Christmas Day 2015

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Clifton_Mill_Christmas_2005 At least, I hope it is a happy one for you. It is difficult to be happy in these days with all that is facing us and all that has recently taken place. In this, the end of the Year of the Green/Wood Sheep, we have seen the separation of the Sheep from the Goats, in a manner of speaking, and the world view has changed in remarkable ways. We will get to that in due course. There will be one more full moon before the start of the year of the Mountain Monkey, and we will have a look at the year to come in the Chinese New Year letter, due out next month. It will be another very eventful year in the world geopolitical landscape. This being the Capricorn letter, we will have a look at that sign in a moment. Also, since it is the end of the year, we will have a brief summary of the year 2015 and look at where it stands now. In all, I would say that this year has gone pretty much according to past Green Sheep years, with a few differences.[1] It has been full of discovery, surprises, unexpected alliances and actions and breakthroughs on many fronts. It has also been a year of some very serious concerns.

It is not very often we have a full moon on Christmas day. As of this writing we approach the summer/winter solstice, depending on where you live, and it is already proving to be a very unsettling and dynamic time. The ingress figure for the Sun entering Capricorn shows that we are entering a period where imagination will be seeking to take center stage, as the dwarf planet Quaoar is conjunct the Sun in the figure. In fact, the Sun is otherwise unaspected. However, the Moon is at the focal point of a kite with Jupiter and Mercury, opposite Venus. Diplomatic efforts and public pressure will be at the forefront of world affairs for the next three months, along with the ongoing conflicts. Illusions about world leaders, affairs of state and the like are quickly being stripped away with the Saturn/Neptune square and the passing Pluto/Sirius opposition. Barriers to understanding are coming down, even while all at the same time the more nefarious forces in the world seek to keep us enthralled through fear, morbid curiosity and speculation. We are getting inklings of a new way forward in geopolitical affairs, and that will become more clear as we move through the year of the Mountain Monkey next year. In this Capricorn interval, therefore, we see the state of affairs with people’s ambitions on all sides, for Capricorn is the sign that most exemplifies ambition along every line, and as such it is very productive of results. This leads us into consideration of the sign itself, and there is much for us to consider.

To start, Capricorn marks a specific type of intensity for anyone who has the sign rising or as their sun-sign. Every Capricorn type I know exhibits this intensity and they all achieve much along their chosen path. On the spiritual path, such people are designated as ‘goats’, and they pursue a particularly difficult path of attainment, striving for perfection and often at great cost to themselves. The ultimate aim of any Capricorn on the path is to attain the ‘light supernal’ or the path of seeing, as it is called in Buddhism. At the very least, the idea of ‘breakthrough’ into newer understanding is ever-present with Capricorn. These are the spiritually ambitious people. Out of interest, there are said to be three types of aspirants, including the goats. The other two types of aspirants are the moderates (‘fishes’, born with Pisces emphasis) and ‘crabs’, the gentle or slow ones, who have Cancer emphasized.[2] Each of the three types has factors that commend them, and no one is better than the other. Capricorn, however, calls our attention to the process of initiation, and the full moon of the Capricorn interval each year is especially important in that regard.[3]

Vat_That_Phun2010-1 There are two mottos for the sign Capricorn[4]—one materially focused and the other spiritually so. The material motto says, “Let ambition rule and the door stand wide.” We see this motto being played out in the financial interests that seek to control the planet’s resources and people’s wealth, for instance. The emphasis here is on the removal of any obstacle that prevents the fulfillment of personal, selfish ambition. At the same time we have the spiritual motto, which states, “Lost am I in light supernal and on that light I turn my back.” The meaning here is what is exemplified for us in the lives of all the great spiritual teachers throughout history. They have attained the ‘light supernal’ in their own lives and could easily go onward to greater and greater spiritual attainment. But instead, they turn their backs on their own development and ‘come down off the mountain’ as it were, in order to help those who have not yet attained self-mastery and have yet to live in the bliss of that light supernal. Thus, the element of service is heavily emphasized in Capricorn—the extremes of self-service or of self-sacrifice for others.

So, the question before any Capricornian as to their purpose is, “Who do I serve?” Either way, selfish or selfless, there seems to be no middle way for Capricorns unless their energetic makeup is modified significantly by other signs. Their path is one of penetrating insight into things and people, as signified by the unicorn, one of the animals that represents the sign. The unicorn represents the single eye and one-pointed focus necessary in order to attain any sort of breakthrough into greater light. The spiritual aim of this sign is to overcome the lower nature, as represented by the steep mountain path for the mountain goat, and to thus emerge into the clear light—to make that a permanent state in their life. Spiritual retreats are very common for Capricorns on the path. The objective is to render the spiritual vision so one-pointed that nothing can arrest the attention from the goal at hand, which is the attainment of union with the divine and the blinding light of clarity—a clarity which blinds one forever after from the pull of material existence. Capricorn carries on from Sagittarius, in a manner of speaking. This ‘blinding light of clarity’ is none other than the clear light, or primordial mind, the light of the higher Self.

Capricorn marks the “doorway into life of those who know not death.”[5] ‘Those who know not death’ are those people who have fully renounced the pull of worldly desires and ambitions through their attainment and who ceaselessly seek to serve only the spiritual enlightenment of the world. Capricorn is implicit not simply in the first initiation, or the ‘birth of the Christ in the cave of the heart’, but all the major expansions of consciousness which are available to us. In Capricorn we have always the idea of the working out of some concrete plan,[6] whether than plan is some material ambition or the full flowering of some aspect of the divine here on earth. We see this sort of emphasis wherever Capricorn is emphasized—in other words, either the best or the worst in humanity, and we often find them both emerging at the same time—hence our present difficulties.

Of particular interest to us in consideration of this sign with regard to current world affairs are two cities that are currently undergoing internal upheavals or tests outside of the arena of the Middle East which have their personal expression ruled by Capricorn. These are Paris and Brussels.[7] We all know what happened in Paris, and a suburb of Brussels (Molenbeek) has been identified as a breeding ground for terrorism in Europe. We can somewhat gauge our progress as a human family by the responses to the recent Paris attacks in those cities. Paris has done exceptionally well in this regard. Venus rules Capricorn in its highest expression, and we see the Venusian emphasis working out in the French response to their crises. Its citizens have refused to be cowed by the attacks and are going on about their lives, and this includes the response to the Charlie Hebdo shootings as well. There have been no widespread reprisals against Muslims in Paris, as would have happened in the past, and instead we see efforts to heal and to understand. This is very encouraging. It is yet another sign of the emerging soul of humanity and also of the close approach of the spiritual forces that seek to aid us. And while it is true that other factions in society are lashing out against Muslims and buying into fear and hardened opinions about the terrorism situation, they are not making the major inroads into governments we would have seen even a few decades ago.

Brussels Lockdown Brussels, on the other hand, being the current seat of the EU, has historically had troubled relations with religious minorities, and anti-Islamic sentiment has been rising in recent years. Brussels is roughly 25% Muslim, and the majority of Muslims live in the major cities of Belgium.[8] Antisemitism has been on the rise in Belgium, too, especially with the situation in Israel regarding the Palestinians. Much of the antisemitism in Brussels has been engaged in by Muslims. Belgium has a harder problem with Islam than does France, and they have one of the largest single Jewish communities in Europe.[9] A solution to the Palestinian crisis would do much to alleviate tensions there. In fact, a good solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would go a long way toward ending world terrorism in general.

The planetary ruler typically associated with Capricorn is Saturn, which forces us to face up to the past and encourages us to make good choices for the future. Given Capricorn and its rulers, it is hardly a surprise that the pointed lessons about extremism for the West are being highlighted and played out in Paris and Brussels, along with Greece and Spain, with Greece having to deal with the huge influx of refugees we have seen fleeing the extremist violence in Syria. Spain is likely to see a further increase if the situation in Libya and the rest of north Africa sees a marked rise in Daesh’s influence in those countries. This is not to say these places have been test cases for humanity’s progress. International responses/reactions are the true gauge of our progress. In addition, Mars is exalted in Capricorn, and anywhere one finds Capricorn prominent, the possibility of conflict is not far behind. The countries ruled by Capricorn have been battlefields or have exported war throughout the centuries—Austria, India, Japan, Spain, Greece, France through Paris and Belgium through Brussels.

However, the Martian emphasis is being raised more and more into the realm of ideas, rather than outright combat, strange as that statement might seem at the moment. The fight now in politics and culture is for hearts and minds, rather than open warfare. The darker side of governments in developed nations especially have finally figured out that armed suppression does not work on a populace for any more than a short length of time, so we are not as inclined to see it used as a tool for control. People simply will not tolerate it any longer for any length of time. If we could see it, governments and industries are actually very sensitive to public opinion, and they try their best to craft their language or spin in ways that will influence the public to their way of seeing. We might think that government officials, for instance, do not listen, but shame them once publicly and see what happens. Oppressive governments now are always overthrown, at least in more Western-leaning countries, and in a relatively short period of time compared to the past. Now the emphasis is on who controls the media, and that is where the true battlefields are currently. Control public opinion, and the public can be led anywhere. The cynicism we see now toward government, mainstream media and religious authority is actually a sign of progress, even though the apathy it generates needs to be guarded against. The Capricorn interval every year shows us where we have been most ambitious and where ambition is more sorely needed. It also shows us where we need to focus most intently to anchor divine intent in the world. With these thoughts in mind, what do we see for the full moon?

The full moon takes place on 25 Dec 2015 at 22:11 AEDT (11:11 UT). It is the second Capricorn festival for 2015, the last one having taken place on 5 Jan of this year. In the current figure we find the Sun approaching a sextile with Neptune, making an applying ‘easy opposition’. Uranus is making its direct station and will turn direct two days after the full moon, approaching its final square with Pluto until the opposition in about 30 years, or thereabouts. It will activate an eclipse at that square, and has been since the first part of this month. Pluto will square that eclipse point on 2 Jan 16. The square between Uranus and Pluto will be within a degree of exactitude around the start of the lunar new year, its closest approach to that, which begins 8 Feb 16. Much has been made of the fact that all the planets will be moving in direct motion for about ten days starting on the 27th of this month. I don’t put much stock in it myself, but it does signal that planetary energies will be outwardly-directed at that time, meaning that initiatives on all fronts will go forward without too much opposition.

Of major interest instead is that Mars is currently activating two eclipses, with the median date of the activation coming on Boxing Day. I am not going to raise alarm bells here, but you may want to have a look at what took place on the last activation of this eclipse. Have a look here,[10] keeping in mind that Pluto is square these eclipse points this time and Uranus is widely activating them currently. In addition, Saturn is finishing off another eclipse. We will either see a breakthrough in the crises besetting us, or a worsening of them, and probably efforts at both. So, like the last full moon, and in reality from the last full moon through to this one, this period has been a very active eclipse interval, full of stressful and violent events.[11] It has also seen some scientific breakthroughs, which are of more than a passing interest.[12]

You might wonder why I pay such close attention to eclipses. I do so because they mark focal points of energy, times in which certain efforts on both sides—Light and dark—are put into play. Eclipses are used by the forces of spiritual evolution to wake us up to ourselves, to put us in closer rapport with those spiritual forces, to cause us to question realities, to inspire us to show our good will to our neighbors and ourselves, to effect earth changes, to bring to closure to old karma, to open the door to new ways of seeing, etc. They are, on the whole, great occult events. On the other side of the coin we see the efforts of the darker forces of humanity at these times as well, with false flag events, the start of wars, financial initiatives that are not always on the up-and-up—in short, efforts to deceive us and keep us disempowered. The latter is especially true of solar eclipses, which take place at new moons.

I have made a study of the events leading to wars, for instance, and we see these types of false flag events just prior to the start of conflicts, along with the media rhetoric aimed at drumming up support for the wars. Events such as the Gleiwitz incident at the start of WWII[13], 9/11 and others are cases in point, and they all took place at eclipse activations, especially by Mars. There are elements of deception and collusion in such events, at the very least. We may well and probably will see such events in the near future. Watch the mainstream media rhetoric after the fact if you want to see where the more nefarious forces are trying to lead us. Do they speak of goodwill and inspire us to reach out and understand what is happening (OK, stop laughing), or do they seek to instill fear, inflame passions and keep us stirred up? It is very easy to get caught up in all this sort of nonsense, but if we trust our common sense instead of knee-jerk reactions, then we can go a long way toward getting at the bottom of these things and seeing a clearer way forward.

Alfred Naujocks Gleiwitz radio station worldwartwo.Filminspector.com What we will see from now through the whole of January is an increase of tensions, with nations ‘testing the waters’ with regard to the strength of potential opponents, events that are designed to distract the populace from the main concerns—which is the avoidance of a larger conflict and the roots of it—and general international restiveness. Syria and Ukraine are staging grounds for greater conflicts (hopefully they will stay more in the realm of ideology instead of ramped-up combat) that will take place in coming years, especially with respect to international monetary relations, control of energy resources and national standing. For instance, Russia has upped the ante in the game, as it were, and if Putin backs down now Russia would be sidelined for many years to come and suffer greatly under the spreading terrorist and destabilizing forces. So far his response has been quite measured, but that may change if the West, meaning mainly the US and Britain, provoke him further. With his Libra/Scorpio combination he is not someone to be trifled with, as he has shown. He also has a surfeit of Earth in his Chinese astrology, marking him as stubborn, circumspect and unmoving when he decides on something. When Pluto turned direct at the square to his Sun this year, Russia started its bombings in Syria, for instance.

We may want to summarize what has been going on with the current conflicts so that we might see where we are headed into the new year and beyond. The spiritual peak of 2016—Aries through Gemini—looks to be particularly powerful this coming year. To begin, Turkey, possibly under NATO incitement, stepped in the proverbial when they downed that Russian jet and killed the pilot. Shortly after that, Russia unveiled the complicity of all the NATO players—especially Turkey—involved in the Syrian conflict in the creation and funding of Daesh and the ‘moderate rebels’, and following on that, we quickly had the San Bernardino shootings, handily pinned on radicalized Muslims. There is a lot about that incident that doesn’t add up, which we will not go into here,[14] but we already see the effects in the US populace, in the press and on the politicians running for office. San Bernardino was America’s ‘Paris’, from the astrology. The US news has been saturated with the shootings, rather than on the role of the US government and others in the financing of Daesh in the Syrian conflict, the latter of which should be the major concern for us, especially if there is to be an escalation of the conflict there by NATO forces.

We could likely soon see a regime change in Turkey, too, before too long. Erdogan isn’t very well liked by many in Turkey and if tensions escalate further between Russia and Turkey then we could see moves to oust him. Erdogan has Capricorn rising,[15] and at the time of the Russian jet incident Saturn was almost exactly square to his natal Sun, conjunct his natal Moon/Mars conjunction, and with Uranus squaring his ascendant. Transiting Neptune was on his Sun at the time, too. It wasn’t exactly his finest moment, but it was definitely a fateful event for him. It will eventually determine his fate. He will have a solar eclipse on his Sun in September. Before then, he will have Uranus squaring his horizon on 1 Mar 16, with Pluto just behind his ascendant. We’ll get clues as to what will happen in Turkey in the latter part of January when Mars activates the eclipse he had on his Scorpio Midheaven, and then Uranus moves up to square his horizon in February. Erdogan is decidedly ambitious, but ambition wrongly directed has a way of coming back on a person. If he causes too much trouble, we will likely see his exit.

Western media has tried to paint Russia as a paper tiger[16] from its response to the shootdown of its jet, which is a gross miscalculation in my opinion. And then we see stories surfacing like the US security chiefs trying to keep details of the 1983 Able Archer nuclear scare sealed,[17] followed by Putin saying that he hoped they would never have to put nukes in their cruise missiles, which are proving to be quite effective, in his words.[18] This latter was a not-so-veiled message to anyone who might want to further stir trouble in the area. Do we see what is happening here? This back-and-forth will continue, and I fully expect to see a defining moment that will bring us to the brink of a larger war. I would expect that within the next 30 – 60 days, if it happens. It doesn’t have to be that way, and it will be an encouraging measure of our progress along the Way if it can be averted. But don’t expect Russia to back down.

Top_ten_military_expenditures_in_$_in_2013 Along that line, we see moves like the Italian Parliament saying it will not extend sanctions against Russia with regard to Ukraine.[19] Of course, this is political maneuvering along with a wink toward Russia and the sanctions will likely be extended in private, but still it sends a message. Russia has friends in Europe, and Russia supplies 42% of Italy’s gas needs, for instance.[20] Europe is not likely to toe the NATO line if it comes down to a choice between Turkey and Russia if those two enter into a larger fray. As for Ukraine, I know some Ukrainians and have heard them speak of the conflict there. They have family members in the conflict. They see it more as a Ukrainian/Russian matter and economic realities than as the hard line the West has taken about Ukrainian sovereignty—talk about hypocrisy. Then there is the other side of the coin. The US and the West has been actively trying to destabilize Ukraine for some time[21] with the aim of installing a pro-Western government, and Putin called their game. This latter point is at the root of the sanctions program against Russia. Sanctions are a furtherance of the plan to destabilize Ukraine, from what I can see. If one looks beneath the surface, there are two main issues the West has with the Ukraine situation. One is the presence of the Russian fleet with a major naval base in the Black Sea, which would make Turkey very nervous, for instance. Turkey and Russia have been at odds since the time of the Ottoman Empire. Then there are also the Western energy interests that were developing in the region prior to the conflict, and Russia would stand to lose a lot of revenue if Ukraine ceased to be the staging area for energy supplies to Europe.[22] So, the sanction regime against Russia regarding Ukraine isn’t really about Ukrainian sovereignty. Ukraine could eventually be a bridging nation between East and West if the situation there could be rightly resolved, but I would not look for that any time soon.

Then, there is the large elephant in the room that we have become so accustomed to seeing that we perhaps ignore its influence on the world stage, especially in the US. To outline this, the US spends more than the nine other highest spenders on their national military budgets combined. China, coming in second, spends only 29% of what the US does on its defense.[23] Russia is third at 14%. These are 2013 figures, but I doubt they have changed that much. One of the interesting figures in this is Saudi Arabia, spending just under Russia in fourth place. We might want to ask where all their money is being spent. That is almost one trillion dollars a year spent just by four countries on defense, or offense depending on how one views it. The other big spenders are, in order: France, the UK, Germany, Japan, India and South Korea. If we look at the main players who have rushed to war in Syria, they all come from this list, the latest being Germany. However, if we add in discretionary spending by the US government, the spending figure for US military and defense fluctuates between 50 – 60% of the total US budget every year—a truly staggering figure.[24] That is a lot of industry geared toward war, millions of jobs, millions of family’s lives just in the US alone based on the income from those industries, to put a human face on this. We are not just talking about direct military industry—the producers of weaponry, in other words. There is a very large trickle-down from that, such as food, logistical support, subcontracting, energy, etc. If we are ever to see any true peace in the world, then this sort of infrastructure has to be curtailed change. It doesn’t have to be radical, sudden or violent, either. And it doesn’t have to threaten our security. If anything, paradoxically, it would enhance it. But the public has to call for it before it happens.

Edward_Snowden-2 So, we can ask the question—what happens if there is not a larger war and no need for the defense industries? This would apply to any country that spends a large amount of its budget on their military-industrial economy. Remove the fear of ‘others’ from the equation, the nations and groups branded as dangerous, enemies of the state and threats to national security and what happens? It may seem simplistic, but it is a valid question. The answer is fairly obvious given past trends—a huge economic downturn for countries such as the US and a lot of suffering by its people. Economic woes are destabilizing to governments, and governments will do anything they can to keep a stable economy and its populace fed. What happens if there is a stalemate in Syria and Ukraine, for instance, and no need to mobilize further? Well, there would be other world ‘hot-spots’ that would arise that would need ‘attention’. However, with changing attitudes, industries could gradually be retooled for other more productive ends. What is needed is a fundamental sea change in public attitudes, and to effect that we need good information. The Snowdens of the world are needed to be sure, but more than that the public needs to open its eyes. That is happening, actually rather quickly in comparison to the past. Keep in mind, hundreds of millions of people have movie cameras at their fingertips at all times now, for instance. It is getting harder and harder to hide things and information now goes viral in seconds instead of weeks. I see the next major sea changes in public opinion coming in the next few years, especially early in the next decade. It can happen before then, but the energy for it will be ripe then. It is anybody’s guess where that will take us.

The thing that is clear if one begins to dig below the surface of the media coverage of events is that the present world conflict focused on terrorism is a smoke screen, and that the real conflict is about who controls the energy resources of the world and thus the finances. The sectarian violence that goes on in Islam has been happening for many centuries. Saudi Arabia has been a primary financier of extremist activity, which is coming to our attention more and more. Its very government is extremist according to the current world standard. We will likely see attention turn toward them over the next few years, as they are one of the regimes that have been pumping money into covert operations throughout the Middle East.[25] They have also been implicated in the 9/11 attacks.[26] The extremists supposedly at the root of our present world anxiety are being used as tools by more powerful interests, as is the public’s reaction to Daesh, Islam and refugees. It is a very dirty and unholy business, and there are no angels in the conflict, aside from the innocents who suffer directly from it. If we live in a country where refugees and Islam are seen as a problem, then we may want to look at the behavior of our own governments and business interests as to their complicity in it or not, as well as the media and public leaders. To buy into any negativity around these issues is to play into the larger view of the interests who seek to keep the world destabilized. To react negatively to any situation is to open oneself to being used by people.

Yes, the world is going to be a very interesting place over the next few years. We are receiving help, though. There are enough people focused on the greater good of the planet to invoke the forces of the will-to-good, and that is happening. The evidence is all around us. I, for one, remain optimistic at outcomes. Expect tensions to increase, but at the same time, expect also that larger and larger groups of people will not respond in the ways that they have in the past to major events—i.e., violent reactions to religious groups, clamoring for war, etc. We are waking up to ourselves. We are also waking up to the machinations of the more shadowy side of world governments and ourselves. Yes, there are people saying things like, “Muslims is (sic) evil!” and those voices will still be with us for some time to come. However, so long as we can hold the dynamic point of tension on the side of the good, then such voices will eventually fall silent. Never doubt that a small group of people rightly focused can make a profound difference on the world stage and that their aims can be peacefully achieved.

This is a special full moon in some ways. It falls on Christmas day, something that has not happened since 1977 and will not happen again until 2034. In the Christian world that day has a special meaning, reminding us of the teachings of Jesus and the message of hope and salvation he brought us. It is a message many Christians, especially in the US, seem to have forgotten. The message was simple and the way to world salvation from its misery was explicit: Love everyone as you would want to be loved yourself, practice non-violence, extend a helping hand to all in need, etc. Instead, for instance, we have a prominent Christian leader bringing a firearm into a place of worship, proud of the fact, singling out Muslims for their ‘just desserts’ if they ever tried a shooting there and inciting a packed convocation hall full of students to do the same[27]—to rapturous applause—inciting the very sort of thing Jesus would have condemned. And we wonder how people become radicalized. We have candidates for the highest office in the land spouting anti-Muslim measures, along with governors and other public figures.[28] These are some of the more disgusting things I have seen in years. These so-called Christians act in contradiction to their own faith and then play the fear card. The situation is much the same in parts of Europe, with gains being made by far-right parties in elections. Peace and love, dudes.

Given all the preceding, then, what do we do? Where are we headed? It is easy to say we are going down the slippery slope into a more fearful and violent existence, which is a path of least resistance and simply giving up. However, is that really the case? From what I can see, looking at what is coming up astrologically and from history a momentum is building to counter the moves of those who seek to keep us on edge, to keep us geared toward conflict, to keep our passions negatively inflamed. We see, for instance, nations agreeing on efforts to curb climate change, which would not have been in evidence in past years. We see restraint in the fight against Daesh in Syria and Iraq, especially with regard to how the West has treated Russia’s intervention there. We see the French getting on with their lives after the terrible attacks there. We see normally conservative politicians denouncing moves toward the vilification of Muslims in the US after the attacks there. Voices of reason are rising, and we can all help ourselves and the world by keeping the subjective intent for their increase alive and thriving. Christmas is a Christian holiday, taking place in the sign Capricorn every year. It calls out for the best that is within us and echoes the message of the Christ—a message of universal love and peace, of humble service, of care for our neighbors, of healing for the sick of heart and body. That is the message we would want to send to the students at the previously-mentioned convocation and to the rest of the world. Like begets like. It is a simple rule, but powerful in its application. May peace enter the hearts of those who fear and may we stand courageous in the face of those who would seek to harm. Peace is a powerful force. Let peace prevail on Earth!

Happy Holidays, All!
15 Dec 2015

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2014 in L'Alpe di Siusi, fresh from the US and Australia.

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