those regions do so by public referendum, as happened with Crimea, it would be within international law to do so (as in the UN charter). Some Western powers would refuse to recognize such an outcome, of course, but what could they do, realistically? Kiev would be the real loser in such an instance. The linked article above is worth a read.

The Ukrainians are soon going to figure out the Western powers have been lying to them all this time and that their own leaders have been bleeding them dry. And now, the Western hoteliers and homeowners who took them in as refugees are in process of tossing them out – in the UK, in Spain, in Bulgaria, in Israel. Tourist season is about to start, you see? Money often trumps sentiments. Further from that, across Europe, many Europeans are surprised at the impudence, arrogance and quarrelsomeness of some of the Ukrainian refugees. In Western Europe Ukrainians and Slavic peoples in general are often not held in the highest regard anyway. Yes, unfortunately, racism is still quite extant in Europe. ‘Ukraine fatigue’ has already set in across Europe, and when the Ukrainians return home as most of them probably will, they will remember the treatment they received at the hands of some of the citizens of the EU. Bad news travels far and fast, as the saying goes.

Sanctions blowback: There is only so much money in the EU and EU leaders have been too busy sabotaging their own economies with sanctions to be able to support a large Ukrainian diaspora. The sanctions are against the one nation who has the resources at a reasonable price to enable Europeans to live according to the standard they are used to. Neither the US, EU nor Russia is going to rebuild or compensate Ukraine, either. Since when has a Western nation rebuilt a nation or territory it has destroyed unless there is a big economic and political benefit in it? – the Marshall Plan, exactly, but nothing since. We have trouble maintaining our own societies at present. Ukraine will resemble the Weimar Republic when the fighting stops, with the latter’s violence and extremism, unless there is a strong and sound leadership to step up in Ukraine. Zelenskyy is no such leader. So, who is going to rule the streets if there is not a strong central government to take over once Zelenskyy is gone? He is already being called a traitor by Azov for the Azovstal ‘evacuation’. Azov kills traitors to their cause.

Fascism finds fertile ground in economic and societal collapses because fascism promises jobs and security in times of great confusion and uncertainty. The problem there is that fascism also produces dictatorships, and brutal ones at that. Ukraine was already a basket case before the Russian SMO. The Baltic statelets and Poland are little better. It is a big reason why fascism found such a strong root in Ukraine. The longer the SMO goes on, the worse it will be for Ukraine, because the longer this goes on the more chaotic and destabilized Ukraine becomes. It is a vicious circle now, with Russia wanting to eliminate the threat on its border and the Western powers seeking to prolong the conflict as long as possible as a means of weakening Russia. And if the West continues to pour its useless weapons into Ukraine the Russians will still feel threatened. Why would they stop at the Donbas? We can probably expect them to at least go to Odessa and seal off the Black Sea to Ukraine, as NATO would seek to put a naval base there if Odessa remains Ukrainian territory. It is a terrible state of affairs in Ukraine and has been for years. Unless the fighting halts soon Europe – really the entire West – will be facing a big problem with extremism, but Europe would bear the brunt of it. A study of the Weimar Republic gives a clue of what is possible in the conditions Ukraine is facing. Cue Henry Kissinger.

Henry Kissinger: Ukraine Should Give Up Territory to Russia to Reach Peace
Henry goes to Davos: The Davos/WEF crowd just finished their annual meeting, in person this year for the first time since the pandemic. Many items were discussed, which we will not cover here except for one topic in particular. And Zelenskyy was given his two minutes of fame in a video appeal for weapons and support, all to great applause by the attendees. Then Henry Kissinger stepped up to the plate and knocked one out of the ballpark, for baseball fans, ou one topic in particular. Here is a snippet of what he said:

Parties should be brought to peace talks within the next two months. Ukraine should’ve been a bridge between Europe and Russia, but now, as the relationships are reshaped, we may enter a space where the dividing line is redrawn and Russia is entirely isolated. We are facing a situation now where Russia could alienate itself completely from Europe and seek a permanent alliance elsewhere. This may lead to Cold War-like diplomatic distances, which will set us back decades. We should strive for long-term peace.”

His was a stunning statement, considering what normally passes for foreign policy out of Washington, Brussels and London these days. The emphases in the quote are added, but they are the meat in the sandwich. Poles, Ukrainians and Russians all share common Slavic roots, but the unfortunate lower aspects of Gemini in the US and Europe have served to divide the three old cultures. Even more unfortunate is that Russia has tried for years to integrate itself with the West, but has always been rejected. Its population is largely European after all. The US and Europe, instead, want to conquer and subdue Russia, looking on at its vast resources. On the other side the Russians would just like to do business and build their nation, especially after their experiences as the Soviet Union and their dalliance with ‘Westernization’ in the ‘90s, which almost brought it to ruin. Russia is never going to conform to ‘Western ideals’, in the sense of Western Europe and North American ideals. The Russian approach these days is more pragmatic than it is idealistic.

Needless to say, Kissinger’s statements did not sit well with the regime in Kiev, and he “…has been blacklisted by Ukraine’s notorious website Mirotvorets (‘Peacemaker’) for “participation in Russia’s special information operation against Ukraine.” Also, he is charged with “propaganda, blackmail and encroachment on the territorial integrity of Ukraine.” At 98 y/o, Henry still has all his brain cells firing. For Ukraine to be a bridge between Europe and Russia it would have to be a neutral country. It would be a good outcome, actually, and benefit them but Ukraine would lose the Donbas and probably a few other regions. Crimea is Russian now. As to his remark about Russia alienating itself from Europe, well that is what the neocons in Washington want. Russia remains open to dialog. It has already formed a de facto alliance with China. But for a long-term peace, that means addressing Russia’s security concerns. NATO just balks at the very idea of giving any sort of concession to Russia. To do so would be an admission of defeat to Washington. That is largely the stance from Washington and Western Europe, the Poles and the Baltics. But old Henry wasn’t finished with his finger-wagging at the gathered elites. He went on to say this:

Could Imperial History Help US Foreign Policy Makers? – Imperial & Global Forum“When we opened diplomatic relationships with China in the 1970s, we did it with a sense that we’re starting a permanent relationship. That was a very different country. Today, it is a powerhouse with significant economic and strategic interests. How the US and China conduct their relationship in coming years will depend on the patience and diplomacy of its leaders.” Henry Kissinger noted that the potentially adversarial aspect of the US-China relationship should be mitigated and common interests should be pursued and upheld. “The US must realize that China’s strategic and technical competence has evolved. Diplomatic negotiations must be sensitive, informed and unilaterally strive for peace.”

Another stunner, especially for the US and Australia. Again, we are more likely to see doubling down and posturing out of Washington, troubles in the South Pacific as China and the US vie for interests there. Washington is not known for its ‘sensitive, informed’ diplomacy. Neither is the UK, for that matter – especially the ‘informed’ bit. Blinken and Truss are embarrassments as diplomats. That said, people can think what they want about Kissinger, but his statements above are the better part of wisdom these days. They may be remembered as his parting words to the world. American and European hubris are in the process of dying a hard, but needed death. Reality bites.

Canary song: Meanwhile, France and Germany are busy still trying to save all the Nazis that surrendered at the Azovstal plant. There were about 800 of them, with the remainder of POWs being regular Ukrainian troops. The Azov people are all now imprisoned in the Donbas awaiting trial, and they are no doubt singing like the proverbial canaries, along with the regular troops, facing either very long prison sentences or even death. And the regular troops feel no lost love for Azov. That bird song is the reason the West wants them exchanged. But it is doubtful Ukraine has 2500 or even 800 Russian POWs to exchange. What Sholz and Macron are really after are the few higher-ups in the Azov command structure, which includes a few foreign actors (French, British, German and American). The average Azov ‘grunt’ can rot in a Donbas prison for all the West cares. Truth be known, the really big fish are probably already in Russia being interrogated. The Russians are particularly interested in what was going on in all those clandestine bio labs, a few of which were at Azovstal. Further on from that, it would seem rather curious that a monkeypox scare has been building since those bio-labs have been uncovered. I have covered that in a separate post.

Disquiet at Davos: The Western elites, all represented at the Davos WEF meeting, were self-assured and confident of a quick victory over Russia at the start of this year, mostly due to the ‘sanctions from Hell’ imposed upon Russia at the start of its SMO. Much to Davos’ surprise and dismay, the Russians are about to chalk up a decisive victory over Ukrainian forces in the Donbas. This will be of an order of magnitudes worse for the image of NATO and the collective West than the debacle in Afghanistan. Instead of uniting NATO – ‘the world’ – against Russia, the SMO is fracturing the alliance and it is showing NATO to be a limp fish and untrustworthy. Worse than that, the sanctions have not worked. Instead of ‘turning the ruble into rubble’, the ruble is currently the world’s best-performing currency. Russia enjoys wide support across the rest of the world – you know, the 85% of the world’s population we don’t hear about outside of ‘the world’, i.e., the West. All the best-laid plans of these mice-ly men at Davos are falling in a heap. The success of Schwab’s Great Reset had depended upon defeating Russia and bringing it on board the globalist agenda. Now, the best they can hope for is for their agenda to be implemented in the West and its allied states. What to do? “Ok, instead of calling our initiative the Great Reset, we will now call it the Great Narrative.” It is like the Azov group trying the remove their Nazi legacy by removing their symbol from their uniforms, or like ISIL (Daesh) trying to rename itself to remove scrutiny. It is basically putting lipstick on the pig.

Kissinger’s little talk to the gathered elites sent a cold shiver up their collective spines. There is now ‘disquiet’ – fear – among the Davos elites. These are the same elites about whom we have examined before, the out-of-touch crowd who think they have any real answers or control over our destiny. This is the same crowd of elites who have pulled the strings of our Western government officials, who have gotten us into this mess to begin with, and who currently have no clue as to how to extricate themselves from it. Wanting to somehow be able to spin a ‘win’ for the West, the best they can do is to double down on the rhetoric and the weapons, hoping (against realities) that Russia gets tired and quits. Alastair Crooke had this to say on the matter of the disquiet at Davos:

Panic is on the agenda at Davos – but it's too little too late | Aditya Chakrabortty | The Guardian“This is the unspoken fear disquieting Davos attendees – fear of another debacle, following that of Afghanistan. One made all the worse as the ‘war’ on Russia boomerangs into an economic collapse in Europe, and with NATO’s eight-year investment in building-up a successful proxy-army to NATO standards turning to dust. This is what Kissinger’s comments – decoded – urge: ‘Don’t procrastinate’; get a quick deal (even an unfavorable one), but one that can be dressed up, and somehow spun as a ‘win’. But don’t wait, and let events lead the U.S. into yet another unmistakable, undeniable debacle…The big question, however, is why Moscow would take such a ‘way out’ (even if it was offered it). A compromise deal would be seen there as simply Kiev given the chance to regroup, and to try again.”

The thing is, one might say the preceding comments by these two of the world’s most experienced diplomats – Kissinger and Crooke – is ‘Russian propaganda’ or that they have sold out to Putin, a laughable thing at best. But what they are saying does infer that Ukraine is losing, that the West’s policy against Russia is failing and that doubling down on it would be a disaster for humanity, and especially for the West. It also gives us a timeline

Ruble, Yuan & Rupee To Dominate Future Belt & Road Eurasian Transactions - Silk Road BriefingGiven all the preceding, then, do we really expect an early end to this conflict? Many commentators did initially, by the Russians. They projected the American mode of conducting warfare onto what they expected the Russians to do. My own early comments about this conflict were based in their assessments. But as stated elsewhere, war is an unpredictable thing. So Russia can be, too, when it comes to Western analysts unless they have worked closely with Russia. What we have now in effect is a game of ‘chicken’ – both sides putting each other at great risk, while waiting for one or the other to flinch. Except in this case, the chickens are coming home to roost for the West as a result of years of poor policy. The Russians have no reason to flinch. Time is on their side and they can afford to prosecute the conflict slowly. Their victory is assured, though we are told quite the opposite. Domestic politics will trump the West, instead. The Russians will continue to roll across Ukraine until the Ukrainians stop shelling and give up. The Narrative from the West is beginning to collapse. Watch what happens with Belarus and Poland, as a situation is developing there, too. Word is if Poland tries to move into western Ukraine, Belarus will intervene on the side of the Russians – another game of chicken. We are indeed at a definite point of turning in this conflict. Midterms loom in the US, winter cold is not that far away, and EU leaders are getting nervous at rumblings among the people.

International goodwill: How is goodwill fostered between nations, then? One of the prime movers for international goodwill is reliable, fair, stable and trusted trade and business ties between nations. The old concept of barter between nations is already in play, bypassing Western sanctions, and championed by Iran and Russia, the former who has been under withering sanctions for four decades – and is surviving quite well. Barter cannot be sanctioned or cut off from existing payment transfer systems like the SWIFT. So, what we have is a new RIC in the BRICS group – Russia, Iran and China instead of India, though India is fast moving away from the sanctions trap, too, with Russia. India is now the biggest importer of Russian oil. And soon the Mir-UnionPay bugs will be worked out between Russia and China. Mir (Russia’s credit card) is already accepted in Turkey and Iran. The die will be cast then and the ‘Heartland’ of MacKinder will have bypassed any need to trade in US dollars or Euros.

The integration of financial systems in the Eurasian sphere is being spearheaded by Sergei Glazyev, discussed at the First Eurasia Economic Forum, held last week in Bishkek, who had this to say about the evolving economic system, a sort of Bretton-Woods III:

[The forum] “…discussed the model of a new global settlement currency pegged to baskets of national currencies and commodities. The introduction of this currency instrument in Eurasia will entail the collapse of the dollar system and the final undermining of the US military and political power. It is necessary to start negotiations on signing an appropriate international treaty within the framework of the SCO.”

There is not much time for the Western powers to come to terms with their loss in Ukraine and to come to their senses in order to avoid a severe recession and lose access to resources. There were more than 2,500 attendees at the forum and the situation in Ukraine, sanctions against Russia and the withdrawal of Europeans from Asia (especially China) due to sanctions and American pressures were the main talking points. Their timeline appears to be much the same as that outlined by Kissinger. The forum consists of ex-Soviet states for now, but its reach is across greater Eurasia. It is watched very closely outside the West. Kissinger was probably correct in his assessment of the timeline for bringing peace and agreements that will enable trade and to calm tensions. In that regard, the solar ingress into Cancer will mark a most important period for the West. If the ingress chart is any indicator, the defeat of Ukraine will come in that quarter and then we will see where everything sits. We will see how much goodwill there is in the world at that point. Europe will not be able to sustain its current trajectory for many more months. A point of reckoning between the US and Europe is fast approaching.

As the United Sates prosecutes its financial war on Russia, the focus of the media is on what is happening to Ukraine. It is classic distraction propaganda aimed at the Western public. Consider the following:

“The United States, as the near unanimous vote to provide nearly $40 billion in aid to Ukraine illustrates, is trapped in the death spiral of unchecked militarism. No high speed trains. No universal health care. No viable Covid relief program. No respite from 8.3 percent inflation. No infrastructure programs to repair decaying roads and bridges, which require $41.8 billion to fix the 43,586 structurally deficient bridges, on average 68 years old. No forgiveness of $1.7 trillion in student debt. No addressing income inequality. No program to feed the 17 million children who go to bed each night hungry. No rational gun control or curbing of the epidemic of nihilistic violence and mass shootings. No help for the 100,000 Americans who die each year of drug overdoses. No minimum wage of $15 an hour to counter 44 years of wage stagnation. No respite from gas prices that are projected to hit $6 a gallon…”

Sheriff Biden's Ukraine stumble, and Meat Loaf's 'if I die, I die' attitude to CovidAnd it only gets better from there (not). And the weapons that are poured into Ukraine, which the $40 billion goes toward? We don’t know where they are going. We know where a few are going. In part, they are being resold to factions outside Ukraine, by Ukrainians. It is said two-thirds of the heaviest weapons sent to Ukraine are already available on the black market through the Balkans, notably in Kosovo and Albania. New wars are being prepared and armed elsewhere, which we may see in the coming months in Syria and Lebanon. Meanwhile the Bilderberg group is presently holding its annual meeting and the focus is on China, China, China. I notice this year regime change in Italy is not on the agenda (pity), but instead the two participants from Italy this year are from Enil (an energy company) and from the daily newspaper Domani, which at its founding promised to publish only factual information, a ‘liberal, politically independent daily’. A quick glance over its pages shows it to be primarily an Atlanticist publication. In all likelihood the paper will continue the Western narrative about the situation in Ukraine and about Russia. From some of what can be gleaned about the present Bilderberg meeting (held in Washington this year), there are murmurs of overturning the IMF system, but that the idea is being sidelined. What is clear is that fear has set in with the Biderberg group, as it has with Davos, when they look out across what is happening with Russia’s refusal to bend and the economic realities being put in place across Asia.

Ff you don't know what you're doing, then neither does your enemy. ~Joe Tzu - America's best pics and videos
Concluding remarks: It is quickly becoming apparent to the leaders and elites in the West that ideals are all fine and well, but practicalities will trump them when the going gets tough. ‘Practicalities’ and tending to them has another meaning – service to the immediate need. The West, with its focus over the past centuries on idealism, is finally getting awakened to world realities, as in the wider world. The Western talking points of individual rights, freedoms, democracy and so forth, are being challenged by the emerging international order, provoked by endless war, supply chain shocks brought on by pandemic restrictions, widening wealth gap brought on by globalization, (neoliberal/financial economics), climate related emergencies like drought, flooding extremes in temperatures and so forth. The world outside of the West is facing severe shortages of food and materials as the West seeks to restrict Russian sales of resources via sanctions, as well as those of other nations. China will soon be added to the list. These sanctions are against all the principles of world goodwill. And while we might condemn the conflict in Ukraine, we were not told the realities of the provocations by the West that brought it on. Had we known what was at stake and what was actually taking place the world could well have been a more peaceful place by now instead of being riven by conflict. But what will come of that conflict and the hysterical reactions of the West is a better-adjusted security architecture in Europe, with the gradual lifting of the sanctions, and with Russia already sending grain and resources who are willing to cooperate instead of antagonize. Sanctions against the other nations would thereafter follow in kind over time.

The nations with Gemini in their nature are all being faced with the realities of the times. As they have sought to divide and carve out their respective pieces of the world pie world instability has increased. The United States and the United Kingdom in particular, along with the Western European nations who tend to go in lockstep with them have engaged in international intrigue, dividing nations internationally and their own nations intra-nationally. We need look no further than the US and UK to see the societal divisions – trumpeted throughout their media – that are leading their nations in a race to the bottom. At some point their Castorian and Machiavellian natures will cry, “Enough!” and look for unity in their diversity. In the past nations have been united as the result of wars and disasters. Is it too difficult to imagine that such a unity can be had via constructive dialog? It is precisely that type of dialog the more materialistic powers would have us avoid. Instead of the trickery of a misused Mercurial influence, which commandeers high ideals to the service of a few powerful materialists, we need the Venusian, attractive and fusing power of Gemini to solve our nations’ ills. People are gradually waking up to what has been taking place and how we have been lied to and manipulated for years. For all of lives, if we live in the US and UK, we have been told to hate, mistrust and sneer at Russia. We are told otherwise that, “In mystical Russia, the seeds of the spiritual life are emerging to fresh beauty and a triumphant religious ideal is on its way to manifest”.[3] Yet, if the prophecy comes true, it is to be the seat of the emergence of the new world religion. It is one of the reasons I have made a study of Russia. If we isolate ourselves from Russia, what will be the outcome?

International Goodwill Recipe Book: BooksIn the immediate months ahead, as the cold settles in across the northern hemisphere, as the flowers fade from view and the grey of winter casts its grey tones across the lands, the reality of what the Western powers have done and have neglected to do will become apparent enough. Practicality, representative of the 7th ray, will outweigh the idealism of the 6th ray, as the latter is passing out and the former is waxing in strength. We can expect very significant shifts across the West, politically, economically and socially. We need dialog now more than ever, service to communities first and foremost and calling falsehood to account, which requires a clear mind. Castor contacts Pollux and becomes one with his brother in his moments of silence, once the din of the world fades to nothing. We could all use the practice of at least a few moments of silent reflection every day, setting aside the warring mental and emotional currents constantly ticking through our being, putting down the iPhones, turning off the electronics and instead sitting with ourselves and discovering what is really important. Having discerned that, our insights need to be shared – openly, honestly, courageously. It is the gift of Gemini, to be a point of individuality in an infinite sea of consciousness of other individuals – blissful, peaceful, omniscient and omnipotent. The separateness of the quarreling brothers must give way to the unity of purpose, applied with Great Compassion. Let is apply ourselves to silence, to communion, to goodwill among nations.

Gemini blessings,
5 Jun 2022

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Black Mercury: author, Firenze, 2014. From the plinth at the base of the statue Perseus with the Head of Medusa (1552), created by Benvenuto Cellini (Italian, 1500-71) for the Piazza della Signoria in Firenze.
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