29 May 2018
© Malvin Artley
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Orcus and Virgo
Gemini and the Nations
Britain’s 2nd Empire
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Transparency coming?
Secrecy Jurisdictions
The Curse of Secret Money
The City of London?
London or the City of London?
Capital and Labor: the Battle Lines
The golden eye of Taurus
Nations and Goodwill
East, West and the Truth
Trump and the JCPOA
The Only Thing We Have to Fear

Greetings Everyone!

I remember well the first time I set foot in England, in this life anyway. I had arrived there with the university jazz band on a PR tour, and I was all of 18 years old. As I stepped off the plane at Heathrow, I had the odd sensation wash over me that I had arrived home. It was particularly an odd sensation for me at the time because I knew nothing about past lives, having only just come through a period of deep questioning about my religious beliefs, and at the time was agnostic, open to investigating everything along those lines. It would only be later that I had the realization that I had probably recently had a happy past life in England, or what we would call the British Isles. Since then I have had a similar sense of ‘home’ or familiarity when I arrived at different places and times, such as Sydney, Paris, Lhasa and Milan. We often get that sense of familiarity when we first come into contact with people we have known in past lives, too, either a sense of companionship or intense dislike, depending upon what our experience has been with those people. It is the same with groups, too, including nations and also places on earth. We all have those sorts of memories tucked away in our soul history. They give us clues as to what we have been up to, where our karma has been set, what sort of purpose we have being in those places, and so forth. And in terms of countries, we usually find ourselves in those places in contact with people with whom we have some purpose or karma to work out. We reincarnate and move in concert with group purpose, as much as we may want to believe that we are the sole creators of our destiny. Destiny is shared.

I have often wondered why my travels have taken me to the places I mentioned before. I suppose my musings in that regard are of little importance. The more important things that have emerged from my experiences in those places are the people I have contacted, our shared common interests, the differences in our cultures, but also the ways in which those cultures have enriched me, and hopefully likewise in kind. We have heard so much about multiculturalism in recent years, and there is great value in that, but until one actually spends time in other cultures, contributes to them and incorporates the valued parts of them into one’s own nature, they remain in many ways simply a curiosity rather than a sharing of experiences. And until one spends time with people of diverse cultures, it can be difficult to recognize the common humanity we all share, often instead seeing people from cultures different from our own as ‘the others’, or as ‘those people’. I see quite a lot of chatter on social media that reflects such negative attitudes, toward nations (the US is particularly a favored whipping boy at the moment, as are Russia and Iran) toward religious groups, toward races, toward political persuasions, toward gender differences, all of which ignores the fact that we are all human beings and have the same basic needs. Such talk is destructive, and displays a profound ignorance. In an ideal world – if there is such a place – there would be a sense of unity and wonder in our experiences and diversity, drawing us to investigate and explore our common interests. Call me a hopeless idealist if you like, but I base what I say on experience, not fantasy. Unity in diversity: It’s a quality we find in the sign Gemini, and which leads us into our current discussion.

Erhebung_des_Großen_Kurfürsten_in_den_Olymp_(van_Loo)_-_Merkur Gemini, it has been said, is one “…of the paramount zodiacal signs in that it is the major symbol of duality in the zodiac. It is the constellation Gemini and its inherent second ray influence which control every one of the pairs of opposites in the Great Wheel [zodiac].”[1] Gemini is sometimes called the “constellation of the resolution of duality into a fluid synthesis.”[2] The latter is a phrase that may mean little to some readers, but it speaks to the true activity of the sign, in that through Gemini we come to see that opposites are simply polarities that portray differing faces of the same reality. For instance, the duality of gender in humans, i.e., male and female, present two faces of one truth: men and women are both human first, and all other differences fade in the face of the one reality. Yet, the differences give rise to the fluid interplay between men and women, to the birth of children, for instance, to specialization along various lines, to diverse perspectives on life, and so on. Thus said, Gemini itself also expresses two sides, represented for us in the symbolism of the twins: we can focus either on the unity from which they were born, or on their differences. Gemini, for that matter, and in its symbolic essence, gives rise to perspective – differences on the one hand, and common ground on the other. Because the ultimate tendency of this sign is toward unification, that tendency is thus toward goodwill, because there can be no lasting sense of unity without that sense of goodwill. Goodwill is of the soul, the higher Self, and for this reason the full moon of the Gemini interval each year is called ‘the Festival of Goodwill’, and is as such dedicated to humanity and to unity in service worldwide.

The idea of ‘fluid synthesis’ points to the role of the planet Mercury as the orthodox ruler of the sign. Mercury is the divine messenger, the liquid light of living wisdom, what in Buddhism is called ‘ultimate bodhichitta’. It is said to ‘relate the higher and lower’ – i.e., the personality (lower self) and soul (higher Self). It is the planet that, perhaps curiously, transmits the 4th Ray of harmony through conflict, in that the personality will normally rebel at the new rhythms contact with the soul introduces into one’s life. That being said, the sign itself transmits Ray 2, love/wisdom[3], and if we believe that ‘God is love’, then we see that this sign lies behind the actions of all the others. It is the great synthesizing sign of the zodiac, in that it blends and fuses all the other opposing signs – Aries/Libra, Taurus/Scorpio, and so forth. This is one of the main reasons why we should always look at the qualities of our opposite sign in order to see what we might want or need to incorporate into our own experience, in effect rounding out our development and bringing fulfillment at a subjective level.

Gemini is an air sign, along with Libra and Aquarius, pointing to its emphasis on mental matters in orthodox interpretation, and to the light of intuition in a more esoteric sense. Gemini governs the oxygenation (air) of the blood as well as the fluid interplay of the nervous system[4]. Air is equated with buddhi, or the clear light of wisdom esoterically, which is pure reason, beyond any sense of opposites. In the bliss of buddhi, all are seen and experienced as one. Visions are seen as wholes, not in their divers aspects. It is a difficult thing to describe, and yet this two reveals Gemini, with diverse words being used in a single, synthesized language. In its mundane aspect, Gemini is associated with education, of which written and spoken language are integral and essential in their worldly application. Thus, in Gemini we get the idea of mediation, a word normally associated with Libra, but in Gemini, the mediation spoken of is an energetic one, mediating between form and essence, energy and matter, and as such rules the etheric body,[5] the so-called energy body of the human form. It is that body that transmits the life force, solar and earth energies, to the human frame.

The esoteric ruler of Gemini is Venus,[6] itself a ‘relating planet’, transmitting the 5th Ray, which gives the understanding had through the reasoning mind. Thus, with Gemini we have the ‘meeting of two minds’, concrete and higher and the integrating factor between the two. Venus, in that regard, is associated with the ajna center (chakra) and thus with the pituitary body in the brain, which is the gland responsible for integrating all hormonal action in the body. For its part, Mercury is not really associated with any single chakra, but instead integrates all of them. The highest (hierarchical) ruler of Gemini is the Earth itself,[7] with the most basic meaning being that the activity of Gemini must work itself out through service in everyday life, that love must enhance and imbue all human relations (we are speaking ultimately here, of course) and that experience through this sign is meant to draw out the soul, into manifesting one’s soul qualities in everyday life. And, from the idea of service in everyday life, Gemini rules the arms and the hands, the vehicle through which we work and render service in our waking hours. The arms can either carry arms, or they can embrace our fellow human beings. It is up to us to decide which course we will take.

In terms of that service on earth and in everyday life, from a mundane perspective Gemini rules the press and the media, as well as all modes of communication. It also rules neighboring and surrounding nations, informants (whistleblowers), local commerce, restlessness, the stock market, the bond market, advertising, public opinion (especially the shaping of the same), schools and debates, to touch on the main points. Some of these points will be addressed after we look at the full moon. The one thing we will not address in this letter is the press and the media, as we have covered that in past letters. There is one thing we should address, though, and that is that much of our social media is designed to program public opinion.[8] Suffice it to say, much of the world’s corporate and national press needs an overhaul and is heavily propagandized at the moment, what we call ‘the mainstream media’, and that applies also to social media. The nations that Gemini rules will be addressed later, but they hold the keys to the solutions for the problems with which we are immediately faced. We will simply say here that Britain is to lead the way in that regard, in no small part due to her greater age and experience, speaking in terms of her people.[9] Leaving the more esoteric side of Gemini aside, then, we move on now to the full moon.

The full moon takes place on 29 May 2018 at 14:19 UT (00:19 AEST on the 30th). The full moon axis makes a close t-square with the dwarf planet Orcus at the apex. In addition, we have a grand trine consisting of Venus, Jupiter and Neptune, the energy of that being released via an opposition to Venus by Saturn. That grand trine gives the feeling of ‘a dream come true’, which was also very present at the recent meeting between the leaders of the two Koreas, whereas Saturn brings us to a sense of reality, lest we get lost in the blissful feelings contained in the grand trine. That sense of reality is also reinforced by the aforementioned t-square, as indicated by the Orcus apex planet in Virgo. The latter is a very interesting dynamic. My sense is that the energy represented by Orcus is exalted in Virgo, as Orcus is the disciplinarian among the dwarf planets, demanding strict adherence to rules and vows. This latter point is particularly important in relation to what we saw in Trump’s abrogation of the JCPOA. Orcus in Virgo has brought to light many instances wherein international and local laws have been broken, and where the will of the people in every nation has been trodden upon. It has also brought about rebellions as a result. Orcus first peeked into Virgo at the end of 2007, and when it entered the sign fully in August of 2009 the world was in the grips of the Great Recession,[10] which had its origins in the burst housing bubble in the United States. The countries that suffered the most did so largely as a result of poor economic policy and decision-making. These latter points lead into our discussion of international affairs in a bit, and it has to do with much that is done without our knowledge.

martin luther Orcus and Virgo: The previous time Orcus was in Virgo was from300px-Prise_de_la_Bastille 1765 to 1796, covering the entire period of the American Revolution, most of the French and Haitian Revolutions, and the Pugachev and Whiskey Rebellions, to name a few. That period was one of profound geopolitical shifts. These were largely rebellions against corrupt aristocracies, against overt and debt slavery, and were efforts to improve the human condition in those areas where they occurred, in general. Before that, Orcus was in Virgo from 1522 to 1553. This was the first part of The Reformation in Europe, which had started in 1517 in Germany. It saw the birth of the Church of England and also of Puritanism. That period was a rebellion against corruption in the Catholic Church and a move to restore a sense of purity in religious practices, which also had political underpinnings.

washington crossing delawareIt is of particular interest to note that, coinciding with these transits of Orcus through Virgo, there was a conjunction of Saturn with Pluto in Capricorn (Dec 1517, two months after Martin Luther posted his Theses) and an opposition of Saturn in Cancer to Pluto in Capricorn in Jul 1768, which roughly coincided with the Massachusetts Circular Letter, the latter being a key element in the provocation of the American Revolution. We will have the beginnings of another conjunction of Saturn with Pluto in Capricorn next year, with a close approach in April and the exact conjunction coming on 12 Jan 2020. Those conjunctions and oppositions cement the breakup of old orders. Orcus is closely associated with schisms, especially religious schisms. But it also relates to schisms of all sorts where ideals are strongly held. We are ripe for schisms in many parts of the world, given the extreme sense of polarization we are seeing internationally. Look for these particularly in the US, where there is a strong Evangelical/Zionist component, and also in Russia, where there is a strong Zionist faction.[11]

650px-Member_States_of_the_European_Union_(polar_stereographic_projection)_EN Gemini and the Nations: As for Gemini, we have a very interesting set of countries exhibiting Gemini as their personality expressions: the United States, Belgium, Poland, and included in this also is the capital city of London. In addition to this, Brussels has Gemini as its soul ruler, as does Britain and New Zealand. These associations may already ring bells for some readers. What we see in particular with those places that have Gemini in the personality is a very marked polarization at this point in history. This sort of thing has ebbed and flowed over time, and it would appear to loosely follow a generational cycle. What we see in this polarization is the manifestation of the lower aspect of Gemini – “the quarrelling brothers”.[12] Accompanying these episodes are also media blitzes of negative propaganda regarding some group, nation or other, also the lower side of Gemini. This is precisely what we see coming out of London and the US at this time. It has also raised its head in Belgium and Poland regarding minorities and race relations, and those antagonisms go back many centuries. However, with the US and London, such inflammatory rhetoric as we see is particularly dangerous and destabilizing, because it is directed against major powers and regional conflicts, and is designed to keep the public ignorant and rallied toward those conflicts. It is also meant to distract from other issues at home, one of which we will be addressing at length in a bit.

There is also another interesting, yet potent consideration here: Britain and Belgium, both with Gemini in their makeup, also both have their capital cities with Geminian influence, creating a most interesting, yet confounding and sometimes troublesome interrelationship, also causing trouble internationally. Brussels, as we know, is the site of the headquarters of the EU, which unites the greater part of Europe. It expresses more the higher aspects of Gemini through the Geminian soul rulership – the ‘brotherhood of states’, freedom of movement, etc., albeit imperfectly at the moment. However, due to the influx of Muslim immigrants in recent years, it is also becoming known as Europe’s ‘jihadi central’.[13] This is primarily in the borough of Molenbeek. It is now estimated that foreign nationals constitute 25% of Belgium’s population, with most of those being Italian, reflective of the diversity that Gemini brings. Of that 25%, half are from non-Western countries, and of the Muslim population, the great majority are from Morocco, constituting about 2% of the total population. Belgium is primarily divided along linguistic lines, with the main languages being Dutch, French and German. It has historically had problems with the integration of those regions, with race relations due in part to its colonial past, and now with pressures from within the EU. Overall, though, it is one of Europe’s great melting pots.

commonwealthLondon, on the other hand, is the headquarters of the British Commonwealth of Nations. It was once the seat of power of the largest empire to ever exist in recorded history. It, too, is a melting pot of many diverse cultures, due also in large part to its colonial history, and recently to the Schengen agreement within the EU. This latter was used in a negative way to leverage Britain out of the EU in the Brexit vote. Due to the overshadowing influence of the British Gemini soul, London, too, expresses many of the higher Geminian qualities, but the lower aspects of Gemini also get expressed as well, as we will see. When we add to this the Geminian expression of the US, we get would could be an amazing force for good in the world, uniting the greater part of the world’s nations through Geminian influence. Instead, what we have are quarreling factions now, at odds with each other.

special relationship Washington is now seeking to leverage Brussels (the EU) and Britain to abandon the JCPOA, to abandon and confront Russia and Iran and to ‘buy American’. London, via Brexit, is seeking to distance itself from the EU, which through the powers endowed to London by constitutional monarchy, could in effect bring pressure to bear on Commonwealth nations against other nations. There was an energy behind the Brexit vote involving secretive international financing about which the public has little knowledge, but which is slowly coming to light, and the ‘Leave’ movement has its fingers dirty with such financing. But of the three – these Gemini triplets – the soul force is expressed most strongly through Brussels. It is also exerted from outside by the people of Britain, who increasingly want to see London ‘cleaned up’, much as we see in the US regarding Washington. I am leaving out Ray considerations[14] here, which would add more depth to the discussion, but there is too much to consider just in terms of Gemini. And this brings us to the crux of the major cause of much of the world’s present unrest, and which is very likely to bring the world a great deal of turmoil in the next few years. The story revolves around London and the US, our ambivalent twins – the so-called[15]special relationship”.[16]

Before we get into this discussion, I will preface these remarks by saying that the people of these nations are largely ignorant of the matters to be discussed – deliberately kept in the dark. The matters to be discussed are engaged instead by powerful minorities in those nations, minorities which essentially dictate the destiny of those nations from behind the scenes, while projecting the appearance via the media that we actually live in democracies. To an extent, we do, but only insofar as the greater public demands change and has the will to effect it. With that, we begin our discussion of matters that are of the utmost importance to our immediate future, keeping in mind that as nations and cities are mentioned, they refer to these minorities and not the populace as a whole. Keep in mind, too, that what is about to be described is greatly oversimplified for the sake of brevity and clarity.

Britain’s 2nd Empire: Our present troubles started in Britain, specifically in London, under pressure from the US and as a result of WWII. As the British Empire collapsed, the British elites sought a new avenue of control and power over their lost territories and a way to expand their influence worldwide. They did so via the City of London by setting up the Eurodollar market and offshore banking. Probably the major turning point in this process was the humiliation of Britain in their loss in the Suez Canal crisis[17] of 1956 after Egypt under Nasser nationalized the canal. There was a similar crisis point in the US with the Vietnam War.[18] For Britain, Israel had invaded the Sinai in an effort to wrest back control of the canal, with Britain and France quickly joining in the fight. The US refused to become involved and the matter was resolved via US and USSR pressure in the UN, forcing the withdrawal of all foreign forces from Egypt. Eisenhower had threatened Britain with serious financial consequences in the form of selling pound sterling bonds if Britain invaded. The latter point is interesting regarding the present Chinese and Saudi holdings of US bonds and the pressure that can potentially be exerted via the same – a note to Americans in our present situation. Britain capitulated. This event was said by many historians to signal the end of Britain as a major world power. So much for the ‘special relationship’.

spider's web The whole story of what happened afterwards is too long to go into here, but there is an independent documentary film[19] which tells the tale, at least from the British side. What happened, in effect, is that British bankers set up the current system of offshore, secretive banking among its British Overseas Territories over time, largely in the ‘60s, and began trading in dollars and other foreign currencies, rather than simply the British pound. It became a sort of ‘2nd empire’. The system was that the offshore banks would act as the intermediaries between interested parties, and would not be directly accountable to the Bank of England. It was set up in secret. As the British bankers set up what is called the London Eurodollar market, the banks kept two sets of accounts. The Bank of England declared that activities of the Eurodollar Market were not in England, but ‘elsewhere’, and they therefore had no responsibility for regulating them.

American bankers quickly caught on to British actions and moved their foreign operations to the City of London,[20] in the beginning, which is where the unwritten operation was based. Thus, a huge web of secretive international finance was established from the late ‘50s through the ‘60s, and which persists to this day. The full story is actually quite complicated[21] and involves virtually every nation in the world. But, the main point to be made is that there are two major centers of power in this financial empire – New York and London – London with a 25% stake and New York at 19%. Readers of Alice Bailey will recognize these two cities as two of the five major points of spiritual power on the planet, along with Tokyo, Geneva and Darjeeling.[22] Tokyo and Geneva are also powerful financial centers. Wherever there is great spiritual power, one will also find powerful material interests taking advantage of the increased potential energy of such places. New York is currently governed by the 3rd ray,[23] giving its financial power on the one hand, and blending diverse international factors and cultures, as evidenced in its various quarters in the city (‘Chinatown’, ‘Little Italy’, and so forth), the headquarters of the UN being based there, and as the one-time greatest center for immigration into the US via Ellis Island in New York Bay. This blending of cultures comes under the energy of the 2nd ray of New York, facilitated by its 3rd Ray. But, the Wall Street banks and the New York Stock Exchange are the financial heart of the US and are deeply enmeshed with British financial interests.

Transparency coming?: Transparency,[24] at least in part, is coming to Britain’s offshore tax havens and money laundering operations, though. In the last letter[25] we had a brief look at the ramifications of the transit of Uranus through Taurus. Evidence of the coming transparency has a small start in the introduction of a bill that has just passed the House of Commons in the British Parliament, much to the chagrin of the Tories. The bill is known as the Hodge/Mitchell[26] amendment. If all goes to plan, this will be in effect by 2020, requiring the British Overseas Territories,[27] the likes of the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands and so forth, to adopt public registers of company ownership. There are 14 such territories. The list does not include the Channel Islands, of which Jersey is one, or the Isle of Man. Jersey is the site of one of the largest of the British tax havens. Until the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are also required to publicly register their companies, there will be no true transparency, but forcing the 14 British territories to do so is a start. It is expected that the Channel islands and Isle of Man will be ‘persuaded’ to follow suit.

The Hodge/Mitchell amendment is the direct result of revelations coming from the Panama[28] and Paradise Papers,[29] along with the release of the previously cited film regarding Britain’s secret financial empire, much of which is illegal, or at the very least, immoral. This secret financial empire is likened in the film to a spider’s web, a symbol which is connected with the 3rd Ray,[30] itself connected in its lower manifestation with manipulation, and in this case, of finance. The film is worth a look, as it also exposes much in the way of US involvement in such activities, well worth the few dollars it cost me to rent it. Much of what has been stated here in describing these offshore operations is referenced from that film. What also emerges from the film and studying other sources is that these offshore tax havens are at the root of much of the financial woes and turmoil we are seeing at the moment, and it revolves around the two main countries that have Gemini prominent in their makeup, the US and Britain.

Secrecy Jurisdictions: The secret part of the British financial system – its so-called ‘second empire’ – began in the600px-Offshore_financial_centers Cayman Islands, where bankers, lawyers and accountants began drafting ‘secrecy laws’, and thus such territories came to be called ‘secrecy jurisdictions’. Nearly half of all secrecy jurisdictions these days are British dependencies. These activities were/are illegal, and they became centers for the laundering of drug money in large quantities, tax evasion by wealthy individuals, organized crime and corporations. Their activities are facilitated through trusts (initially unique to British banking secrecy), shell companies, secret bank accounts and nominee directors. It is extremely difficult to track those assets. The biggest tax havens in the world today are still British territories. The Cayman Islands, for instance, are home to some 90,000 offshore companies, and their activities routinely include such illustrious activities as insider trading, market rigging, avoiding disclosure of conflicts of interest, illicit arms trading, illicit political donations, contract kickbacks, bribery, fraudulent invoicing, trade mispricing and tax evasion. Now, why would a little place like the Cayman islands be home to so many companies, given they have a total population of only 61,000?

By the late ‘90s, nearly 90% of all international loans were made through the Eurodollar market system. It is not difficult to see that it is a system that leaves itself wide open to, and in fact encourages, corruption. No taxes are paid back to the home countries. It has been estimated that nearly half of all the world’s financial wealth is held in these secrecy locations. Let that sink in for a moment. This is a big problem in terms of ‘flight capital’ of which there was a large amount from the ex-Soviet states during the 1990s and nearly a trillion dollars from sub-Saharan Africa yearly. That latter figure dwarfs Africa’s debt figures. Interestingly and perhaps paradoxically to American lawmakers, the sanctions recently placed on Russia are causing a return of such flight capital to Russia, as the oligarchs and those who fled the ex-Soviet states in the ‘90s are finding it increasingly difficult to do business and are being wooed back to Russia. These secrecy locations are starving developing nations of their tax revenues and causing them to have to borrow money from international banks at high rates of interest. We see such a situation in Greece. Every year developing countries lose over one trillion dollars in capital flight due to this system, much of which flows into Western nations, propping up the currencies of the latter.

middle-Class The Curse of Secret Money: However, there was another side effect of all this money flowing out of developing countries and into Western nations – it caused financialization[31] and de-industrialization[32] in the West, most dramatically in Britain and the US, the very nations which are most embedded into the secrecy system. This began in the ‘60s and accelerated in the ‘80s, under Reagan and Thatcher. It started a new era of financial capitalists, of which the world’s stock exchanges and speculative banking institutions are the main face. Essentially, what this has done is to give rise to ‘the 1%’, has cut the basis of tangible national wealth – i.e., industry, resources, manpower, etc. – and led to a state of affairs wherein the average citizen is left vulnerable, politically impotent without a large mobilization, with poor jobs in unskilled labor, no benefits, larger and larger debt and little security. It is a system that deprives the average citizen of their happiness and well-being. What we call neoliberal economics is just another name for finance capitalism, or as Americans call it, ‘the Wall Street phenomenon’. The banks that receive this offshore money do not put it back into manufacturing. They put it instead into real estate, financial speculation, foreign currency exchange trade and other venues. From this, we see that no matter what leaders like Trump say, for instance, about bring jobs back to the US, unless this secret system of finance is broken up and regulated, nothing of the sort will happen. For the most part, it is dirty money – from tax evasion, criminal activity and so forth – that is propping up the value of the British pound and the American dollar, not industrial output. It also increases national debt, paradoxically.

There is also another carry-on effect of our current international finance system, and that is what we know as ‘austerity measures’.[33] This has been engineered over time to strip nations of their wealth. If all this sounds like conspiracy theory, take some time and research it. What typically happens in the lead-up to austerity measures is that tax revenues fail to make up for government spending. This is particularly a problem for nations that have cut taxes, typically to corporations and wealthy individuals, in an effort to stimulate the economy, not thinking (or perhaps they do) that corporations and many wealthy individuals have moved their wealth overseas through secrecy jurisdictions. Since that money does not come back to the home nation in tax revenue or industrial stimulation, the story goes that the government must cut social programs, public services, sell off state assets, reduce wages, raise the retirement age, etc., etc., in order to balance the budget. Does any of this sound familiar? We have heard quite a bit about this in the US, mainland Europe and Britain, as to how it is necessary to disadvantage the public in order to correct bad financial policy, whereas the truth of the matter is that the biggest thing that governments need to do is to close down the secrecy jurisdictions, introduce transparency and bring the tax dollars back home. Is the picture clear enough? Tax reform, in the form of cutting taxes, is instead a wealth grab by the financial interests, only increasing wealth disparity.

color revolutions And as if the preceding is not enough, many of us have heard about ‘dark money’, ‘black ops’ and the like – you know, the stuff of ‘conspiracy theories’ and Hollywood films. The secrecy jurisdictions are a perfect avenue to funnel money for such activities. They enable things like supporting ‘hybrid warfare’,[34] which is part and parcel of so-called ‘color revolutions’, for funding jihadist groups in the Middle East, for similar groups and tribal factions in Africa, and the list goes on. This hybrid warfare is the cause of most of the international unrest we have seen in recent years. Yet, the general public knows next to nothing about it. Instead, we hear things like the Soros and Rothschild families, for example, controlling everything – the real stuff of conspiracies – when in actual fact this is done on a large scale by many competing interests, not just banking families. Those interests include governmental organizations, secret services, multinational corporations, criminal organizations and so on. The one thing these interests want to avoid at all costs is public scrutiny and transparency, which would provoke public outcries for reforms. This secret form of finance constitutes the main mechanism for financing in large part what many have called the ‘deep state’, the ‘Cartel’ and so forth. One can go down many avenues of investigations – ‘rabbit holes’, in modern lingo – into these matters and get endlessly tied up in what is largely a fruitless and moreover astrally engaging exercise. It is useful to be aware that such activities go on, but what is really needed – the thing that would do so much for world goodwill – is to have a full public exposure and debate on these secrecy jurisdictions. Then we would see things change very rapidly. This is what we might expect with Uranus transiting through Taurus and also Gemini at this time.

The City of London?: This secret financial system is overseen chiefly in the City of London, vying for supremacy with the banking sector in New York. These points being made, we should be clear on one point: The City of London is a separate entity from the greater London metro area. It has its own mayor, courts, police force and government. It is a privately-owned corporation and operates outside of the rules and regulations of greater London. It is not even listed as a part of metro London, but is instead listed as a separate county, but as such makes up only a tiny part of London proper. It is, however, the heart of the London financial district. It is exempt from may laws that govern the rest of Britain. It was the only part of Britain that William the Conqueror failed to conquer. It was granted independent status by him in 1067. London remains the world’s largest foreign exchange market,[35] with nearly half of all daily foreign exchanges taking place through the city, and the largest part of that through the over 500 banks in the City of London.

For its part in these financial games, the British government claims that it can do nothing about what goes on in the Overseas Territories, “because they are independent”. That is the blatant falsehood that is commonly brought up by British authorities whenever overseas financial activities in their territories are brought into question. The truth is quite the opposite, as Australians found out when the Whitlam government was dismissed in the ‘70s. Those remaining territories and Commonwealth countries that are still operating under the system of the constitutional monarchy will never be independent so long as they have a Governor General’s office. Their governments can be dismissed if they ‘misbehave’. But quite aside from that, those Overseas Territories actually receive great benefit financially from the system. The fact is that the British government could stop this network of financial secrecy if it so desired, simply by acting through their Governors General in the various Overseas Territories. This secretive system is so entrenched now in Britain and the US, though, that a great many politicians are typically business owners and financiers themselves, are involved in such activities, and have no desire to change it, as they are complicit in it. If they wanted to change it, they could do so in an instant.

London or the City of London?: This discussion brings up an interesting side discussion, which we can only touch on here. London is said to be ruled by the 5th (soul) and 7th (personality) Rays. Now, does this point to the City of London, the London metro area, or the two combined? The City of London would appear to be more reminiscent of the Taurean personality of Britain in general, with its emphasis on finance and banking. The 7th ray, however, points to the sorts of activities we have been examining here – financial structures, the dark use of money. It also points to the misuse 1280px-City_of_London_skyline_from_London_City_Hall_-_Sept_2015_-_Crop_Aligned of the Geminian soul expression of Britain[36] It is worth pointing out, too, that at the time Alice Bailey penned her books, Britain still had an empire, albeit one in rapid decline. I would expect that some emphases upon international centers of influence as expressed in her books may have shifted somewhat since then.

Capital and Labor: the Battle Lines: And this brings us to why we will be seeing increasing world turmoil in the immediate years ahead, and it goes back to de-industrialization and financialization, mentioned previously:

“The fight between capital and labour will reach its climax in the United States, but will also be fought out in Great Britain and France. Russia already has her own solution, but the lesser nations of the world will be guided and conditioned [Page 27] by the result of this battle in the British Commonwealth of Nations and in the United States.”[37] (bolding added for emphasis)

The book from which this quote was taken was written in 1947. Considering our discussion thus far, the nations mentioned are very much of interest now, considering that three of them are now aligned against Russia, along with the fact that those three (meaning the powerful few in those nations) have also aligned themselves with the activities represented in the spider’s web of secretive finance and finance capitalism. All three of them are facing growing internal rebellion against such policies, practices and the resulting corruption of their political systems. The same is true of the governing body of the EU, based in Brussels. Those rebellions will only become stronger and more strident as those ‘old boy’ networks seek to retain their hold and even expand their reach. The 1950s and ‘60s marked turning points in world economies that have institutionalized the present model we see today predominating in the West. It was the beginning of the end of protections for the average citizen. The 2010s and ‘20s in this century mark another such turning point. We have seen it in the emerging financial models of the East, which includes Russia. We see it also in the nations that are seeking to distance themselves from primary dependency on the Eurodollar (which can also be read as petrodollar, which is yet again another story) standard and trade. Such nations include, or have in the past, Iran, Libya, Venezuela, Brazil, China, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, North Korea, and even the oil-producing nations of the Middle East. That might again ring bells for some readers.

The battle lines have been drawn in the fight mentioned in the preceding quote. Until the activities of the finance capitalists and their associated helps are harnessed and reined in, we will see little in the way of true goodwill within and between nations. The secretive spider’s web of international finance the way it is conducted currently must be lit up for all to see. This is our main battle through to 2025. Then, the energy in that web can be channeled into the world network of light toward the benefit of all, and not simply the few. We have also the following statement:

aldebaran The golden eye of Taurus points the way to those who likewise see. That which is gold will someday, too, respond, passing from East to West in that dire time when the urge to gather gold shall rule the lower half. The search for gold, the search for golden light divine, directs the Bull of Life, the Bull of Form. These two must meet; and meeting, clash. Thus vanishes the gold…[38]

This is a statement worth meditating upon, and it can be read in more than one manner. It can also be applied to our present times, reading between the lines. “That which is gold” can be seen to refer to the golden light of wisdom which has indeed moved from its places of safekeeping in the East outward to the West in recent decades. And now we see many nations repatriating their gold as a hedge against the financial readjustments that are coming as surely as sunrise and sunset. That certainty is echoed in statements like the following:[39]

“By 2025 it is clear that the center of global economic geography is very much in Asia. What we’ve been living in over the past two decades is a very big shift in the political, economic, and financial geography.”…at present the driving forces with regard to de-dollarization are primarily Moscow and Beijing…There exist numerous political statements in this context which leave no room for doubt. The Russians and Chinese are quite open about their views regarding the role of gold in the current phase of the transition…two of the largest holders of US treasuries (China and Saudi Arabia) have abandoned their support of Washington. On the other hand, oil producers have no interest in recycling their revenues as ‘petrodollars.’ The process of moving away from the dollar — prepared by Europe and triggered by China and Russia — can no longer be stopped. And as a “supra-national” reserve asset, gold plays an important role in it.”

In light of all the preceding, it is perhaps not difficult to see the origins of the international tensions that have arisen in recent years, and of present efforts by established interests in the US, Britain and France to confront ‘the growing threat from the East’. It is prudent to ask ourselves, what is the true threat from these nations and whom does it threaten? It may be of interest to note, too, that Uranus will be conjunct the ‘eye of the bull’ (Aldebaran) in June of 2028, at which time Saturn will be in Taurus, the latter bringing the karmic readjustments needed in the world of banking and finance. The economic die for the immediate era ahead will be set by then. The nations of the world will be settling into a new rhythm at that point, with China and Russia more than likely being the dominant economic and military powers along certain lines, respectively, and barring any unforeseen disastrous events. But, what does all this have to do with goodwill and right human relations?

Nations and Goodwill: The two most influential nations presently holding out their hands toward goodwill between nations are China and Russia. At least, that is the way they are presenting themselves. They threaten no one militarily, except if they are attacked themselves. To hear the media in the West, though, they are repressive, conniving, warmongering nations seeking to upend the Western nations and our values, aggressively pursuing their own self-interests. Frankly, I see no evidence of the latter memes. Quite the contrary, actually. These are old stories that have been spun in Western media for over a century, really, and have cast a glamour so dark over our understanding of what lies beyond our borders as to render cooperation with such nations, especially Oriental nations, very difficult, if not impossible. Much of what we get about these nations, especially in US and British media, is a lot of double-speak, psychic projection and misinformation[40] – the lower aspect of Gemini – considering that Gemini rules the media and the press in mundane astrology.

Sanctions: If one wants to talk about double-speak, confusing and obfuscating language and so economic-sanctions-introbasic-theory-russia-sanctions-3-638 forth, as a good example, take a few courses in economics and finance. You will soon see what I mean. We all know the old saying, “Money makes the world go ‘round.” (Not to quibble, but it’s gravity that makes the world go round, but that’s another discussion.) The point is, it is not so much money in and of itself that drives international relations, but rather the circulation of money, which provides for the economic health of communities and international relations, and which Gemini also rules at a very basic level. As an example, blood and oxygen are useless to the human body unless they can be circulated throughout the system. Gemini rules the lungs and the oxygenation of the blood. And, strictly speaking, Gemini governs local trade. Trade between neighbors can either promote or destroy goodwill probably faster than most other things. Trade sanctions are now a favorite weapon used by the US to leverage other nations, speaking of its Gemini personality. It can be and has been used to great effect on developing countries. It is also a law of the land[41] with regard to Russia, North Korea and Iran.

East, West and the Truth: There is one more point to be made about why we see so much effort at sidelining and confronting the East, and which is at the root of much of our misunderstanding. Consider the following:

…the Eastern approach to truth and honesty and to the use and possession of money is widely different to that of the Western…It is not so much a question of right and wrong as one of different standards and inherent racial attitudes which are shared with the whole of the East.[42]

netanlie-s I have heard many people over the years say that we in the West cannot trust Eastern nations and peoples. The preceding quote indicates the root of such misunderstanding. So, what we do in the West is to try to ‘educate’ the rest of the world as to the value of our Western methods, when in fact they are quite happy with their own methods. We project quite a lot onto other cultures, but who is to say which methods are right or wrong? This goes toward letting people and regions figure out their own way forward and then finding common ground from which to work. And this leads into our last two considerations.

Trump and the JCPOA: Just before this letter was sent out, Trump scrapped American involvement in the JCPOA[43] (the nuclear deal). He was pressured to do this by his backers, by Netanyahu in Israel and by the Saudi Kingdom. Netanyahu recently gave a presentation – a rather cartoonish[44] one – in which he claimed he had proof that the Iranians were lying about their intentions and that they had a secret nuclear program. As it turns out, the information he was citing was all known before negotiations for the JCPOA had even started. There was nothing new in it, and his presentation was dismissed by the IAEA[45] as old news, citing further that Iran has been in full compliance with the agreement since its inception. For their part, France, Germany, Russia and China, all signatories to the agreement, have vowed to stick by it, for now, but the European signatories face considerable pressure[46] from US interests to either bow out or try to renegotiate the deal. Iran, for its part, stands defiant and says there will be no renegotiation, but that they will consider staying in it if only the US bows out. And no sooner had the US withdrawn, then Israel started provocations by attacking purported Iranian positions in Syria, supposedly in response to Iranian attacks on positions in the Golan Heights. It is madness, but if the Israelis want a wider war, they will eventually get one.[47]

It is very clear from his astrology that Trump is being played by powerful people, indicated by transiting Pluto on his Vertex,[48] retrograde Saturn transiting opposite his Mercury, transiting Mars opposite his Venus, the latter ruling his 10th house (his public image), and with transiting Neptune squaring the ruler of his 7th house (agreements), Uranus. There is also a solar arc of Uranus to his Mars and a solar arc of Mercury to his Uranus. Needless to say, he is under considerable stress at the moment. Since he has pulled the US out of the agreement, much against the advice of Europeans and China as well as many more level-headed people in military establishments in the US and Israel, it will be one of the worst decisions of his presidency. It signals that the US absolutely cannot be trusted, cannot practice goodwill with regard to international treaties, and further has its foreign policy directed by, well, foreigners, and minor states at that. Sadly, all his talk of the JCPOA being “the worst deal ever” plays strictly to domestic politics and to the whims of hawks in Israel and Saudi Arabia, from analyses[49] I have seen. It is designed to pull the US into a wider conflict[50] in the Middle East in an effort to break up a mythical Shia Crescent.[51]

There is another point of interest regarding the US withdrawal from the JCPOA, which involves Orcus, as discussed earlier. Orcus was on the ascendant of Trump’s announcement, indicating a breach of contract. Additionally, Mercury was conjunct Eris, the “goddess of discord”, squaring the midpoint of Mars and Pluto, altogether a most explosive combination. Eris is associated with Mars through her mythology. She is the “goddess who calls forth war and discord[52] in her lower manifestation. Further, Orcus is said to be the son of Eris[53] in one accounting. And lastly, the event marks yet another crossroads or turning point in international affairs, indicated by Ceres on the North Node and forming a t-square with the Sun and Jupiter. I won’t go into a full analysis here, except to say that foreign influence is strongly indicated, as is the banking sector. This event will likely have quite negative effects for the US, even though many Gulf states, Zionists and Israel will momentarily be gleeful at the prospects. Any larger conflict would be disastrous for the very countries who wish to be confrontational with Iran. Further, it will push Iran more decisively to embrace the greater Eurasian union envisioned by China and Russia. And finally, for those parties who are wishing for regime change in Iran, there will not be anything immediately. A change will probably come in the parliamentary elections in 2020, but indications are that they will turn more conservative and probably hawkish – not particularly what ‘the wishful nations’ would like to see.

sanction-cartoon The immediate re-imposition of heavy sanctions against Iran could rightly be called an act of warfare – economic warfare. The very thing that was preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon was the JCPOA. If Europe caves in to American pressure, then Iran will probably most certainly resume its nuclear ambitions. Given what happened in Libya and Iraq, why would it hesitate to do so? We now face a very uncertain and restive future, quite in line with what the Aries ingress figure for this year indicated. We face the prospect of economic warfare, or high tensions at the very least, between Europe and the US, between the US and the East, and greater economic pain all around. This is probably a mild assessment. The best thing Europe could do would be to stand firm against US pressures and give a good dose of ‘tough love’ to Washington, as well as Israel. If Europe caves in, then it will show European weakness in the face of the US, and will only serve to cement the resolve of the Iranian people and the greater Eurasian union. We can expect higher prices, greater defense spending in the US, greater provocations in Syria, Iran and Lebanon, at a time when what we really need is relief and transparency. This move by Trump is the very antithesis of world goodwill. In the end, though, it will be used to effect great good internationally by the more and more nations increasingly losing interest in Washington[54] and the people of the US increasingly demanding that Washington clean up its act, and in essence, to grow up and become a responsible member in the family of nations.

kimmoon-s Koreans: We will end here on a happy note, though, one that truly is demonstrative of goodwill between nations and neighbors. We speak, of course, of the Korean peninsula. We covered this briefly in the last letter, so we will not go over old ground. There are a couple of additional points to make here, though. As was recently pointed out[55], the Korean rapprochement is a locally-driven effort. After years of living under the constant threat of war, the Koreans have finally had enough, and they are pushing forward with a peace process for their peninsula. The Koreans were a fairly homogenous society before WWII. There is still a strong feeling of solidarity on the whole of the peninsula among the peoples there, as we witnessed with the Pyeongchang Olympics. The time is ripe for these talks. It is a regional solution to a long-standing problem. But it is a solution that will be strongly resisted by corporate interests in the US, meaning largely arms manufacturers (who are the main lobbyists of the US Congress), and by the foreign policy establishment in Washington.

However, if public sentiment is strong enough in South Korea it will cause big problems for the US there, and may eventually enforce a withdrawal of at least a majority of its forces there. The latter will probably be a precondition for de-nuclearization of the peninsula. Therein lies the main sticking point to any negotiations. However, the smaller nations of the world are moving toward – or at least trying to – regional solutions for their difficulties, instead of allowing any sort of imperialistic overreach. With the withdrawal of the US from the JCPOA, such efforts are bound to only increase due to mistrust of the US as a negotiating partner, and we can probably well imagine that Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in have watched that development very closely. So too, one might expect, have many other nations, especially Middle Eastern nations. And, from behind the scenes China has emerged as a major catalyst for these talks between the Koreas, something else that will not make Washington very happy.

Moon Jae-in has presented Kim with a plan[56] for gradual economic integration between the Koreas, China and Russia, which would eventually lead to reunification. China has jumped at the chance. This would also likely ensure North Korea’s security interests, would make China the main economic power in the region, would draw South Korean interests more toward China and would enable the integration of Korea into its Belt and Road initiative. Such a deal would also allow Russian oil and gas to flow into Korea. Overall, this rapprochement would be a boon for the Koreas, and then a united Korea, China especially and Russia, and would be one of the greatest geopolitical shifts in recent decades. Korea would eventually emerge into the top ten countries by GDP ranking, all being well. I cannot see Washington being happy about the prospects. However, as an American and a Westerner, I would be quite happy to see these talks succeed.

The Only Thing We Have to Fear: In closing, Gemini is one of the most important signs where humanity is concerned. The nations that express that quality hold the immediate destiny of the international community in their hands. Conversely, if they do not bring more positives to bear and soon, they could well see their hands tied by the greater international community. More than anything, Gemini should be expressive of unity in diversity, of the brotherhood of nations, of right fdr inaugural human relations, of open discourse between nations, instead of what we are seeing now. It is a sign that expresses the highest of human ideals when the souls of people and nations are awakened. Unless we wish to avoid a wider human disaster into the immediate future, a disaster that would negatively impact us for many years to come, it is beholden upon us to seek community instead of alliance, transparency instead of secrecy, giving our fair share instead of seeking always to advantage ‘the system’ and to ensure that everyone’s needs are met in a timely, just and dignified manner. It’s not hard. All one has to do is spend time with people, talk with people, share experiences and find a common path forward. Ignore the voices that try to keep us divided and frightened. And given the financial and economic changes we are about to see, it might be helpful to remind ourselves of some words spoken at a time when other such changes were taking place, a Uranus cycle ago:

“…the only thing we have to fear is…fear itself – nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance. In every dark hour of our national life a leadership of frankness and of vigor has met with that understanding and support of the people themselves which is essential to victory.”

Franklin D Roosevelt, 1933[57]

Goodwill blessings, all!
10 May 2018

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