Our current understanding of esoteric astrology is based in Western astrology. Without at least a basic knowledge of Western astrology there is no basis for understanding what has been given out in the West about esoteric astrology. In that regard, there is really only one source for our current view of what is called esoteric astrology: Alice A. Bailey’s Esoteric Astrology. From the opening paragraph of that book we have the following:

A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol.3: Esoteric Astrology: Alice A. Bailey:  9780853301202: Amazon.com: Books “What I have to say first on this subject is entirely of a preliminary nature. I seek to lay the ground for a somewhat new approach—a far more esoteric approach—to the science of astrology. Certain things I may say will probably be regarded by the academic and uninspired astrologer as revolutionary, or as erroneous, as improbable or unprovable. As yet, however, astrology has not really proved itself to the world of thought and science, in spite of many definitely demonstrable successes. I would ask all of you, therefore, who read and study this section of A Treatise on the Seven Rays to bear in mind the above comments and to preserve a willingness to consider hypotheses and to make an effort to weigh a theory or suggestion and to test out conclusions over the course of a few years. If you can do this, there may come to you an awakening of the intuition which will translate modern astrology into something of real moment and significance to the world. It is intuitional astrology which must eventually supersede what is today called astrology, thus bringing about a return to the knowledge of that ancient science which related the constellations and our solar system, drew attention to the nature of the zodiac and informed humanity as to the basic interrelations which govern and control the phenomenal and subjective worlds.”

The Seven Rays of Life Webinar – Emergent Light What is it that defines what we would call ‘esoteric astrology’? The opening paragraph above gives us some clues. Firstly, esoteric astrology, by its very name, is an astrology that takes one out of the realm of events and prognostications and instead focuses on the world of meaning. Above all, it is the science of relationships, relating the individual to the universal, looking beyond the local zodiac and out into the larger local universe. The focus is on the subjective energies (the rays) that shape our destiny – in other words, the higher aspects of what makes us human and how those aspects of us are related to the wider realms of soul and spirit. Thus, the personal self fades in importance and the soul takes on the true meaning in a person’s life. The aim of esoteric astrology is to greater enable contact with the soul and spiritual realms through an analysis of the birth chart. There are caveats to such an esoteric analysis, though.

Creativity boost - Trust your intuition From the opening paragraph above, the statement is made that an intutional astrology must supersede what is known as astrology today. Such an astrology is actually quite rare. What most people call ‘intuition’ is not intuition at all, but is instead psychism, which is far removed from actual intuition. Intuition is spiritual perception, as known by the soul. In that regard, contact and regular rapport with one’s soul (higher Self) is essential before true intuition takes place. It requires taking oneself out of the personal world view and seeing events and people in terms of their meaning regarding spiritual evolution, personal and collective. Esoteric astrology aims at establishing one’s place in one’s spiritual evolution and thus how to be of greater service to the greater good, called ‘The Plan’ in Alice Bailey’s books.

What is covered in considering esoteric astrology, then? The basic https://horoscope.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2010/11/EsotericClassicAstrology.jpg presentation thus far in terms of what we know of esoteric astrology is Western as to the language and the factors outlined. The twelve signs of the zodiac are discussed, but with an expanded subjective point of view. The rulerships, decanates, qualities, elements and so forth are all the same as we have in Western astrology. But there are differences, and other factors are introduced in esoteric astrology for our consideration, as follows:

  • The rays that each of the twelve signs and the planets transmit are laid out, and their influences become primary rather than the mundane attributes normally associated with the signs and the planets.
  • The sources of the rays are introduced, as in Ursa Major, the Pleiades, the star Sirius and so forth. The interrelations between the aforementioned are also outlined.
  • The Creative Hierarchies and their astrological relations are introduced

2. The Creative Hierarchies. - Part 1 - Online Books • Lucis Trust

  • The esoteric and Hierarchical rulers of each of the signs are introduced
  • The differences between sacred and non-sacred planets are outlined
  • The crosses – cardinal fixed and mutable – are emphasized
  • The following factors, which are essential to modern Western event-based astrological practice, are not mentioned at all or only in passing: houses, aspects (angular relations between the planets), predictive and forecasting methods. These relate to the personality and are judged to be of little or passing importance in relation to the wider expression of one’s soul.
  • The Science of Triangles, as a way of service and soul connections, is emphasized
  • Meditations relative to one’s chart, when the time of birth is known
  • The centers (chakras), the rays and the planets are all outlined and interrelated
  • The Ascendant (rising) sign is given particular importance, while the Sun sign is seen as the challenge for one’s present life and the Moon, instead, represents one’s past-life inclinations.

What Is The Origin Of Your Soul? Perhaps from all the preceding statements it is clear why esoteric astrology is not well known and not widely sought out. People generally come to astrologers because they either want to resolve some personal issue or they want to know what the signposts are for their future. An esoteric reading is not about events or forecasts, but about why a person’s soul path has brought them into contact with the astrologer and what the current meaning of one’s life is, represented through the events they are experiencing as a doorway into further growth into soul awareness. In other words, an esoteric reading should be about how one can establish better contact with one’s soul, or higher Self, in continuing expansion into soul consciousness – the realm of intuition and of greater service.

https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/f6/Mandala_Depicting_Kalachakra_and_Vishvamata%2C_Tibet.jpg/220px-Mandala_Depicting_Kalachakra_and_Vishvamata%2C_Tibet.jpg Bailey’s Esoteric Astrology was written for a Western readership at a time when little was known about Eastern astrology in the West. However, hidden in Esoteric Astrology is the fact its reputed source was a Tibetan Buddhist lama, who would have been well versed in Kalachakra practice and Tibetan astrology, which combines Vedic and Chinese astrology. What we got in Esoteric Astrology was primarily the Vedic component, expanding upon the latter’s more esoteric fundamentals. In Esoteric Astrology, and indeed throughout Alice Bailey’s books is the concept of the Law of Correspondence and Analogy, which is another way of stating, “As above, so below”. The latter statement is integral within and fundamental to Kalachakra practice.

We are told elsewhere within Bailey’s collection of books that new dispensations regarding astrology are forthcoming. No doubt, more of the Eastern components within esoteric astrology will be revealed as the next years and decades proceed, now that Eastern systems of astrology are more widely known in the West. In fact, the Chinese astrological practices are themselves based in the three major rays – one, two and three – will/power, love/wisdom and adaptability/active intelligence, respectively, though hidden from the general public.

The future will bear out all the preceding.


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