16 APR 2022

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The full moon
Our changing world order
Casting off the wrappings
The 10 Jan 2020 eclipse
Elitist hysteria
Our Big Lie Media
The reality of the intervention
The real purpose of the war
Propaganda and reality
Winners and losers in propaganda
Sanctions and Putin
The 14,000
The other side of the intervention
Growing desperation
A new reality
A great occult event
Farewell to Inordinate Privilege
Letters in progress
Let them eat lentils!
Where are our leaders?

Happy Easter Everyone!

Easter greetings from northern Italy! Spring has fully arrived here, with flowers breaking through in search of the sun and bees. The fruit trees are all in full bloom, too, along with a good dose of hay fever, my yearly forbearance. The other day we had some good rain, finally, giving us a very welcome display of snow in the mountains. We took the dogs up one day and they enjoyed their romp in pristine whiteness, a new experience for Eddie, our latest addition. The snow and the rain have been a blessing, as it had not rained here for the past couple of months. This weekend I will be tasked with mowing our little patch of grass in the city center. We usually get snow here in the city every winter but this year was a disappointment, only just over a few centimeters, evaporated in a few days. Global warming? Who can say? Still, I really have no complaints. These things do have their cycles – weather, not complaints. We live in a microbiome here, with warm air blowing up through the valley from the south year-round, so big snows are rare here anyway.

We had a bump in COVID positives in Italy in the past couple of weeks, too – the new variant and all – but it is already receding. Nobody cares. We all just want it to go away, along with all the talk of emergency measures, booster jabs and, well, we all know the drill now. That is not the big story on the news any longer anyway. It is all about Ukraine. We have a few close Ukrainian friends here, all from the west of that nation, and they tell us of the horror stories they hear through the grapevine in Ukraine. We all hear them now. How can we not, if not on TV or the internet, then in conversation? Our friends’ families are all safe, some of them in Poland. It’s a horrible thing, war. It will end soon, but where will it leave us? We will have a look at that in this letter, as a new order is emerging internationally.

Regarding the conflict and its carry-on effects, this letter is the first of a three-part series, given that so much is changing so quickly. This letter will be unpleasant to read in some places, but since Aries is ruled by Mars, it is appropriate to deal with the conflict here, as that has been a catalyst for so many other developments. That said, it would help all of us to set our emotions and sentiments aside and look clearly at the facts we can access regarding everything that is happening. Accessing factual information is a big challenge these days. But, Aries is one of the signs that most denotes change, after all. It is one of the ‘catalytic’ signs. And like any of the astrological signs, Aries has a myriad of meanings. Aries always brings in new possibilities, along with the conflicts those possibilities present to the status quo – the clash between established powers and upstarts with new ideas. This is a moment in world history for which many of us have been watching, and for which we are all here, for various reasons. So, we begin with Aries.

aries_ram_deviantart Aries: Aries transmits the 1st ray,[1] the energy of will and power, depending on how that energy is expressed. When expressed as power, that energy is usually destructive and selfish, a selfishness for which Aries types can often be known. Aries types are known for saying ‘Me first!’ in the sign’s lowest expression. This is the expression of Mars, forcing its way, doing battle with anything and anyone who stands in the way of what the Aries wants to do, impatient, argumentative and headstrong. Maybe you know the type. Such characteristics are more pronounced in male Aries types (Sun or Ascendant), Aries being a masculine sign, but Aries women can be just as forceful in their own way. Aries is one of the signs that most fully desires to enforce their ideals of individual rights. They are great at initiating projects, being a cardinal sign, but the follow-through can be a problem for them, as they tend to lose interest in anything rather quickly. Force often does not translate into will, and the flash of Mars, explosive as it can be, is not usually long-lived.

Aries is also known as one of the ‘ideas’ signs. Aries types always have their ideas about how anything should be done, and they don’t mind telling you how, either. Having worked with a few Aries types, I can testify to the Aries’ penchant for always having a ‘better way of doing things’. Aries can be a good sign to have around when one needs training in patience. To their credit, though, Aries types can also always be counted upon to jump in and get things moving, too. With their love of ideas, this leads to another aspect of Aries in more conscious types – a love of learning and experiencing everything anew. This brings in the esoteric ruler of the sign, Mercury, the planet of mental conflict, but of a type that leads to synthesis and harmony. The more mentally polarized the Aries type becomes, the more inclined they are to display a passion for learning. The fiery combativeness of Mars, tempered by the influence of Mercury, becomes the passion for the Higher Way, higher learning and the means for attaining victory over the pull of worldly matters. Aries is also one the signs denoting the spiritual warrior, sharing that appellation with Scorpio. Aries is related to Scorpio via Mars and Mercury. In this light Aries carries four injunctions to anyone born under the sign’s influence: Express the will to be and do; Unfold the power to manifest; Enter into ‘battle for the Lord’ and Arrive at unity through effort.[2] “Creation—Being—Activity—Strife—Synthesis, these are the nature of the Lord of the first constellation [Aries]…”

Consider the following, especially in relation to current events, paraphrased:

“Through the fiery processes of war and strife, brought to the individual through the influence of the planetary ruler, Mars, the God of War, a needed purification takes place. The same purification, but this time through vision, comes to the developed person through the activity of the subjective ruler of the planet, Mercury, who is the illuminating principle which releases the mind, directs the way of everyone through life and enables us to become aware of the divine Plan which underlies all such fiery experience.”[3]

Aries, guided by Mercury, becomes an intermediary, because Mercury is related to buddhi, the middle principle and agent of true intuition. Aries in this light becomes a vehicle/channel for the next steps ahead – a new order – which is represented by Uranus, the ultimate ruler of the sign. When we come to the final analysis, Aries always represents an interval of tremendous creative potential, an interval wherein the erstwhile hidden qualities of the soul can be resurrected, which will lead to unity through effort. With the strident fires of division being stoked in the world today we are seeing a sort of burning ground, where the souls of humanity are sifted and shaken to activity – at least we hope so. And while the voices of the unity of all nations appear to be few, presently, it is that toward which we all must strive. To step emotionally and mentally out of the melee, to stand in one’s inner center in peace, although difficult given our personal inclinations, is imperative if we are to move toward a world where all nations are equal, sovereign and where people are valued more than resources. This is the message for this present Aries interval, for in spite of all that is happening, we are all still one humanity. We do not see and are not told of all the forces shaping the emerging order, nor are we being presented with information from all sides of the present conflict. So here is a good Aries challenge: To say we are one with all souls in this conflict, no matter how good or misguided we perceive anyone involved to be. We should welcome the opportunity to be sorely challenged as to our opinions – and we will be, once the battles are finished. With that in mind, we move on to the full moon.


The full moon takes place on 16 Apr 2022 at 18:55 UT (4:55 am AEST on the 17th). The most prominent feature of the figure is the t-square formed by the Pluto apex with the full moon axis, showing a sort of ‘torment of soul’, biases in the world, and a critical juncture in world developments. None of this is difficult to see. That t-square describes to a ‘T’ the current media landscape on all sides of the conflict in Ukraine, where there is no middle ground unless one goes to independent media, meaning on the internet. Corporate media (a.k.a. ‘mainstream media’) is so one-sided these days as to be hopeless in terms of good information. There is no balanced reporting. Even stations like Channel 4 in the UK show this bias, with little approaching real journalism when it comes to Russia and Ukraine. There are rare presenters and guests in the West who do speak truth to power, but because of people’s preferences and personal biases, those people are not heard if one is ‘on the wrong side of the fence’. I won’t mention names, but they are well known.

Concurrent with this full moon is a Jupiter/Neptune synodic conjunction, this time in Pisces, which took place on the 12th (4 days prior). The synodic conjunction itself takes place every 13 years, but in each succeeding sign. The latest cycle of Jupiter/Neptune synodic conjunctions in Pisces began in Christmas Day in 1357, which takes place every 166 years. From there they have occurred every 166 years, advancing by 6 degrees each time. The succeeding conjunction was in January of 1524. After that, the conjunction was in February of 1690. The latest one before the present one was in 1856. That one has parallels with today’s events.

The last Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces was on 17 Mar 1856. In history, soon after that conjunction the Treaty of Paris was signed, ending the Crimean War. The harsh conditions placed on the Russian Empire for Crimea at the time will see a reversal this time. There were interesting parallels between the present conflict in Ukraine and the Crimean War. The Crimean War stoked widespread unrest within Britain regarding the conduct of the British during the war, which saw fiascos due to poor leadership, large losses by the British in general and the devastating losses endured during the Charge of the Light Brigade. Lord Palmerston, who became PM after that war, “wanted to expand the war, foment unrest inside the Russian Empire and reduce the Russian threat to Europe permanently. Sweden–Norway and Prussia were willing to join Britain and France, and Russia was isolated.” That sounds very similar to what we see among Western leadership today. Old antagonisms apparently die hard. This time the losses the British and EU member states are incurring are economic, but will again cause unrest in the UK and across Europe, with the British establishment still calling for harsh measures on the Russian Federation. This time, however, the UK has lost its empire and has no control over the oceans except for its literal waters. In 1856 Britannia ruled the waves, including the Black Sea. Now the Black Sea is a de facto ‘Russian lake’. And Ukraine is about to lose its coastline. We’ll have more on the latter in a bit.

illustration_of_florence_nightingale_holding_lamp Jupiter/Neptune conjunctions typically speak of apparent happiness and speculation. They are typically found in the horoscopes of dreamers, artists, mystics, humanitarians, speculators in personal charts, as well as hypocrites, scandals, losses and political conflicts in mundane charts, as this full moon represents. Modern nursing was born out of the Crimean War (Florence Nightingale, with Jupiter in Pisces), for instance. And we certainly see the political conflicts. The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces has indicated all of the preceding points, as well as political intrigues over large bodies of water. One of the dates preceding saw the Spanish set off in search of a route to the West Indies across the Atlantic Ocean, which saw them land in what is now North Carolina and New York. The Spanish Empire followed. Some of the people with the conjunction (in various signs) are/were FDR (‘Father of the UN’ and the President who oversaw the overhaul of the US banking system during the Depression years), Pablo Picasso, Percy Bysshe Shelley, James Joyce, Emily Dickenson and Dmitri Shostakovich. Benjamin Disraeli, Alexandre Le Grand (inventor of Bénédictine), Henri Charrière (convicted criminal and author of Papillon), Van Morrison and Willie Nelson are a few other notables, out of many. With the manifestation of political conflicts, concerns over large bodies of water and idealism this conjunction in Pisces can indicate, we begin our investigations for this letter.

Our changing world order: We start our investigations with a question:

What do we want to believe?

It is a simple question, but one that can be very difficult to answer honestly if we are confronted with information that runs counter to what we hear, see and believe, and with what people around us want us to believe. People with a modicum of common sense – a soul quality – when presented with facts on all sides of a matter, will generally make wise decisions going forward. The problem in answering the above question honestly is due to our present lack of information from all sides of our current events, and our often having heavily invested emotionally in our beliefs. All too often what we see in conversations and in media is a strong desire to believe along a certain line. The will to investigate, discover and understand is often lacking in such cases, much less the will to understand. We touched on this in the last letter. The thing is, when we truly seek to understand our circumstances there are times when information directly confronts our beliefs, and then we have a choice – stay comfortably numb with our old beliefs, or see the confronting information as a challenge and opportunity to expand our views, thus acknowledging other points of view and perhaps seeing that there are other valid positions on matters. The challenge therein is to decentralize the little ‘I’ and thus to give opportunity to expand our spiritual eye, which is of the soul – the Mercurial eye, from our Aries discussion. What is it that challenges our world view in these days, because Aries always challenges us to forge new paths of understanding? Well, there is plenty to challenge us, and thus opportunity for soul growth.

black_water_tiger Casting off the wrappings: In the Chinese New Year letter for this year we had the following phrases as seed thoughts for the year: There are many hidden perils in leaving the present situation. Circumspection is the order of the day. This can be a perilous time. The ability to divine the future and distant worlds. All things cast off their obscuring wrappings. Then there was the following forecast:

“From the bolded points above, we see that this year bears watching, as in for hidden dangers – dangers due to misjudgment. It is best to sit and think long and hard about actions going forward and to consider all possibilities. But in doing so, we are able to creatively shape a good future going forward. The future is more assured if we abide by the rules, too. In sitting in calm contemplation, the ‘obscuring wrappings’ of all things are cast aside and the future is seen with clarity. This will be a year for revelations.”

The preceding was written before the Russian intervention in Ukraine. In international affairs, ‘abiding by the rules’ means abiding by international law, as outlined in the UN Charter. We won’t argue points here, given the storm of propaganda that engulfs us on all sides since the escalation started. But there is a basic tenet in Buddhism, Buddhism being essentially a method for mind training, that admonishes one to look beyond ordinary appearances, and that goes to the points preceding. There is also another Buddhist tenet regarding dependent arising, in that nothing appears that is not born of previous causes. It is the basis of karma and it sets the bases for all of our current relations. We keep these points in mind as we go along.

The 10 Jan 2020 eclipse: Seeing that the news is firmly on Ukraine in these days and COVID has passed into the background at least to a degree, is there a common link between the two? There is conjecture that the pandemic and the Ukrainian conflict are part of some greater movement to reshape the world order, that they are in fact connected. Well, there is an astrological connection, all other considerations aside. The eclipse mentioned at the heading also involved the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, denoting the end of an era. The first COVID lockdowns in the West started in Italy, when Mars began its transit over the solar end of the eclipse axis. It was exact on the solar degree on 15 Mar 2020. Mars activations of eclipses begin a week or two before the actual exact transit. Italy locked down on the 9th, the pandemic was declared by the WHO (not the band) on the 11th, the world stock exchanges began to crash and the day after exactitude by Mars the Dow Jones had its single largest point drop in history. That eclipse signaled the beginning of the end of the old world order and the emergence of a new one. The world was certainly shaken to its core by the pandemic – or we should say, by the reaction of various governments to it.

The 2nd solar activation of that aforementioned eclipse has just happened. In mid-February of this year Mars began its 2nd approach to the solar degree of the eclipse. This was happening against the backdrop of Biden and the American media sharply escalating the warnings of an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine. We had as well the Canadian truckers’ protest at the same time. But unknown to most of the Western public, Ukrainian forces had sharply escalated their shelling of the Donbas region, along with an amassed force of 60,000+ of their best troops. The Russian-leaning leaders in the Donbas began evacuations of civilians to Russia in response. The Russians had amassed troops in kind on the border of Ukraine as a reaction, as we were repeatedly reminded, though there was never any mention of the Ukrainian buildup in the Western press. The Russians in the past had generally been reactive in their troop movements aside from normal exercises, rather than aggressive, though we have constantly been told about ‘Russian aggression’.

The day after the exact conjunction of Mars on the eclipse axis Russia recognized the independence of the two Donbas republics. The Russian intervention started in earnest when Mars passed over the Ceres/Saturn/Pluto conjunction of that eclipse on the 24th of February. It was another world turning point, which we will outline in the remainder of this letter. Sanctions were immediately slapped on Russia, sanctions which had been pre-planned, and the propaganda war went into overdrive. But something else happened, too – that date marked the start of an economic world war. The latter is the bigger picture here and one of the most significant events of this century thus far. By the end of this month our world order will be rewritten for at least a generation. The main battle of the intervention is about to commence (machine translate). We will begin to untangle that here, but a brief look at the intervention thus far is in order, because it is important for all of us going forward. And a lot of what happens is going to challenge us regarding the question put forward at the start of our investigations – what do we want to believe?

Elitist hysteria: The Western world is in a state of hysteria over Russia’s intervention in Ukraine. What we should say is the Western elites are in a state of hysteria, because they see their world and their plans are under threat. Keep in mind the EU was formed under globalist and neoliberal principles and finances, tied tightly to the US dollar and heavily dependent on US protections (NATO). The neoliberal globalist system is now under threat of collapse and is very brittle anyway due to the mishandling – deliberate and otherwise – of the pandemic. Public opinion is divided on the matter of the war, at least here in Italy. But I expect it is the same of similar across the West. Hysteria is probably the most apt term for the emotional reactions and rush to judgement placed on every piece of ‘news’ that comes from the conflict. That hysteria also seriously clouds people’s judgement, as in nullifying independent thought and investigation. We just saw the most recent such case with the Bucha and Kramatorsk incidents. Anyone in social media who calls for even an independent investigation of the incidents is immediately deplatformed, Scott Ritter being a prime example. He was reinstated the following day, but only due to public outcry and then banned again. And many independent and state media sources have serious questions about the official story line.

But how much are we really being told? Do we see all sides of the events? Do we want to see all sides? The world outside of the West looks on the Russian intervention with different eyes and mindsets. They do not see Russia as the ‘great aggressor’ and in many cases they otherwise see Russia as a trusted partner. Many of the nations outside the West see NATO and Washington as the aggressors, instead. But in our current media atmosphere, we are not shown any views that run counter to the current anti-Russia narrative in the Western media sphere.

Our Big Lie Media: We recently heard an on-air admission of something most of us already knew – our media lies to us on a regular basis. We just saw this recent headline from NBC News:


“It doesn’t have to be solid intelligence,” one U.S. official said. “It’s more important to get out ahead of them [the Russians], Putin specifically, before they do something.”

As was opined after the fact by a respected analyst:

“That announced ‘break with the past’ of faking ‘intelligence’ happened when? How ‘rock solid’ was the ‘intelligence’ about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction or chemical weapons attacks in Douma, Syria? U.S. ‘intelligence’, then and now, is pure imagination for the purpose of deceiving the U.S. and ‘western’ public about the reality of this or that conflict…”

Fake news, now admitted, is constantly fed to the public, like faked ‘intelligence reports’. Supposedly, this is done to ‘keep Putin off-balance and guessing’. Do we really think Vladimir Putin pays the least bit of attention to Western media? The media narrative of their admission is a whitewash. The media lies to us, while at the same time trying to sell us the ruse that they are doing so to confuse Putin. The Russians aren’t guessing or off-balance. Their military campaign in Ukraine is based in Russian military intel, which relies on their own sources and according to them is going according to plan. In fact, it is our own intel which is kept guessing. All such misinformation from Western media really does is to keep the Western public confused and guessing. It has also served to completely delegitimize the mainstream media over time in the US and abroad, because the news services outside the US very often parrot the same information which comes from the US press corps.

The reality of the intervention: To get a true understanding of what is going on in Ukraine in terms of the actual military conflict, every Western reader would do well to read or listen to Scott Ritter (ex US weapons inspector and Marine), Col. Douglas MacGregor (ret), The Saker, Andrei Martyanov, Jacob Dreizin, Larry Johnson, all military people and most of them American. They give a general consensus of what is happening militarily in Ukraine. Their consensus is that the Ukrainian military will largely be routed by the end of this month by the Russians. Yet, we hear that Russia is losing, is running out of supplies and fuel, is demoralized, routinely commits atrocities, is incompetent, and so on. Basically, those stories about Russia are bunk. One has only to look at polling in Russia to see the stories are untrue. Call the latter ‘Russian propaganda’ if you like, but there are other telling signs the Russians are on track to win the conflict. The Russian public is firmly behind the war, Putin’s approval ratings are now at over 80% (Levada is an independent body and generally trustworthy), none of which suggests a demoralized and disapproving populace. One can also see other sides of the story on Telegram channels and what the liberal media likes to call ‘right wing’ platforms. Well, if the only place one can access media and films banned on YouTube are now on those so-called right wing platforms, what is one to do? Stay ignorant?

With social media and ubiquitous cell phones across the world Russians would soon know if their military was not doing well and the polls would reflect it. What we have here, in Ukraine, in Russia and across the West, is the propaganda war, with each side denigrating the opposing side and boosting their own side. So, what do we want to believe, again? What is the truth? We have to look across the spectrum and set aside our emotions and preconceived notions if we want to see the situation accurately, because what happens as the outcome in Ukraine determines the direction of our Western governments going forward. We have to face the reality that in all likelihood Ukraine will lose the war. In fact, they already have, according to the aforementioned military analysts. The only thing that would possibly save Ukraine now would be a massive infusion of NATO troops into Ukraine. But that is not happening and will not because NATO is sorely unprepared to do so. Plus, there is no public will to face Russia in a head-on military campaign.

The real purpose of the war: What is the real purpose of this conflict, then, if not simply an operation by Russia against Ukraine? The answer is given in the following bullet points and quote to follow – to destroy the Russian economy and destabilize Russia in hopes of regime change in Russia. The information war is a big part of it. What has been the evolution of the present escalation, then, because to know that gives us an idea of outcomes, to be discussed a bit later here? We have the following:

  • For the past 8 years, since the 2014 coup in Kiev, the United States and allies have been training and arming Ukrainian brigades to NATO standards. Russia is de facto fighting NATO forces.
  • A year ago Ukraine, under US direction, began to mass the bulk of those NATO cutouts on the line of contact in the Donbas
  • In mid-February Ukrainian forces began heavy shelling of the Donbas. As it turned out, this was said to be a prelude to a Ukrainian ‘final solution’ to the ‘Donbas problem’, thereafter to move on Crimea. Why were there ca. 60,000 NATO-capable troops on the line of contact when far fewer would be needed just to maintain that line? And why sharply escalate the shelling? Was it a feint or an actual plan for an attack?
  • The ‘sanctions from Hell’ were immediately slapped on Russia when the intervention started, and continue to escalate along with the propaganda war.

And how did US intel know the Russians were about to invade? – Because if the Russians had not, the Ukrainians were ready to attack the Donbas in early March. From a previous link:

“The reason US commanders were confident Russia would move into the Ukraine when they did was that they made certain the Russian General Staff understood that if they failed to move west, they would be attacked themselves east across the Ukraine front, north against Belgorod and Voronezh, south against Crimea and Rostov; and at the same time the US would launch its blitzkrieg to destroy the Russian economy. The Ukrainian plan of land attack was the feint; the sanctions war was the main thrust at Moscow.”

From the preceding we see there is a concerted effort by Western powers to prolong the conflict as long as possible in hopes of a Russian collapse, and that means immense destruction and loss of life across Ukraine. But there is another issue, one that is existential to Russia and one of the biggest reasons for their intervention, and that relates to hypersonic and possibly nuclear-tipped missiles on Russia’s borders. Consider the following, from a recent article:

“The whole Ukraine issue is over hypersonic missiles that can reach Moscow in less than four minutes. The US wants them there, in Poland, Romania, Baltic States, Sweden, Finland. This is in direct violation of the agreements in 1991 that NATO will not expand in Eastern Europe. The US does not have hypersonic missiles now but should – in a year or two. This is an existential threat to Russia. So they had to go into the Ukraine to stop this. Next will be Poland and Romania where launchers have been built in Romania and are being built in Poland.”

Emphases added. If the quote is true, then what does that mean going forward? Will Russia be going into Poland and Romania, or will the leaders of those nations, hopefully having some common sense and seeing what is happening in Ukraine, remove those missile installations? Much of what happens in that regard depends on how the situation in Ukraine plays out over the next month. It will also depend on how Europe fares going without resources over the next few years after the war. In terms of a conventional war, Russia has no worries against conventional NATO forces, like they are seeing in Ukraine. It is the threat of nukes that has prompted them to move on Ukraine, along with the alarming rise of extremism in Ukraine. Mention was made in recent letters about the possibility of a ‘Cuban missile crisis v. 2.0’ this year. In one respect, the escalation in Ukraine is a reverse version of that. Russia will never allow such missile bases near its borders and they will go to great lengths and hardship to prevent it, if need be. It doesn’t matter how we feel about it. The Russians believe there is a real threat from Washington and NATO and they are pre-empting any further troubles, to their mind.

Propaganda and reality: To prolong the war as long as possible in order to exact the maximum damage on the Russian economy, the Western public has to be told the Ukrainians are winning, that all they need is more weapons and support. Morale on the Western side has to be kept high in order to justify the military spending. Western arms manufacturers are making an absolute bonanza on this conflict. The list of weapons that have been sent to Ukraine is simply eye-watering. Zelenskyy has to be held up as a heroic figure, the Russians as barbarians, our ideals of democracy and freedom as being under threat, and that ultimate Ukrainian victory is possible. Along with that the worst possible picture of Russia has to be burned into people’s minds to ensure a complete break with Russia by the Western public. Everything that can be made to look like an atrocity by the Russians is rolled out. There again, the media constantly lies to us, by their own admission.

Winners and losers in propaganda: When it comes to the propaganda war, the Russians have been soundly trounced by the Western press. But that has had backlash. With the hatred of everything Russian evinced by the West since the start of the intervention, the Russian public in turn has become hardened against the West. The separation between the West and Russia is the worst it has been in many years and is only set to get worse. The longer the war goes on, the worse things become for Ukraine, the more panicked the Western elites will become. Watch for reports of ‘Russian atrocities’ to become more and more pronounced and extreme throughout the remainder of this month. Watch for Brussels to continue its downward spiral into absurdity and collective financial suicide. Also watch for tensions to increase between the US and countries that refuse to toe Washington’s line to sanction Russia, like India, Pakistan, China and so on. Washington is already starting to sanction China, and the Chinese are already reacting, by refusing to load and unload ships in Shanghai. There is one more point to consider with the information war, though – the Western propaganda and sanctions have been a gift to Putin and Russia in general.

Sanctions and Putin: Regarding Putin, we have all been fed the idea across the West that if just that one guy were gone, everything would change, that ‘one guy’ being the leader of any nation we don’t like. It is part of our collective ‘Putin derangement syndrome’, especially prevalent in the United States. Well, Putin isn’t going anywhere and neither is Russia. The sanctions from Hell are going to Hell in a handbasket. The West is about to reap the whirlwind regarding our sanctioning circular firing squad. The ruble is back to its pre-intervention highs, looking at a six-month average. The Moscow stock exchange (MOEX) is rising again. The United States is finding ways to bypass its own sanctions against Russia, as they cannot do without the heavy crude oil they imported from Russia before the conflict. And why did they import from Russia? – because that oil used to come from Venezuela and Iran, both of who have slapped back Washington’s requests for oil. As of the end of March the US was still importing 100,00 barrels of heavy crude a day from Russia, even though Biden signed an executive order banning all imports from Russia. That oil is needed to cheaply produce diesel fuel. The EU should learn to cheat on sanctions like the Americans.

putin_derangement_syndrome The combination of the sanctions against Russia and the hate campaign that has engulfed the West over Russia in an effort to cancel everything Russian has had a backlash from within Russia. Sanctions tend to rally a nation’s public around its leader, and it is no different in Russia. Before the conflict Russia had a strong pro-Western liberal 5th column. They were in the minority and consisted largely of the novo-bourgeois that emerged in Russia as a result of its dalliance with Western values and institutions in the ‘90s. Those people are now sidelined, especially after they spoke out against the war. They are now seen as traitors inside Russia. Some of them have fled Russia, probably never to return, with many of them having gone to Israel. The Russian oligarchs who had holdings in foreign currencies suddenly find themselves poor, or much poorer – sad for the Tories in the UK, who received campaign funding from London-based Russian oligarchs.

The Russian internal financial system is undergoing an overhaul, making it more sovereign and reversing many of the neoliberal policies that had been put in place with the Russian Central Bank. The overhaul of the Russian economy Russian economy is being overseen by Sergey Glazyev. Russian oligarchs have been placed firmly in the service of the state. Foreign currency exchanges are being firmly reined in. Neoliberalism has effectively been killed in Russia. Basically, Putin finds himself in a stronger position than before. But more importantly, Russia has divorced the West. Russian society has turned its back on our so-called ‘Western values’, meaning what passes for liberal democracy these days, and has returned to a more traditional Russian cultural revival. Yes, that means Russia is becoming more conservative in the sense of traditional conservatism and will thereby be presented as more repressive across Western media.

The 14,000: But since the readership of these letters is largely Western, we bring our focus back to our own propaganda. As much as they try, the media coverage and Western government narrative regarding the Ukrainian conflict is to try to cast the Russian intervention as an isolated, unprovoked event. Actually, it is the final phase of what has been an ongoing conflict for the past eight years, with at least 14,000 Ukrainians killed in the Donbas prior to the 24th of February, by extremist nationalist Ukrainian troops and neo-Nazis. The article just linked gives a good summary and background. The hard facts about this conflict go back to the start of the conflict in the Donbas, as recently outlined in an open letter to the Irish by the Russian ambassador to Ireland. Some estimates put the death toll at as much as twice that. The present fighting has not arisen in a vacuum or because of the whim of some supposedly insane leader. The Russian public is firmly behind the intervention in Ukraine. We might ask why. The simple answer is the 14,000 dead were largely Russian-speaking and sympathetic with Russia. The Donbas used to be a part of Russia. And many Russians have relatives in the Donbas and vice-versa. Russians had been hearing of the repression and atrocities committed by the Ukrainian forces for years. A compilation of testimonies by civilians from Mariupol who managed to escape the fighting give testament to the atrocities committed by the Azov battalion. Yet, the people of the Donbas identified themselves as Ukrainian. They no longer do, given what they have experienced. They and their families and ancestors had lived on that land sometimes for generations and they want to keep their land. They are fighting for their land, but they will likely return to Russia as a Russian oblast.

https://ic.pics.livejournal.com/tatka_olk/38542596/346081/346081_original.jpg The other reason the Russians are behind the intervention is that Russians are aware of the strong strain of Nazism and extreme nationalism has taken root in Ukraine (English subtitles) – largely from western Ukraine – since Ukrainian independence and before. And that nationalism is potently Russo-phobic. Much to our shame, it has been backed by Washington, a few European states (Poland and the UK being two of the most prominent) and some of the Ukrainian diaspora in the US and Canada, who migrated there after WWII. The Canadian military has supported groups like Azov as well. It seems we prefer to forget the lessons of history when it comes to the rise of fascism in the years leading to WWII and the complicity of some of our Western leaders.

The regime in Kiev has been intent on pushing the Russian-speaking people in Donbas off their land and wiping Ukraine free of any Russian influence. Those eight years and the Ukrainian civil war are never mentioned in Western media, but the people of Donestk and Lugansk have lived with it every day for the past eight years (video, channel). It is covered up, kept out of sight. It is also a very inconvenient fact that puts quite a different light on Russian actions and intentions in the region. The man in the linked video has been in the Russian-leaning side of the Donbas for the past eight years documenting what has been going on there. And while it is easy to say war is never justified and that there could have been other ways to solve the conflict before it started, that too ignores the fact that indeed other European powers could have stepped up years before the present fighting and pushed Ukraine to implement the Minsk accords. Basically, the West is complicit in this war. That may be a hard thing to take in, but it is clear the Ukrainians were never pressured to clean up their corruption, to stop fascism or to address the civil war. Ukraine did say it wanted to be an EU member state, after all. Where have the Europeans of the EU and UK been for the past eight years? There has been no effort to solve the ‘Ukrainian problem’, quite the opposite. Now we live with what is unfolding.

The other side of the intervention: We are told the Russians are committing atrocities, with no independent investigations, with the Pentagon not being able to verify the veracity of the accusations but instead we see an attempt to instill hatred of Russia and everything Russian. People are beginning to catch on that such accusations are instead a psy-op. Since Ukraine is losing the ground war they must now resort to atrocity propaganda in a last-ditch effort to draw the Western powers into the conflict. Although the Western leaders may be clamoring for military intervention, the Western public has other concerns:

“While the political class in Washington is engorged with desire to ratchet up support for Ukraine and take stronger action, the majority of the American public is not demanding action. Yes, there is sadness and anger about the suffering of the Ukrainian people, but the American public is not lining up to join a new war in a distant country. Instead, inflation, illegal immigrants flooding across the southern border and rising crime in urban areas is their worry and focus. In short, the propaganda war is failing.”

ready_fire_aim The public opinion in Europe is much the same as the public opinion in the US. No one I have spoken with since the intervention started wants to go to war with Russia. They are against the sanctions, recognizing the damage they are causing to the EU economies. They are against sending weapons to Ukraine. They want their leaders to show some concern for their own people and some common sense. People in Italy recognize Draghi is toeing Washington’s line, for instance, and they don’t like it. Regime change may come to Italy and other EU countries.

So, do we believe Russia is committing atrocities? There may be a few. There always are in times of war, on all sides. Soldiers in the heat of battle, with highly charged emotions occasionally act out of anger instead of following directives. But the atrocities alleged against the Russians rolled out for us are false. That is the considered opinion of people in the know on such matters, like the one just linked, for instance. So again, do we want to believe the negative spin on Russia, or are there other possibilities? Evidence is emerging – not reported in Western news, of course – that the Russians go into towns like Bucha, liaise with the local authorities, keep the towns running as normal under the local authorities (police, emergency services, etc.) keep the power, gas, internet, telephone and other infrastructure intact and bring in humanitarian aid. Or is that just too fantastic to believe? We might dismiss it as pure propaganda, or we can investigate. Conversely, are the Ukrainian extremist factions in Mariupol valiant defenders, or are they using civilians as human shields, looting stores and homes, tossing people from their apartments and using those as firing points (leading to the destruction of the entire city) and firing heavy arms from civilian areas while the civilians cower in basements, shooting them if they try to leave the city? Again, the reader can dismiss it as propaganda or choose to investigate. Information about the latter means looking outside of the mainstream news, though. The directive from the Russian Ministry of Defense is that civilian casualties must be avoided whenever possible.

Growing desperation: There is a growing sense of desperation among EU leaders that Russia must be defeated on the battlefield, meaning more and more weapons are going to be poured into Ukraine. But the troops that need them the most are cut off and will never see them, not the ones they really need, anyway. Those troops are the cream of Ukraine’s fighting force and are within hours of facing their biggest battle. Increasingly, calls for a negotiated solution are falling silent and giving way to the realization that the Russians will continue until their objectives are fulfilled. Perhaps reality is finally beginning to dawn on EU and American halls of powers that when Russia wins the war in Ukraine NATO will be seen to be weakened, if not across the West, more importantly in developing nations. In reality, it has been stated that in a conventional war Russia could destroy NATO’s ability to wage war against Russia in 48 hours. It would take at least two years anyway for NATO to reconstitute itself (video) into a force competent enough to go up against Russia and by that time the Russian forces would be that much more advanced. The defeat of NATO in Ukraine via the Ukrainian NATO proxy forces will have far-reaching consequences and will upend the Washington rules-based order.

A new reality: Tending toward an Aquarian outcome of this conflict, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov had earlier stated:

“A new reality is taking shape: the unipolar world is irretrievably receding into the past and a multi-polar world is being born. This is an objective process that cannot be stopped. There won’t be one single ruler in this new reality. All key states with a decisive influence on the world economy and politics will have to come to terms. Being aware of their special status, they will ensure the observance of the fundamental principles of the UN Charter, including the main one – the sovereign equality of states. Nobody on Earth will be considered a second-rate player. All nations are equal and sovereign.”

Bolding added. However, in one of his latest interviews, made after combative statements made by Josep Borrell, Lavrov had this to say:

lavrov_smoking “The loud statement of the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, significantly changes the rules of the game.”

The ‘rules of the game’ were that NATO would not intervene militarily and only send ‘lethal aid’ to Ukraine. Borrell had stated instead that the EU must defeat Russia in Ukraine on the battlefield, meaning NATO intervention in Ukraine. Borrell’s statement reflects the growing concerns in Brussels and Washington that the sanctions are not producing the desired effects within Russia and that weapons sent to Ukraine are having no effect. Lavrov continued in the same interview where he also named another target of the special operation in Ukraine, one not stated until now:

“It is designed to put an end to the reckless course of complete US dominance in the world. At the same time, Russia is in favor of negotiations with Ukraine.”

Listening to this sort of rhetoric out of the mouth of Borrell, we see that this war in Ukraine is existential to the elites in the EU. And in further rhetoric, Stoltenberg, true to previous statements, has stated there are plans for a full NATO mobilization on Russia’s western borders. As far as anyone knows, Russia has no plans to invade EU nations. Russia had planned to limit its intervention to Ukraine, as a Russian victory would send a clear message to Washington that their days of hegemony and using proxy states for their conflicts are over. So, before we get the idea WWIII is upon us, most of the statements made by EU leaders are made out of fears and frustration, but at the same time show Russia is on track to defeat the main part of Ukraine’s army. We will have to wait and see what happens after that. But we hear virtually nothing about the Russian side of events in Western news outlets. I would think the Russian and international views on these matters would be important. Why do we hear only the Western view, as if we didn’t know? Once again, what do we want to believe? My own preference is to believe of my own common sense once I have all the facts in front of me I can garner. What is propaganda is clear enough. What is truth is also clear if we apply our experience to matters and set aside our emotions and sentiments.

A great occult event: In concluding our look at the conflict and what the realities are, we might say that the present escalation of the conflict in Ukraine is a great occult event.[4] It is challenging all the old international power structures, the world economic system, our ideals, is causing a mass migration of people (over 4 million leaving Ukraine and over 6 million internally displaced) since the escalation of the conflict and it is sharply dividing the world between the East and the West. An additional 3 million+ people have fled the Donbas to Russia since the start of the civil war in 2014. Plans are being adjusted out of necessity, mundane and spiritual. The conflict will cause the EU to undergo serious reconsiderations of policy. The carry-on effects from the sanctions will cause considerable unrest across the West and other nations blocked from resources due to sanctions. Russia and Ukraine are the major suppliers of wheat to West Asia, for instance.

Certain world glamours are in process of being offset now, while yet others are being reinforced. This latter point is particularly worthy of consideration, because the influencing of public opinion through the use of glamour is the prime method used by materialists for the enslavement of populations.[5] The economic impact of the conflict will increase suffering across many nations, the West included, and a financial empire, headed by Wall Street and the City of London, is currently undergoing collapse. Larry Fink of BlackRock recently stated the conflict in Ukraine is ending globalization. George Soros and his ilk are said to be rather unhappy about it all. And any plans for a WEF-style Great Reset now lie in tatters. A new economic model will emerge over the coming months and years, to reach a sort of major inflexion point in 2026 with the Saturn/Neptune conjunction at 0° of Aries. We will begin to address that with the Wesak letter next month. But in a taste of things to come, we have the following:

Farewell to Inordinate Privilege: There is a new reserve currency in town, at least in Europe, and soon to be worldwide – the Russian ruble. On the 23rd of March, Putin announced to the EU that all settlements for gas and oil supplies had to be settled in rubles. The Russians have Europe over a barrel on this one – an oil barrel, might we say? In fact, such payments over time for any Russian export will have to be paid by ‘unfriendly states’ in rubles. The days of America’s inordinate privilege regarding its dollar dominance are fast coming to a close. Consider the following:

“On April 1, China and the Eurasian Economic Union – Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan – will reveal an independent international monetary and financial system. It will be based on a new international currency, calculated from an index of national currencies of the participating countries and international commodity prices”.

SDRs are inspired by John Maynard Keynes’ invention of a synthetic currency that derives its value from a vast, global, publicly traded basket of currencies and commodities. Utterly resistant to manipulation it is as stable as the Pyramids.

SDRs pose an attractive alternative to the toxic US dollar for the EAEU, 143 BRI member states, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), ASEAN, and the RCEP, none of which counts the United States as a member and all of which count Russia as a full or correspondent member.

Adding amusement to this development is the fact that the EAEU, BRI, SCO, ASEAN, and RCEP were already discussing a merger before the Ukraine operation.”

Letters in progress: At the start of this letter it was stated this one was the first in a series of three letters on current developments. In this letter we have covered the conflict itself and a bit of the history behind it. This conflict is better seen in the nature of a catalyst for the changes we are witnessing now, in an accelerated time frame. And the general public is largely shielded from knowledge of those changes. The next letter will begin to cover the coming changes in financial systems and resources, since Taurus is associated with money and resources, along with the associated politics. The Gemini letter, dealing as it does with World Goodwill, will give us a closer look at what is evolving in that sphere. And although there seems to be little in the way of goodwill between nations these days, financial challenges and shortages of resources can quickly change people’s minds about what are otherwise perceived to be hostile nations. Many times it is only our leaders who say whether a particular nation is hostile or not. The people of diverse nations often think otherwise, as we are seeing with international relations between Russia, the West and nations outside of the West. The BRICS nations are a case in point, which we will cover more in the Wesak letter because they will be the first nations to embrace the new resource-backed financial trading.

There are other important factors we have not mentioned in this letter, such as Biden’s connection with the intervention in Ukraine (the 2014 coup was under his watch) and what is being covered up there. Ukraine-gate was the real Russia-gate. The bowels of the Avostal iron and steel plant may yield up some inconvenient secrets, hence the frantic moves being made to evacuate foreign forces holed up in that vast facility. It was made into an Azov stronghold, now the last Nazi holdout in Mariupol. Azov is a Nazi organization, and the Ukrainian SBU behaves very much like the German Gestapo during the Nazi era – more inconvenient facts to take in. Word is the firm connected with Hunter Biden set up a lab there. Ukrainian marines are beginning to surrender in Mariupol en masse. We will see much more of that in the days and weeks ahead. The outcome of this war will determine the course of financial outcomes and international relations. Regarding the latter, Russia was just excluded from the Human Rights Council of the UN in what was a politicized move and the height of hypocrisy. There have been several NATO interventions not approved by the Security Council in which millions have been killed, where war crimes have been committed and where many millions more have been displaced, many of those still languishing in poor-to-terrible conditions. There was no rebuke of the United States for those war crimes. Abu Ghraib comes to mind. And any talk of booting Russia off the Security Council is nonsense, given the record of the Western nations on the UNSC. No one has clean hands in this conflict. And yes, the UN does need reform, in that the overt control of that body by the United States needs to come to an end, with all nations being equal.

antoinette_lentils Let them eat lentils!: We are all familiar with the old tale of Marie Antoinette and her infamous (and actually contrived) quote to the French public at a time when they could not get enough flour to make bread: “Let them eat cake!” She lost her head over that one. The result of the Russian intervention could topple the West via the sanctions regime, given our current trajectory. And further restrictions on Russian energy supplies have the capacity to throw Europe into a deep recession, along with the US. And we have not even begun to see Russian counter-sanctions, though they are being planned. France is talking rationing cards for food. Imagine – the French living on food stamps. The Johnson government in the UK is talking 1970s energy shortages and Brits are already seeing shortages of sunflower oil. Of course, the elites will not have to do without. They hardly ever do. But that will cause its own internal pressures on every nation thus affected. We are told in a recent Bloomberg post that inflation stings most if a family earns less than $300,000/yr. How many families have that sort of income? Not many that I know. One of the recommendations in the article is to eat lentils instead of meat. We can do without that extra car, too. Nobody said this would be fun, they say. Such are a few of the platitudes the elites talk down to us. But to hear the WEF say it, we will own nothing and be happy. And now we have leaders telling us we have to suffer for our ideals of freedom and democracy because of the Russian intervention, because the Russians are the cause of our leaders’ poor policies cause of inflation. I have a bridge to sell you.

Where are our leaders?: In conclusion, where are the leaders with common sense and a love for their people? We certainly do not see them in the West. Instead, they institute and pursue policies contrary to the interests of the general public, putting the public at risk for the sake of some ideology, the maintenance of their own privilege or fear of reprisals if they do not toe the line of some larger power. As was recently stated, speaking of jerks:

“…it is self-evident that our national leaders, elected or appointed, are equally incapable of sober deliberation, of intellectual honesty (with themselves as well as us), of elementary logic, even of acknowledging factual realities. Consequently, the resulting behavior defies rational analysis.”

Living here in Europe it is plain to see European leaders, aside from a very few European states, toe the line of Wall Street and Washington. This is true across all of Europe except for a very few Slavic states – Hungary, Serbia, etc. I realize what has been outlined in the pages of this letter can be difficult to hear, perhaps even ill-informed to say the least. All I can say is that once one begins to investigate outside the corporate news platforms we start to realize our leaders live in some sort of alternate reality, that cognitive dissonance is the order of the day with our leaders. I will leave you with the following excerpts from a previous link that speaks to the heart of the problem in the US and how we have been deceived over the years:

“I am both amused and sickened by the spectacle of the pundit Generals populating the cable news channels. They offer a harsh, delusional criticism of Russia’s lack of progress on the ground in Ukraine without conceding their own failures to pacify Iraq and Afghanistan. Notwithstanding an 800 billion dollar defense budget, the U.S. military failed to defeat the Taliban and failed to secure Iraq. Spending lots of money does not guarantee military success. And the good Lord knows we spent a ton. To what end?…

I would hope that our nation will engage in some serious reflection and re-think the failed policies we have pursued for forty years. For example, sanctions do not work…It is time for the American people [and Europeans, too] to put their own house in order. Rather than chase shiny objects in foreign lands, we should be rebuilding our infrastructure, securing our borders, reforming our justice system so that all Americans are treated equally and fairly, and demanding that the children who are imprisoned in dysfunctional urban centers are actually given a chance to be properly educated. Worrying about the welfare of Ukraine is insane when our own abode is on fire and rotted through with corrupt politicians who go to Washington and become wealthy. Those who insist we are still the most free country in the world should ask the political prisoners being held in American jails for daring to protest a stolen election what they think.”

‘Nuff said. And regarding the election, we ask again what we want to believe? Do we even have a true democracy? That is another story. In the years ahead of us, at the full moon of Aries every year it is useful to remember the motto of the spirit of Aries: “I come forth and from the plane of mind I rule.”[6] Our biggest need in these days is a calm, reasoned analysis, with all the facts before us. We cannot afford the luxury of ignorance. If we allow such ignorance, soon we will be able to afford little at all. The conflict in Ukraine, though terrible, will sort itself out, on Russia’s terms. Thereafter what will follow is the reorganization of the security architecture of Europe, again with Russia in a strong position to negotiate outcomes. They will not dictate, except to outline what they see as unacceptable to their own security. Had we listened to them to begin with, we would not find ourselves in our current mess. We are facing some hard realities, and our leaders have to be held to account. On our side, we have to stand up and demand they address our own internal welfare and security issues. The international community is in a process of reorganization. Our opportunities are therefore great – for understanding, for dialog in the place of antipathy, for clarity in place of fog, for a reorganization of beliefs along saner and more realistic lines, and for a more peaceful and prosperous world for all of us. Those realities will emerge over time. We can accelerate the process now with goodwill, clear-sightedness and outreach to all sides. Let vision come and insight. Let the future stand revealed. Some readers will recognize the tone, but it stands for us all.

Happy Easter,
13 April 2022

These letters are sent as a service. If you wish to be added to or deleted from the mailing list let me know. Feel free to pass them on, but do so without charge or alteration.

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