24 FEB 2024
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“Most wars in the twentieth century started as a result of lies amplified and spread by the mainstream press. And you may say, “Well that is a horrible circumstance; it is terrible that all these wars start with lies.” And I say no, this is a tremendous opportunity, because it means that populations basically don’t like wars and they have to be lied into it. That means we can be “truthed” into peace. That is cause for great hope.” Julian Assange[1]

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Pisces is a dual sign
Pisces and liberation
The full moon
Current events
The Carlson interview with Putin
Two years of war
Novorossiya and the DMZ
Closing the door
Western culpability
Guilt and responsibility
Who will stop the genocide?
Bibi’s war</span
Aaron Bushnell
Rebellion in the ranks
The fait accompli
The looming break
Pisces and its legacy
Money can’t buy me love

In conclusion

Greetings Everyone!

We have had beautiful spring weather here in Rovereto since 4 February, the beginning of spring in the Chinese solar calendar. We were told a couple weeks ago essentially that our winter had finished in Italy, and so far that has been the case here in our fair city. New life is appearing on all the plants, even a few that we thought were dead. The time has come to begin thinking about how we would like the garden to shape up for the summer. So, here in the middle of winter, spring has arrived. There appeared to be no nights below freezing in the immediate forecast, at least not here in the valley. Recently we had some days of rain, which we need, followed by a few cold days – l’ultima bacio d’inverno (the last kiss of winter). With the coming of the rain the mountains received their last coating of snow for the winter (pictured), probably. And we get to enjoy the view from our garden for a few short days more. The skiers will love it. I’ll have to take a drive up in the mountains to get my last fill of snow for this season. But winter is finishing and people are looking forward to the warmer weather. There are some other things that are finishing too, with people looking forward to better days ahead internationally and domestically, and a more peaceful world. Seasons change and so do the cycles.

We seem to be in a period of what we might call ‘tidying up’ in the international scene. People who study the Western esoteric literature and the cycles know that next year is quite an important one and that one of the requirements for externalization (appearance) of a more pronounced spiritual presence on our little world is at least a trajectory toward an enforced demilitarization.[2] That may seem to be an impossible task to some readers given the present violence in the world, but a closer analysis shows that it is indeed be the case that disarmament is taking place and cannot really be restored. We will touch on that in this letter, though a full examination of that would take many pages to so do. All we can do here is to outline the main points, after a look at the full moon.

Opinion | Across the Globe, a Growing Disillusionment With Democracy - The New York Times Yet another trend/trajectory we are seeing, for those people who are paying attention, is a steady and accelerated disillusionment with the current direction of the Western world and its leadership. This is key to understanding why an enforced demilitarization is in fact taking place, and sooner rather than later. The pressures to exact that outcome are many – economic, international, cultural, informational and individual, just to cite a few influences. The tide of revolutionary change rises by the day. We are at the end of an era and the start of a new one, the transition between bases of power and economics. It is coming to pass at a whirlwind speed, and we might say, just in time. That brings us to our present theme, Pisces.

Pisces, being the last sign of the Western zodiac, is associated with endings and culminations. Endings can be liberating (as they should be) or devastating if one is averse to change and wishing to hold on to the past. But then, ‘endings’ are only illusory. When examined from a larger perspective what we might call an ‘ending’ is only an illusion. What we have instead is the only constant in life – change – a constant series of transformations, a constant roll call of forms. Yet, the souls behind all forms persist until they are released, at which point we realize the true and unchanging spirit, realized fully at the culmination of our human experience. This culmination of that realization is the more esoteric side of which Pisces speaks. We will examine that here presently. But first we turn to the more mundane aspects of the sign.

Pisces is a dual sign, represented by the two fishes connected by a cord. The symbolism represents the soul and the personality, bound together in the long series of incarnations we experience as human beings. The binding cord is representative of the orthodox ruler, Jupiter.[3] That cord also is representative of the life thread (sutratma)[4] and on the path, the antahkarana, both of which are eventually severed as they are no longer needed, the severance representative of the esoteric and hierarchical ruler, Pluto.[5] In the orthodox, in modern astrology, Neptune is assigned the rulership of Pisces. But in the old rulership Jupiter was the orthodox ruler. Nowadays people associate Pisces with the more Neptunian aspects of dreaminess, lack of focus, imagination, delusion, psychism, clairvoyance, and so on. But that is not the true nature of Pisces.

The driving urge behind every Piscean, whether the Sun sign or rising sign, is salvation. In the earlier stages of human development that urge is directed towards self-preservation, which means the accumulation of goods and a community that ensures safety. That is deeply embedded in the subconscious of the Piscean from ages past. In the later stages, as one approaches the Path, the Piscean realizes that self-salvation also must involve the salvation of everyone around them. Hence, in the Piscean age we see the evolution of the Christian and Islamic religions and Mahayana Buddhism, where the focus is upon making effort for the salvation of all instead of self. This is the Jupiter rulership of Pisces in action, wherein groups of people become very important to the Piscean in relation to the betterment of self and of the group, whether family, community or nation. The aims of the Piscean are deep and worthy, and if they do not succeed in their aims it is not because they don’t try, but rather because the aim is too large. Thus the average Piscean fits the description of the square peg in the round hole, because inner aims and outer realities often conflict, especially when one has to ‘render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s’. The worst thing a Piscean can do is try to accommodate him or herself to outer circumstances in contradiction to what they know and believe is their correct path.

Pisces Season 2021: Let Go, Let God/dess | by Daljeet Peterson | astrolab21 | Medium So when it comes to the more spiritual focus and what the Piscean’s true inner desires are the Piscean is most happy when able to fulfill those desires. When the Piscean is being true to his or her inner directives, as it were, they are clear as crystal – loving, unselfish, sweet, devoted, always giving, and especially eager to always sacrifice themselves for others. The Piscean is most useful to the world when they follow what they know to be true within their hearts. But to do that they often have to experience a period of disillusionment with the outer world in order to truly follow the inner path they know is correct. That brings us to the esoteric ruler of the sign, which is Pluto. The action of Pluto in relation to Pisces is to set the person free from their illusions, from their worldly attachments, so that they truly are free to follow their own inner guidance. The action of Pluto in Pisces thus commences the road to liberation and eventual full enlightenment.

Pisces and liberation: In the comparisons between Buddhist practice and esoteric astrology we have examined in recent letters we now come to the end of that cycle with this Pisces letter. Pisces represents the final cutting of illusions toward liberation, the 5th initiation, prior to entering a new, greatly expanded cycle of service. At the end of the Aquarian phase (from the last letter) the culmination of that experience in our comparison model, is the 4th initiation, the Great Renunciation[6] (in Buddhist terms), or Crucifixion.[7] The initiate is thus released from the wheel of birth, death and rebirth, or samsara.[8] It is the 4th initiation that is the liberating initiation.[9] The Pisces interval in our comparisons starts with that as the background and basis on ‘the higher turn of the spiral’, i.e. marking the entry onto the 5th Path of the bodhisattva way. The 5th path leads to the 5th initiation (the Revelation) and the stage of ‘no-more-learning’. It is entered on the 8th Buddhist ground, called ‘The Immovable’.[10]

“…this second death [release from all astral control] is consummated at the fourth initiation, when even spiritual aspiration dies, being no more needed; the Will of the initiate is now fixed and immovable, and astral sensitivity is no longer required.”[11]

Bolding added. The 4th initiation “marks the final breaking with the three worlds, and the disintegration of the egoic body”[12], which brings us back to our now-familiar shamatha diagram. The Piscean phase commences and is marked by the monk[13] floating free (without the elephant, which represents the reasoning mind as well as the 5th plane in toto) and clutching a piece of a rainbow. He has become a ‘Rising One’.[14] This phase is the indication the monk is liberated from the mental plane and thus from samsara. In Buddhist practise it is the indication that one meditates on emptiness accompanied by Great Bliss. In the shamatha diagram the floating monk is the indication of ‘ecstasy of body’ (Great Bliss). He is free to come and go without hindrance, having risen above many of the subtler obscurations to omniscience and even the need for the antahkarana. He has realized ‘the Great Disillusionment.”

“…after the fourth initiation and the disappearance of the causal body, there is no form aspect or vehicle which can hold the disciple a prisoner or any way limited.”[15]

Everything described in this topic is the end result of the Aquarius experience. In the full realization of one’s service (Aquarius as the World Server), with the meditative focus having become ‘immovable’ the final and most subtle obscurations to omniscience are engaged and dispelled. The end result of the Piscean experience and path is the attainment of the status of a master of the wisdom, the 5th initiation. There are but three Buddhist grounds to cover after the fourth initiation – ‘The Immovable’, ‘The Good Intelligence’ and ‘The Cloud of Doctrine’ – and progress on those grounds is swift. But until those have been mastered and surpassed one cannot in truth be called a ‘World Savior’ – one able to teach the dharma to anyone at any level as a path to full enlightenment. Throughout this phase Pluto is very active, destroying the last obstructions to omniscience. This is its role as the hierarchical ruler of Pisces. The action of Pluto in relation to Pisces is as follows:

Death in Pisces through the energy of Pluto is transformation—a transformation so vital and so basic that the

“… Ancient One is no longer seen. He sinks to the depth of the ocean of life; he descends into hell, but the gates of hell hold him not. He, the new and living One leaves below that which has held him down throughout the ages and rises from the depths unto the heights, close to the throne of God.”[16]

Hence we have the floating monk, the Rising One, in the shamatha diagram. At the commencement of the Piscean phase and toward the end, approaching the Revelation, the action of Pluto is to sever the cords that bind the consciousness to worldly life, the cord binding the two fishes having already been severed, thereby ending one’s necessity for worldly existence, which also means the end of one’s karmic obligations, to self, to group and toward the full realization of the Four Noble Truths. Through an act of will, the initiate overcomes the last obstacles and obscurations to omniscience, and fully realizes the buddha nature, releasing one into the infinite sea of consciousness, the very ‘water of life’ itself. We will have more on the worldly effects of Pisces toward the end of this letter. But for now, with liberation in hand, we turn our attention to the full moon, what it may bring, and to world events, which only mask the underlying spiritual realities which drive all events forward.

The full moon takes place on 24 Feb 24 at 12:30 UT (11:30 pm AEDT). The two main areas the chart conveys for this interval are shown in the Sun/Mercury/Saturn stellium in Pisces opposite the Moon, as well as a specific midpoint, which we will get to. Saturn in the chart sits atop a triangle with Jupiter and Ceres – a most fortunate combination, but one that will take time to unfold. The idea here is one of ‘seeding’ of ideas. Jupiter sextile Saturn is a wealth-building aspect that gives reward slowly over time and excellent skills at planning. Jupiter and the Moon form a Grand Trine with Ceres. It is an earth triangle, focused through the Moon in Virgo, with the emphasis on female and yin energies being cultivated going forward. The Saturn at the opposite point to the Moon brings forward the seriousness of the situation with women and children in Gaza at this juncture, for example, and the urgent need to stop the violence there.

Officers Of The Combined Arms Army Of The Armed Forces Of The Russian Federation On The General Parade Rehearsal In Red Square In Honor Of Victory Day. Stock Photo, Picture and Royalty The Sabian symbol for the Sun reads, “A parade of army officers in full dress”, while the lunar degree reads, “A merry-go-round.” While these may appear on the surface to be festive symbols, in light of our current world view they reflect the parade of militarism we see in West Asia as the US and EU seek to rein in Ansarallah in Yemen (the latter relishing in the fight) and to keep their foothold in Iraq and Syria, all the while they keep going round and round about how they do not wish to see a wider regional war and keep feeding us pablum about two-state solutions as well as seeking to keep their campaign contributions rolling in as they support Bibi Netanyahu’s war. There are other interpretations for the full moon figure as well, in that it can indicate advances in supply chains (Ceres with Jupiter and the Moon), support for farmers, a more serious look at keeping the poorer parts of the world fed and serious initiatives aimed at ending world conflicts and reducing military footprints, just to name a few.

Having mentioned midpoints (most useful in interpreting mundane figures), there is one in particular that is useful to keep in mind over the months ahead, and that is Mercury in combination with Mars and Neptune. It is a combination that is great for utilization of the imagination in one’s planning, but it warns against being too ‘out there’ and the keep one’s focus on matters at hand, with a mind toward realistic outcomes, the latter apparently a problem for Western leadership at the national level. The other thing the combination represents is the possibility of deception, purposely promulgated. Be very wary of establishment media going forward, and also to stay out of social media echo chambers. Read widely and use our common sense, in other words. The challenge there is to use our discriminative faculties and to rise above the level of mere information and into the intuitive realms. With these points in mind we move on to current events. This period until the next full moon looks to be quite violent on the one hand, yet producing the needed shattering of illusions on the other hand.

Current events: Well, human events show no signs of slowing down this year. Here are just a few of the more important and/or outstanding ones:

  • The Russian Supreme Court bans the LGBT+ movement as an extremist organization (there is no such organized movement). This was done for the protection of children, the thinking being that children should not be exposed to LGBT+ ideology. The act is also a backlash within Russia against wokeism and liberal Western values (which have been corrupted and co-opted for selfish reasons). Human rights groups slammed the decision as a means to persecute LGBT+ people and to appeal to Russian conservatives ahead of next month’s presidential election. Russians see it as a necessary step for the protection of families and family values.
  • The defunding by the Western powers of the UNRWA, based on unfounded and false premises – hysterical “hit pieces” of Israeli origin, heavy on innuendo and guilt by association, and short on provable facts. There is a long Twitter thread on it. This came the day after the ICJ provisional ruling on the South Africa genocide case against Israel, which both Israel and the US think they can ignore. There is such a thing as karma. The Israelis want to replace the organization with USAID, a CIA cutout organization.
  • The Special EU Council meeting, where the ‘Genocide 7’ posed for a group shot after defunding the UNRWA and approving €50 billion in aid to Ukraine. Now, where would that 50 billion be better spent?
  • Europe's angry farmers fuel backlash against EU ahead of elections | Reuters The Siege of Paris and the farmers’ revolts in Europe. European farmers set up camp in the Place du Luxembourg in Brussels and pelted the EU headquarters and police with firecrackers, eggs and beer bottles while the Special EU Council meeting was taking place.
  • The collapse of the German retail icon KaDeWe. This was yet another symptom of German and EU deindustrialization and economic troubles and blowback from sanctions against Russia, the latter only hurting Europeans. By the same token Europe’s largest condom manufacturer (based in Germany) went bankrupt. Perhaps Europe’s demographic problem may now get underway toward resolution.
  • BRICS 10 is ensconced, with the five new members. Argentina bowed out. Their new Zionist neoliberal clown of a leader is delivering for the Americans.
  • Russia announced plans to create a cordon sanitaire (DMZ) in Ukraine to prevent strikes on Russian territories (video) from longer range NATO missiles. The idea was floated in 2022. This could be fog of war or actually factual. If the latter it would mean Ukraine would lose over half of its rich, black soil that is used to cultivate grains. Part of that would go to the regions who voted to return to Russia while the other part would be uninhabited. Kharkov and Odessa would be returned to Russia, along with several other oblasts. After the Russian presidential election on 17 March the plan will probably be ramped up considerably.
  • The World Court (ICJ) ruled on Wednesday that Russia did not finance terrorism in its defense of separatists in Ukraine and the court refused to find Russia guilty of downing Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 as Ukraine had asked.” This was a blow to Ukraine and the Western narrative about MH17 and Russian influence in the post-Maidan Donbas.
  • The Carlson-Putin interview happened, think of it what you will. There will be a few paragraphs on this one item a bit further on here.
  • Zelenskyy fired Zaluzhny, along with the entire Ukrainian general staff, another major development in the war in Ukraine. Ukraine is on death watch. The situation in the regime and the nation is desperate. Even American mainstream news has begun preparing the public for Ukraine’s eventual fall, sooner rather than later. More on that further on here.
  • The Zionists began the final phase of their war on Gaza with the bombing of Rafah, where over one million displaced Palestinians had gathered. We will look at that here, too.
  • Trump urges Russia to invade Europe. US media and European politicians had a collective stroke. So, instead of ignoring him, the liberal media continues to help in his re-election. They don’t learn. Focusing on him is called ‘exposure’ and ‘free advertising’. The only reason this is even mentioned here goes to something deeper, more troubling, and nothing to do with Trump. Despite what we hear, the US economy is facing serious difficulty. It needs a boost. Hey, I know – let’s start a little war! In reality, Trump’s comment comes down to this: The best way to create a market for American weapons and boost American jobs is to scare the willies off America’s European allies. That is what his remark is really about, besides the fact his crowds love his type of gangster rhetoric. (It’s the Mars on his Gemini Ascendant.)

Here’s a hint: The Russians couldn’t care less about going to war with Europe. They learned their lesson about trusting the West and have said, “So long!” and are quite happily making new friends across the Global South and all of Asia. Then there is the little matter that they already have a vast nation with all the resources they could ever possibly need. And from what I read about the place the European public is increasingly onto the American scam about ‘war with Russia’. Unless someone is stupid enough to attack them first the Russians are happy to sit and watch as NATO implodes. And just a note to MAGA supporters – Trump has zero intention of pulling the US out of NATO. NATO is a money spinner for the US. And Sweden just joined – more money for NATO, less for Swedes. The Swedes need have no fear of Russia. Russians just want to do business and develop Russia, but certain Western powers (like Poland, the UK and Denmark) want to keep Europe afraid. It is all so much fog and grift.

Navalny died in a Russian prison – of natural causes. So says the Ukrainian SBU. Believe what you will. The news broke on the same day as the fall of the Ukrainian Avdeevka fortification (more later here) and the start of the annual Munich Security Conference. His wife was there. Strange. Kamala Harris (she who would be President) has wowed attendees with her repartee (Huh?). The Western propagandists made great sport of Navalny’s death, as if to say, “See? See?! We told you Putin would have him offed!” Western leaders are saying Putin and the ‘regime’ murdered him (evidence?). There is a blog post I wrote on Navalny from a few years ago. Navalny’s health was not good. The BBC reporting on his death was full of the typical US/UK talking points. The truth is I visited Julian Assange in prison, what can you do? - Srecko Horvat Navalny was used as a tool by Russian oligarchs and foreign actors (guess who) in an effort to unseat Putin. There was never any chance of that. Navalny was never any ‘threat’ to the Russian government, but he was great for American and British smear campaigns against Putin and Russia. There is a current blog post about his death on the blog site, focusing on the astrology of his death, the circumstances and additional info going forward, if you are interested.

  • Meanwhile, Julian Assange is facing a similar fate to Navalny in an American prison if he is extradited to the US for actually exposing some inconvenient facts about Anglo-American shenanigans, while Chilean-American vlogger Gonzalo Lira recently died in a Ukrainian prison from a combination of torture, extortion and neglect for doing the same thing as Assange. Most Americans would never have heard of Lira, but his death means more to Americans than that of Navalny. Navalny will be old news in the coming days. Think what you like about Navalny, but at this moment his death is being used by Western leaders to ‘justify’ more spending on Ukraine.

From here we move on to specific and expanded comments.

The Carlson interview with Putin: For some readers of these letters I know that interview would be untenable and dismissed out of hand. However, everyone should watch it in its entirety, for reasons to follow – starting with this from former British Ambassador to Russia Laurie Bristow:

“My advice to all young diplomats and analysts [is that] if you want to understand Mr Putin’s foreign policy, listen to what he’s saying. You won’t like it, but you need to understand it, you need to listen to it. The place to start is the Munich speech in 2007.”

The same goes for any Russian government official. That Munich speech can be read in full HERE in English. It is worth revisiting, because from that point onwards Russia reclaimed its sovereignty and Putin became one of the most hated leaders by the Western world. We won’t go into an analysis of the Carlson interview here except for a few points. Some analysts pointed to the first 20 minutes (the history lesson) of the interview as being a loss to Western listeners because Westerners are said to only be interested in sound bites – maybe, but there was a point to it, as well as a message to certain parties. Those first 20 minutes or so was indeed a history lesson, starting from the origins of Russia to the present – a very concise history to be sure. The first point is it gave context to the present situation (video) between Russia and Ukraine, marking it as a civil war. But it was also meant as a message to the neocons, saying that Russia has been invaded throughout its history, but it has always prevailed and remains intact. No little punch from the West is going to cause Russia’s demise. The neocons and Western leaders obviously don’t like what Putin had to say in the interview and apparently they don’t want to understand it, either. It makes for more clickbait to bash Putin and Russia than to actually come to an understanding of our supposed adversary.

Tucker Carlson confirms he's interviewing Vladimir Putin – POLITICO Naturally, the Western press didn’t like the interview either and found all sorts of ‘fault’ with it. It was what it was – a statement of fact from the Russian point of view to the West. Currently the interview has had over 200 million views on ‘X’, formerly Twitter. That is significant in that the number of views dwarfs the viewership of the main American media outlets by several times. So we ask ourselves – How relevant still is legacy media in the US, and where do people go for information, whether or not one thinks information gained from said sources is true or not? We might surmise we have to decide truth for ourselves and actually begin to think again and investigate instead of swallowing propaganda. The New York Times (a.k.a the ‘Grey Lady’) is in real crisis now, for instance, having fallen on its own sword in its reporting on Gaza:

“No medium in America has had further to fall in consequence of its reporting on Israel and Gaza since last October. And the once-but-no-longer newspaper of record, fairly suffocating amid its well-known hubris, falls as we speak. It has erupted, by numerous accounts including implicitly its own, in an internal uproar over reportage from Israel and Gaza so shabby—so transparently negligent—that it, like Israel, may never fully restore its reputation. Max Blumenthal, editor-in-chief of The Grayzone, described the crisis on Eighth Avenue better than anyone in the Jan. 30 segment of The Hill’s daily webcast, Rising. “We’re looking at one of the biggest media scandals of our time,…”

AMLO, President of Mexico, recently called the Grey Lady “a filthy rag”, calling the journalists there “world famous professional slanderers.” The Times is a known mouthpiece for the US State Department. For the paper that has been called one of ‘America’s newspapers of record’, the Times has lost its way, at a time when the times, you know, they are a-changin’. That brings up the subject if the coverage in the Western press and abroad of the wars in Ukraine and Gaza.

Two years of war: This full moon marks the two-year anniversary of the Russian intervention in Ukraine – what they call their special military operation and what the West still feels impelled to call ‘Russia’s brutal, unprovoked invasion’. Regardless of what one calls it, Ukraine stands no chance of winning the war. It never did. Putin’s speech to the nation at the start of their SMO is worth revisiting (his “empire of lies” speech, with English transcript). And now, the regime in Kiev is on death watch. The end may come much sooner than Western analysts might hope or expect. Scott Ritter reckons it could all be over by September this year. No one really knows. War is unpredictable. One thing that appears to be fairly certain is there will be no ceasefire in Ukraine. Western leaders hope to draw the war out for years, at terrible cost to Ukraine, in the deluded hope of ‘draining Russia’ and somehow securing the West’s idea of victory. It would only be a victory for the Western oligarchs. We point out again here the war could have been over by April two years ago with a negotiated settlement, but the West (Washington and London) completely misread the situation and cajoled Kiev into ditching the signed agreement. Ukraine is in ruins as a result.

In a sign that the West wants to draw out the war, Germany is set to send its long-range Taurus missiles to Ukraine, while Stoltenberg has given permission (Can he do that?) for F-16s to strike targets within Russia. The range of the Taurus missile is roughly the distance from Kiev to Moscow, for example. These are dangerous escalations. In a counter-move the rumors are very strong now that Transnistria will be asking Moscow to annex the region from Moldova, speaking of setting the cat amongst the pigeons. We will know for certain in a few days, when there is to be a referendum on accession to Russia. We need a closer look at this before proceeding with our look at the world.

Image Transnistria is a de facto nation, but which is claimed by Moldova, itself carved out of Romania after WWII and gaining its independence at the fall of the Soviet Union. Transnistria is currently occupied by Russia anyway and contains probably the largest ammo dump in Europe, full of Russian Soviet-era weapons Ukraine could use. That lies on the current border of the Odessa Oblast, with annexation more than likely a clear sign Odessa is on the menu for Russian annexation in the future. It has been a traditionally Russian city anyway. That would be a huge blow to Ukraine, worse even than Crimea and the Donbas. We know, too, that something is coming for the Kharkov and Sumy regions (also traditionally Russian), as they have been defunded by Kiev, with all the archives and industrial equipment in Kharkov being removed to the west of Ukraine. Kiev has already given up on northeastern Ukraine.

But back to Transnistria, it lies in a region that used to be known as Bessarabia, part of the Ottoman Empire. The eastern border is the Dniester River, while the entire region is landlocked and sandwiched between Moldova and Ukraine, both wannabe EU/NATO members and the two poorest nations in Europe. The population is mostly ethnic Russian, with 60% of the people having Russian citizenship. All this together makes for a problematic situation, worsened by the current PM of Moldova, Maia Sandu, who has placed restrictions on Transnistria. Sandu is a darling of the West, Harvard educated, but is widely disliked in Moldova, where there have been large protests against her due to economic hardship. Since the war in Ukraine the pressure against Transnistria has been building. Rumors are that Sandu and Co. are agitating Ukraine to invade Transnistria (the weapons at the ammo dump would be quite a prize). Hence, for the first time in 18 years the Transnistrian Congress of Deputies met and voted nearly unanimously for the referendum to re-join Russia. There was a similar referendum in 2006, but Russia was in no shape to do anything about it at the time. Times have changed.

Novorossiya and the DMZ: The West seems hell-bent on restoring the old Novorossiya, because with each escalation Russia will require more and more of a buffer zone between it and NATO. This is just madness on the part of the Western leadership. Russia, like the Palestinians and the hard-right Israelis, see their conflict as existential, regardless of how we see or feel about those matters. Thus, we have the crystallized and hardened attitudes leading us into a major rupture and then a period, however long, of restructuring European and West Asian security and cooperation. The West would like to see another Cold War, while the nations of most of Eurasia have better ideas. Dmitry Medvedev in a recent interview stated there was no point in talking to leaders in the US (video), calling the recent presidents of the US ‘comic book characters’. Russia has lost all trust in the West in general, with everything that has come to light since the start of their SMO. As it stands, as much as the West would like to see the war drawn out, if they choose to escalate the situation within Russia it will force the Russians to more quickly end the war, which will mean ousting the current government in Kiev along with the annexation of further regions in eastern Ukraine, if Ukraine even survives as a nation. That brings us to the situation in the Levant.

At Anti-Israel March in D.C., Explicit Expressions of Support for Terror and Antisemitism | ADL Closing the door: Readers of Alice Bailey’s books will be well familiar with the phrase, “…and may it close the door where evil dwells.” This is from the Great Invocation (see end of this letter). At the end of World War II it was said that the door where evil dwells was not completely closed,[17] and that a black cloud hung over Eastern Europe. That cloud was moved into the Levant after World War II in the form of the Zionist state, later flourishing in the politics particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom, the two main nations who established the Zionist state of Israel. There is an effort underway in the United States to conflate Zionism with anti-Semitism, in an effort to keep up support for Israel and to control the narrative around that state. In other words it is meant to suppress any support for the Palestinians. Zionism itself is in fact anti-Semitism, because the Jews who settled in the newly established Israeli colony (as it should rightly be called) after World War II came primarily from Central and Eastern Europe and to a lesser extent from the United States. There is also a large Russian diaspora in Israel, one of the reasons the Russian Federation has been reticent in calling on Israel to cease and desist in Gaza.

What we are calling this dark cloud that is mentioned in Alice Bailey’s works, what remains of it, is Zionism itself with the evil it represents being fully in demonstration in Gaza today. Lula da Silva of Brazil, that nation’s current president, has called Israeli actions in Gaza like those of the Nazis in World War II. For anyone who doubts his comparison there is a film, The Zone of Interest (trailer), which was released in May of last year, a few months before October 7 and Al-Aqsa Flood. A comparison of this film with events surrounding Gaza especially in this century shows striking parallels between Nazism and Zionism. The film itself is very unsettling, to say the least. The Zionists loved it at the time of its release. I doubt they do now. But if the film is unsettling, realizing what is happening in Gaza should give us all cause to demand an immediate cease-fire in Gaza and the West Bank and cessation of all hostility in the Levant. Unfortunately, that is just not going to happen, at least in the immediate weeks ahead, for reasons to follow. For his remarks on Israeli actions Lula was pronounced persona non grata in Israel. In response, Brazil has severed diplomatic relations with Israel, showing the strength of Brazilian convictions,

Western culpability: There was a recent vote in the UN Security Council calling for an immediate cease-fire in Gaza. 13 of the attending nations voted in favor, one abstained, and one vetoed the motion, killing it on the floor. The death and destruction in Gaza will continue. We can probably guess who the one veto was (of course it was the United States), but the abstaining vote is in ways even more troubling – that of the United Kingdom. Apparently the establishment in London cannot find it within itself to stand on humanitarian principles. In fact there was a vote within the UK Parliament in recent days on a motion put forward by the Scottish National Party (SNP) for an immediate cease-fire. It was effectively killed by the Labour Party under Kier Starmer. More to the point (There is an analysis of how and why it went down the way it did), it was killed by the influence of the Zionist lobby in the UK, who fund some 40% of Labour politicians, the very reason Jeremy Corbyn was thrown out of the party. What we are witnessing in the United States and the UK is domestic politics, coerced by the Zionist lobby and corporate interests and divorced from humanitarian principles. This cannot be stated strongly enough.

Guilt and responsibility: The Zionists play upon our collective guilt over the holocaust, if such a sense of guilt exists in us. It has no place any longer. Nowhere is this more evident than in Germany, where guilt over the holocaust has been made into a national obsession. We need to abandon such a sense of guilt:

“Guilt, guilt, guilt, haunted memories, constant reminders of the past in books, films, museums, memorials: There is no need to deny the horrors of the last century and every need to escape this warped complex. The barbarities that unfold daily in Gaza make this matter urgent. And when we at last understand guilt and its proper place in our lives and as we think things through, two things are instantly possible. We are able to live in the present, not in the past, not as history’s prisoners, and we are able to react responsibly to events as they occur in this suddenly available present.

In Germany’s case, Berlin’s policy toward Israel would turn upside down as neatly as an hourglass. There would be no supporting or condoning Israel’s criminal conduct, weakly proposing the Israelis tone it down, or acquiescing silently to it. Germany’s leaders would stand and say, “Those who came before us did what you are doing once—to those who came before you. We condemn your crimes. We must, this is our responsibility, just as we have condemned the crimes that disfigure our past.”

Who will stop the genocide?: With the ICJ ruling on the Israeli genocide in January 6th provisional measures were announced by the court for the Israelis to cease and desist in Gaza. The court was duly ignored. I see posts questioning why the ICJ is not doing more to stop the genocide. There is a simple reason as to why: It falls to us – the world community – to enforce the ICJ rulings. The court is only there to interpret the law. They are not an enforcement body. The Israelis will not stop until the Palestinians are forced out of Gaza or killed – unless the world community steps in and forces Israel to stop. That is what it will take for the genocide to end. We must stand up to the evil that is being committed. To sit around and expect someone else to do so is to fail in our sense of humanity and our principles.

We might ask what we can do, given the US and UK seem to be hell-bent on supporting Israel, no matter what (Where have we heard that before?). The BDS movement is a good start. It is not about joining a movement. It is about refusing individually to support Israel economically as long as they embrace the Zionist ideology. So, a few dollars or euros here and there will make no difference, one might say, but multiplied by millions, it will have an effect. Wars stop when there is no money to fund them, as the nationalists in Kiev are about to find out. It is a bit of a problem to do so in the US if one owns a company because more than 250 million Americans, some 78 percent of the population, live in states with anti-boycott laws or policies. And some states, like Texas, have laws that require an oath of loyalty to Israel if one wants to do business with the state. An oath is about what the contracts indicate. Then again, in a short while none of it may matter.

Jail now!' Protesters mass outside Israeli PM Netanyahu's house – Euractiv Bibi’s war: If we remember, Bibi’s war aims are to destroy Hamas. But then we remember from almost the first day Hezbollah stating that if they saw Hamas to be in danger of falling they would intervene in the conflict. So far there are no signs of Hamas noticeably weakening, hence the ferocity of the IOF actions in Gaza. Even then, Bibi and the war cabinet of the IOF are making noises about attacking Lebanon (video) and pushing Hezbollah back across the Litani River. In fact the defense minister Gallant was just at the Lebanese border (video) telling the troops they were building their forces there and an invasion of Lebanon was coming soon. We might expect something to happen like that at the start of Ramadan (10 Mar – 8 Apr). The situation in Jerusalem will be explosive then, as Ben Gvir has forbidden worshippers from entering the mosque. The Israelis, as stated, want to widen the war, and in their hubris think in doing so the US will be drawn in, securing an Israeli victory. That didn’t happen in 2006, and chances of that happening now are even smaller. Washington wants no part of a wider war, and neither does Iran, the ultimate goal of the Israelis. As maddening as it is to watch every day, the war is one of slow attrition on the part of the Resistance, the aim being to make the Zionist populace so insecure they will have no choice but to pack up and leave.

What the Israelis want is a big victory, to restore deterrence – actually to restore the fear the neighboring states had of attacking Israel. It would be easier to move the river than to push back Hezbollah (video). Hezbollah of today is not the Hezbollah of 2006. Today’s Hezbollah is a very professional and battle-hardened fighting force – a non-state army, having gained valuable experience fighting the ‘moderate rebels’ in Syria these past years, unlike the Tik Tok girls of the IOF posing for selfies on the ruins of Gaza. The Resistance, in contrast to Bibi’s plans, have a plan for Israel – to inflict a decisive psychological victory on Israel to the point the Israelis and Jews worldwide realize the Zionist project is finished. The Resistance is more likely to see their plan implemented than that of Bibi’s and the Israeli public. These next weeks ahead will determine the fate of the Zionists.

Aaron Bushnell: Remember that name. He will be remembered with honor across the Islamic world, and by many across the West. We have just a little bit of background before we go into what his name is going to mean to us. For supporters of the Palestinians abroad the situation now is turning to despair and desperate measures as the intractable nature of Western political leadership refuses to address the humanitarian catastrophe extant across Gaza due to the Israeli genocide. We just had news of the self-immolation of Aaron. One of the qualities of the sixth ray and that passing age is that of self-immolation, Pisces expressing the 6th ray through the focusing power of Neptune.[18] Pisces normally expresses the 1st and 2nd rays through its rulers, Pluto and Jupiter, resp.[19] Another manifestation of the passing age and the focusing power of Neptune through that sign is the massive disinformation campaign exhibited in Western mainstream media and associated outlets, like Al Jazeera. This is causing increasing and accelerating disillusionment across the Western public, as people know instinctively and within their hearts that what they see and hear is not true, that they are being misled at the least and lied to outright as a matter of course. Media, being a human institution, is always subject to bias as we know. But as the qualities of the passing sign are now extreme, we also have extremes of control of information in the media. This brings us to the tragic death of Aaron Bushnell, but one full of meaning.

Non dimentichiamo Aaron Bushnell Aaron Bushnell was a young senior American airman and cyber warfare specialist (he was no military grunt) who decided he could no longer commit to his role in the military as an enabler of the genocide in Gaza. He chose the extreme mode of protest to express his conscience in the act of self-immolation, repeatedly shouting as the flames engulfed him, “Free Palestine! Free Palestine!” He was an American patriot. Think about it. A patriot is one who supports their country and what it stands for. The people of a country embody the soul of a nation, however imperfectly at times. The people of the United States by and large support the Palestinians, whereas the leadership in Washington supports the genocide of the Palestinians. Aaron was set to be sent as a moment’s notice to Israel for the purpose of targeting sites in Gaza, probably as well in Lebanon with what is unfolding there. He notified the media about his intentions, but the initial response of the American media after the fact was to downplay his act, to try to obfuscate his motives, and to focus more on personnel in the Israeli Embassy. American media knows people mainly skim the headlines. A true journalist would have reported the whole story, context at all. His final words to the American public were posted on his Facebook page. They read as follows:

“Many of us like to ask ourselves, “What would I do if I was alive during slavery? Or the Jim Crow South? Or apartheid? What would I do if my country was committing genocide?” The answer is, you’re doing it. Right now.”

Scott Ritter, asked to comment on Bushnell’s act (video, but watch the whole thing, too), was scathing in his indictment of the lack of any noticeable action by the American public on the body politic. Ritter, for those who don’t know, is an ex-Marine and weapons inspector. He was correct in his analysis, in this writer’s opinion. Bushnell went on to add the following before he committed his act of conscience:

“I will no longer be complicit to genocide. I am about to engage in an extreme act of protest. But compared to what people have been experiencing in Palestine at the hands of their colonizers – it’s not extreme at all. This is what our ruling class has decided will be normal…Free Palestine.”

It is said the meek will inherit the Earth.[20] Aaron Bushnell was described in a tribute to him by an America veteran:

“By the accounts I’ve heard from those who knew him, he struggled for a long time with this, as so many of us do, and tried to make up for it in other areas of his life, involving himself in progressive struggles…Bushnell knew that even though he was not pulling a trigger or firing a missile, being in an IT position, he still helped facilitate killing. Killing for no good reason, but plenty of bad reasons…I’ve talked to people who regularly saw him at protests against police brutality and for abortion rights, as well as attending anti-war teach-ins, for years. He was known as mild-mannered, genuine, and deep thinking. For at least a year he had committed his time to mutual-aid work.”

Apparently Aaron has a big inheritance coming, given the Bible verse. In the tribute cited there is something even more important, addressed to members of the American armed forces who hold similar views and conscience to those of Aaron. There are many ways of protesting:

“I hope Aaron Bushnell is the last of us to do what he did. Moreso, I hope the fire he lit becomes a turning point for those becoming politically conscious within the ranks. If you were moved by him there is only one way to honor him: to say “no”. Drop your CO packet. Go AWOL. Raise your voice in a way that disrupts the war machine and throws it into chaos. Join us in the streets instead of in despair. I wish Aaron Bushnell would have. But you can for him.

Millions will be in the streets against the Rafah invasion on March 2; find a demonstration near you. Vigils will be held across the country for Aaron Bushnell in the coming days, including one I am helping organize in Portland, OR.

If you are a member of the US military want expert, confidential advice on how to get out, call the GI Rights Hotline 24/7 at 1-877-447-4487

David Cortright: Military Resistance to the War - Vietnam Full Disclosure Rebellion in the ranks also leads to demilitarization. It can stop wars, as we saw with Vietnam. That is why Aaron’s act is important, not that anyone else should try it. We need everyone here. It is a courageous act to stand in the face of evil and its enabling to say “No!”, facing inevitable consequences and to take action anyway. It is not widely known, but one of the turning points that led to the end of the Vietnam War was rebellion within the ranks of the US military, which reached a peak in ’70 and ’71. This piece of information is important, because it goes to why there are media efforts now to try to dig up some little piece of information on Aaron that was served painting as unbalanced, anarchic or in general some sort of nutcase who should be ignored. But here’s the thing: He knew what he was doing. He was of sound mind. If Aaron had been just someone off the street that may not have had the impact it did. But because he was an active US member of the armed services, his act will resound through the same armed services. There is already a growing rebellion in the ranks. To the powers that be, that just cannot be allowed. So we’ll see continuing efforts at smear pieces, trolling in social media on positive comments about him, at efforts to downplay the significance of his act. But just keep in mind that such vociferous trolling indicates that he is had a positive effect, one that runs counter to the pro-Zionist agenda. Rest in peace, Aaron. You will be remembered for your courage (And he is not the only one.), regardless of the naysayers and Zionist shills. Remember these names, too:

  • Thich Quang Duc, whose act helped to wake people up about the repressive regime in South Vietnam
  • Mohamed Bouazizi, whose act helped to spark the Arab Spring uprisings
  • Gregory Levey, who tried to stop the 1991 Gulf War with his act of conscience
  • Norman Morrison, who self-immolated on Nov. 2, 1965 within view of Robert McNamara’s Pentagon office window in protest of the escalation in Vietnam.
  • Timothy T. Brown, a US veteran with a similar countenance to Bushnell, who self-immolated in 1990 in protest of American plans to go to war in Kuwait. He was memory-holed. The only article I could find was a brief paragraph from the Orlando Sentinel, cited in the lead article to these bullet points.
  • There was also an unnamed woman in Atlanta who self-immolated in December. Her act and voice was lost to us because of media silence.

We close this with the following from a previous link:

“Lots of vets kill themselves. Quietly. Tragically. Aaron at least brought his grievance to the doorstep of criminals [rather] than die alone in quiet desperation. His extreme measures show how people have no voice”

The fait accompli: Moving along, in the blog post on the ICJ ruling in January there was a forecast for Israel, in that the last two weeks of this month would mark a turning point and a major decision for the military conflict in Gaza. Indeed, that happened, with the Israeli cabinet voting categorically to reject ‘international diktats’ pushing two states, calling such moves ‘reward for terrorism’. What they call ‘terrorism’ are Palestinians pushing back against Israeli occupation. In other words, at that vote the cabinet chose Israel’s fate: They doubled down. There is no turning back now, as far as they are concerned. Either the Zionist state persists and the Palestinians are driven out, or the Zionist project meets its end. Since October 7th it was not going to turn out any other way, save some form of international intervention to enforce the two-state solution. That does not appear to be forthcoming. That doubling down by the Zionists is accelerating other turns of fate.

Disney Leadership Strategies - AUinvolve The looming break: We are rapidly approaching the point across the West where we break with the leadership we have now and reform our broken systems. This is what Pluto’s transit through Aquarius foretells. For people in the US getting wound up about the coming election, for instance, doing so is pointless. Whether Trump, Biden or someone else is elected, as I have said in the past, it will make little difference. No one person is going to waft into office and change The Blob. America (and the world, we might add) need to be saved from The Blob, as the Washington establishment was once called. That will come from several directions – loss of influence worldwide due to poor policy and hubris, Americans waking up and taking back control at the grassroots, the examples other nations are making that will show Americans (and British) what can be accomplished with good policy, and so on. As was stated in the blog about Navalny, although Russian elections may be rigged, ours definitely are. That has nothing to do with voting machines, massive immigration and mail-in ballots, although those are contributing factors. Instead it has to do with the system by which the candidates are vetted and chosen for us by the Washington establishment, the donor class and corporate interests. One has only to look at Biden’s cabinet (and Trump’s chief advisor) to see where loyalties lie.

But speaking of rebellion in the ranks, the Democratic party is facing such rebellion in opposition to Biden’s stance on the genocide. Biden recently got a big signal from the Michigan primary, where around 12% of Democrat delegates voted independent instead of toeing the party line on Israel. That rebellion is only set to grow, especially if the IOF carries through with their invasion of Rafah. We will address the US more pointedly in the Cancer letter, but for now it is enough to know there is growing opposition to the Washington establishment’s policies, rubber stamped by presidents one after another. We leave our topics for now with a final look at the influence of Pisces and its legacy.

Pisces and its legacy: In summary of Pisces we note the following in relation to this passing age:

“The conquests of science, the conquests of nations, and the conquests of territory are all indicative of the Piscean method, with its idealism, its militancy, and its separativeness in all fields—religious, political and economic. But the age of synthesis, of inclusiveness and of understanding is upon us, and the new education of the Aquarian Age must begin very gently to penetrate the human aura.”[21]

The Piscean age has molded humanity primarily in three areas – the idea of authority, the idea of the value of suffering and pain, and the idea of self-sacrifice.[22] That has led to a fourth idea:

“Above everything else, the Piscean Age has been the age of material production and of commercial expansion, of the salesmanship of the products of human skill which the general public is educated to believe are essential to happiness. The old simplicity and the true values have been temporarily relegated to the background. This was permitted to continue without arrest for a long period of time because the Hierarchy of Wisdom sought to bring the people to the point of satiety. The world situation is eloquent today of the fact that possession and the multiplication of material goods constitute a handicap and are no indications that humanity has found the true road to happiness. The lesson is being learnt very rapidly and the revolt in the direction of simplicity is also rapidly gaining ground. The spirit of which commercialism is the indication is doomed, though not yet ended. This spirit of possession and the aggressive taking of that which is desired has proven widely inclusive and distinguishes the attitude of nations and of races as well as individuals. Aggression in order to possess has been the keynote of our civilisation during the past fifteen hundred years.”[23]

The rise of discreet luxury and a new consumer elite | Campaign US Money can’t buy me love: Now, lest we get the idea that Klaus Schwab’s notion of “You will own nothing and you will be happy” is an evolutionary step and imperative, his sort of thinking is more about totalitarian control than of human freedom. Instead, what the quote refers to is the gradual fading of the idea of conspicuous consumption being a path to happiness. More and more people desire to work in order to live rather than living to work. Owning the ‘best, brightest, largest, fanciest, most expensive, etc., etc,, as a path to happiness and increase in status is what is gradually dying out. In that the United States will learn the hardest lessons. The greed of conspicuous consumption there has led to people working harder for less, to the terrible wealth gap, toward riches for the few at the expense of the masses and to the massive corruption we see in the political culture in Washington. The Russians toyed with Western ideals of materialism in the 1990s and endured terrible public suffering. They have returned to more conservative principles, with the emphasis on traditional values, religious faith and security for the public rather than individual enrichment. Yes, they still have their oligarchs and are still a ways away from a ‘perfect society’ (whatever that is) but their oligarchs (the ones who remained in Russia) are now required to give back to Russian society rather than pursuing their own self-enrichment. They have no political clout. And in Chinese society we hear of Xi Jinping’s desire to see a ‘moderately prosperous society’. JFK voiced a similar idea to the preceding quote when he uttered the following in his inaugural address, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” We will come back to that one.

China Uses Fake US Aircraft Carrier for Target Practice - YouTube Pisces is a water sign, and noting its association with the fishes and oceans, and regarding large organizations, Pisces rules over the world’s navies and seamen, military and commercial. One of the manifestations of the end of the age of Pisces was the development of the modern navies, the rulership over the world via the world’s navies, as we saw with the British Empire, and then the American Empire. If one studies the evolution of warfare since the beginning of this century, one notes the increasing irrelevance of the world’s surface military fleets due to the increasing prevalence of anti-shipping missiles, while the world still relies heavily upon seaborne shipping for its commercial supply chains. As a result we see the increasing emphasis upon overland shipping routes within the Eurasian continent as a means of bypassing the world’s naval chokepoints. The actions of Ansarallah in the Red Sea are illustrating for us the impotence of surface naval forces as an instrument of coercion and enforcement of hegemonic control over trade. This is another area where an enforced demilitarization is being imposed. Surface fleets have become targets instead of tools for enforcement.

Pisces also has a rulership over oil and all chemical processes. As the Piscean age fades and the Aquarian age moves towards the more Aquarian air sign emphasis we see questions about the viability of petroleum’s bases as the world’s energy source, with increasing emphasis on solar energy – which includes wind energy, since wind is produced via temperature gradients – and the growing interests in nuclear fusion as the energy source of the future. It is becoming clearer by the day as more information emerges that the so-called green energy transition still relies very much on petroleum as the basis of the extraction and energy generation. Solar energy depends on the whims of the weather and as such is not suited to generating the energy density needed for industrial production and in fact everyday living in our modern society. So, as the ages pass and as cycles continuously change, we see the transformation in our thinking on what it is that lies at the basis of our continued existence in modern society. It will still be a while yet before petroleum is supplanted as our chief energy source, and it will be decades in the future before it is replaced as a prime mover for shipping and transport. Air transport will rely on petroleum for years to come unless we manage to figure out anti-gravity flight.

6 Lessons from JFK's Inaugural Address | Inc.com In keeping with the idea expressed in the last letter that the passing of the sign brings about the extremes of the expression of that sign we see with the passing Piscean age the accumulation of great wealth (Jupiter) which across the West buys control of energy resources and the economic benefits ensuing therefrom, the large media conglomerates controlling the flow of information – and what many are beginning to realize is disinformation – and which had ultimately led to hegemony. That hegemony is on its last legs, in no small part because the militaries of the West have been hollowed out in the past few decades under neoliberalism and the hubristic idea that there was no remaining power after the collapse of the Soviet Union who could challenge that hegemony. How wrong that thinking was. And there s no political or public will in the West to restore that militaristic industrial base. There again, we see demilitarization. The multipolar world that is rising in the East is spelling the end of the Anglo-centric hegemony, not through military confrontation, though, but through cooperation and through carefully managing military escalations worldwide. Military enforcement and theft is fast becoming a thing of the past, which should give us all optimism for the future. The Aquarian age is dawning before our eyes, as the old age sails into the setting sun, never to arise again in the foreseeable future. But when it comes to it, Aaron Bushnell’s words strike a chord: It is we who will cause the wars to stop, who must.

In conclusion: JFK sensed the emerging Aquarian ideals and tried to implement some of them before he was assassinated. And one of the things he sought to do was to disband the CIA, the source of much of the world’s angst and troubles. That again, would have meant demilitarization, as well as preventing the intensive spread of disinformation – lies – that have taken us to war so many times since WWII. For that, among other things, he was killed. We leave this post with these words from his inaugural speech:

“And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.

My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.

Finally, whether you are citizens of America or citizens of the world, ask of us the same high standards of strength and sacrifice which we ask of you. With a good conscience our only sure reward, with history the final judge of our deeds, let us go forth to lead the land we love, asking His blessing and His help, but knowing that here on earth God’s work must truly be our own.”

We are moving toward the kind of world he and many others have envisioned – a world of peace, of shared values, of forgetting the little self in selfless service, a world where humanity is elevated instead of a state of constant turmoil. Let our every word and act echo those words. Let us be of good conscience. Let history judge us to have done the right thing in the face of darkness. In so doing may the door where evil dwells be sealed and this time secured – for good.

Pisces blessings,
24 Feb 2024

These letters are sent as a blessing and a service. If you feel inspired feel free to pass them along, but do so without charge or alteration. If you wish to be added to or deleted from the mailing list let me know.

The Great Invocation
From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let Light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.
From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.
From the Centre where the Will of God is known
Let Purpose guide the little wills of men—
The Purpose which the Masters know and serve.
From the Centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out.
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.
Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.
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2014 in L'Alpe di Siusi, fresh from the US and Australia.

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